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Hear Here

One of my favourite occupations––when I’m not busy doing my other favourite occupations––is listening to music. Although I have a decent vinyl collection, mostly from the 70s and all bought decades ago, it’s downstairs. In any case, I rarely play much because it involves such a ritual. But I’m proud of it.

So apart from background kitchen radio din or pop insincerity in the car, sitting at my computer is mostly where I listen. My Internet go-to radio station is Radio Paradise…no advertising, minimal words, and a great mix of music that’s generally easy on the ears. It’s not a station playing hits, current pop or rock, but you never know, be surprised.

Then there’s my digital library, my collection of aural memorabilia, not that I remember all of it. Occasionally, I’ll display the list of all the songs and hit random play. I didn’t know I had everything I have. A revelation.

So, I thought I’d share some of the music and songs that interest me, plucked from my collection, sorry, database.


  • Part One: Joe Strummer and The Mascaleros, Bombino and Oscar Brown Jnr
  • Part Two: Monte Montgomery, Lucinda Williams and Edgar Winter
  • Part Three: Rupert Hine and David MacIver
  • Part Four: Love, Philip Sayce Group and Steadman
  • Part Five: Taj Mahal, The Chieftains and Wilco
  • Part Six: Randy Newman, Shuggie Otis and Sonny Landreth
  • Part Seven: in memory of Toots Hibbert R.I.P

3 thoughts on “Hear Here

  1. wolfgang denz wrote on 2020-06-03:

    dear roger be helthy ,i hope to see you in october in germany with dp.

  2. Marcus wrote on 2020-06-03:

    Thanks for opening our ears –
    How could I not know about Oscar Brown jr all these years.

  3. Wojtek wrote on 2020-06-03:

    Mr. Glover, which Radio Paradise is it exactly? I found more than ten under that name and I’d like to pick up the right one. Thank You, best regards from Poland! Wojtek.