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Videos from the bottom drawer

The Interview On Bikes

It amazes me now that my daughter Gillian was not quite eleven when we were promoting Accidentally On Purpose.  I have no idea why we are sitting on bikes… television people!  It’s a shame that AOP was sabotaged a week after it came out – record company politics.  All our promotion vanished overnight, we were furious.



The German Interview

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for this interviewer, with Ian in a devilish mood like this.  Maybe it was the result of too many interviews, many of which were conducted by presenters who hadn’t clue what was going on.  As usual, I am the one straddled in between.



Gillan & Glover “Clouds and Rain”

I had a demo of this chord sequence a few years before discovering the song that was hiding in it, and that happened quite suddenly while we were recording Accidentally On Purpose in Air Studios, Montserrat.  Inspired by a romantic adventure, I wrote the words in about ten minutes one morning.  They just tumbled out fully formed.  Sometimes it happens like that, it can’t be predicted or anticipated.  


Roger Glover “The Mask”

From the album Mask, this song was written whilst Colin Hart was driving me to Le Studio, near Montreal.   Rainbow had recently recorded there and Nick Blagona, the resident sound engineer, having seen some of my poetry, encouraged me to do a solo album.  At first I demurred but he offered me four days of studio time on the understanding that only if something came of it, I would have to pay them.  


Episode Six “I Hear Trumpets Blow”

In 1966, this was Episode Six’s second single, a cover of a song recorded by The Tokens (who had had a huge hit called The Lion Sleeps Tonight) so we thought we were on to a sure-fire winner.  We were lucky enough to get on TV’s Ready Steady Go so we assumed we were well on our way to the big time.