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Hear Here – Part Five


Taj Mahal (from the album SeƱor Blues, 1997)

Taj Mahal has carved an amazing place for himself. He can make the simplest of songs unforgettable, with soul, feel, and phrasing.


The Chieftains (from the album The Celtic Harp, 1992)

The traditional intricacies of Irish music are a revelation, especially when played by The Chieftains. This tune was written by Turlough O’Carolan in the 17th century. It’s interesting learning the odd bar-lengths. It’s been in my life for decades.


Wilco (from the album yankee hotel foxtrot, 2002)

Jeff Tweedy and Wilco write some lovely songs. Years ago, this one grabbed me immediately because of its delicacy and intriguing lyrics.

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