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Hear Here – Part Two


Monte Montgomery (from the album Live at the Caravan of Dreams, 2012)

I’ve always loved the Fleetwood Mac original, but this live performance is in a class of its own. For a live recording, it’s superb––the drum solo in particular. The musicianship all round is impressive, really great bass player. Monte has amazing chops and I love his voice.


Lucinda Williams (from the album Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, 2013)

I love to play this loud in the car. In fact, I recommend that everything I talk about should be listened loud, and not as background music or aural wallpaper, as I call it. That’s not to say that all background music is wrong––everything in its right place–­–it all has power. Lucinda Williams is a true artist, all about the music.


Edgar Winter (from the album Entrance, 1970)

I guess many of you have heard it before, but I can’t help that, can I? I bought this wonderful album in 1970 and took it with when we were writing Fireball in north Devon, 1970. I knew the song, written by John D. Loudermilk, from The Nashville Teens in 1964, but Edgar’s version blew me away. I played it to some of the band, all were impressed, especially Ian Gillan. Edgar’s talent is awesome; I’ve been fortunate to watch his show many times when we toured together. It’s great when your heros turn out to be such good people. A lovely man.

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4 thoughts on “Hear Here – Part Two

  1. Wolf Schneider wrote on 2020-06-10:

    The Monte Montgomery link as posted isn’t working (i’ve emailed Andi) but i found an acoustic-only version and my jaw is still on the floor — what a player!! His percussive style is reminiscent of the late Michael Hedges. I’ve since sound more of his work and it is equally astounding…

    And any excuse to play Edgar Winter is a good one! 🙂

  2. Hanns Hanneken, Germany wrote on 2020-06-09:

    I love Lucinda deep from my heart. Great song from a great Album.
    And a great Version of “Tobacco Road”. Brings back a lot of memories. I still love both of the Winter Brothers.

  3. Ismo from Finland wrote on 2020-06-07:

    Mr.Glover, what you think about Edgar brother Johnny’s Music? Thank you for YOUR music👌