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Chuck Berry 1926 – 2017

I have said often enough that the entire edifice that is rock’n’roll is held up by the twin pillars of Little Richard and Chuck Berry. Little Richard for his searing voice and superb band and Chuck for his scattershot lyrics and iconic guitar style. And most importantly, they wrote the songs.

Naturally, I’m saddened by Chuck Berry’s passing. The world turns and heroes are gone.


How I See It

How I See It

A hale and hearty December to all. I need to start by thanking those who made the effort to attend a concert or two this year, by DP or any other band – without you it would be a far lonelier place all round. Music is a gift. And live, it’s a celebration.

If you sent me birthday greetings, I was touched by the warm wishes, and I read them all.


Not A Studio Report

Not A Studio Report

Not much to add since my last report except to say that work continues.

Meanwhile, I’ve had a few precious weeks at home before the next round begins.

My family and I went to a dream called Venice for a few days.  A taste of Italy is always welcome.  Whilst there, I met up with some old friends and did a show with the great Tolo Marton. 


DP Studio Report – March 2016

We started the next album in Nashville on the 28th January. Thirteen days of pre-production and thirteen days recording in the studio. Lucky thirteen because we have thirteen tracks, all but finished except for vocals. Coincidence or what? How many will end up on he album is hard to tell yet… maybe all of them, maybe not. I won’t even begin to describe the music––an impossible job in any case.


It’s Bad News Week

It’s Bad News Week

It’s said that bad news comes in threes. It did this last week.

RIP Lemmy, Ed Stewart and now Bowie. Ashes to ashes.

I met Lemmy in the 80s and we bumped into each other sporadically over the years. The last time I saw him was at the Classic Rock Awards at the Roundhouse a few years ago. We were getting a lifetime achievement award.