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Nick Blagona R.I.P

Nick Blagona, sound engineer extraordinaire, has died.

It’s difficult to assess the impact Nick had on my life…something like this has no form of measurement…but to say that it was truly profound would be an understatement.

He was the house engineer at Le Studio in Morin Heights when, in the winter of 1981, Rainbow started recording Straight Between The Eyes. As the producer, I spent a lot of time with him, sitting at the SSL desk, drinking endless cups of coffee and playing Battleships late into the night. We hit it off immediately.

One day, he saw a folder of my lyrics and poems and suggested that I do a solo album, offering me four days of free studio time as an incentive. After the album was released, we went on tour. He came to see us in Toronto and challenged me about the solo album again. So, when the tour was over, I travelled to Morin Heights with Colin Hart and started recording what would end up as Mask. I had no band––just a couple of guitars, a drum machine, synthesizer, sequencer, and some percussion instruments––so Nick introduced me to Jean Roussel, keyboards, and Joe Jammer, guitar. Those four days whetted my appetite, Nick and I went on to complete the album in New York. One of the memorable moments was when he introduced me to the wonderful Canadian singer Kate McGarrigle, who flew down to record some vocals. He had connections.

We had a great rapport. He was what one might call ‘old school’ in his attitude and knew the old recording tricks. I learned a lot. When Purple reformed, he was the obvious choice for engineer and we recorded Perfect Strangers and The House of Blue Light in Stowe, Vermont. He also travelled with Ian Gillan and I to Montserrat to record Accidentally On Purpose. Some years later, he engineered Slaves and Masters by DP.

He was a lovely man, full of fun and wisdom, liked to enjoy himself, and a good listener. Had good ears. I am lucky and privileged to have had him in my life.

My thoughts are with his wife MJ and all his family and friends. He will be missed.

Roger Glover
5th January, 2020

16 thoughts on “Nick Blagona R.I.P

  1. Phil Anderson wrote on 2024-05-27:


  2. Alex wrote on 2020-01-27:

    tears in my eyes
    but your music in my heart
    rest in peace Nick!

  3. Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2020-01-14:

    R.I.P. Jan Fedder
    Today (January 14th) great actor Jan Fedder would have had his 65th birthday. It was his greatest Desire, that his favourite band Deep Purple would play live on his birthday-party. But he died around two weeks before. So we must see the celebration of his burial in St. Michaelis-Church (the most popular Church in Hamburg). There they’ve played a wonderful Version of “Child in Time”.

    R.I.P. Jan

  4. Don Selee wrote on 2020-01-11:

    Sorry for your loss, Roger. That was some great music, and you are a Creative Guy! Sounds like he was a good Mentor of sorts! Keep on Rockin! Hope to see you soon! Don

  5. Rob Corich wrote on 2020-01-10:

    Beautiful words Roger.
    R.I.P Nick. Thank you both for the music that keeps us all going.

  6. David Tuting wrote on 2020-01-09:

    Wow Roger! They certainly were great words. And what a collaboration you guys had.
    I think that you were privileged, as was he, to have such a friendship.
    I hope you have some solace with your memories of a great guy.
    Kindest regards

  7. Rasmus Heide wrote on 2020-01-08:

    Condolences on your loss and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed all the music you made with Nick, and in recent years also his hilarious humour via Facebook. May he rest in peace.

  8. Volodumyr wrote on 2020-01-08:

    R.I.P., Nick.

  9. Susan N. wrote on 2020-01-07:

    Thank you for your friendship and the privilege of sitting in the studio while you worked magic with DP. Such great memories. May you rest in peace Nick xoxox

  10. Danny N wrote on 2020-01-07:

    Je me souviens….thanks for sharing Roger.

  11. Phil wrote on 2020-01-07:

    Thanks for the music. RIP Nick.

  12. Michael Lorentzen wrote on 2020-01-07:

    Very warm and touching words. Rest in Peace Nick.

  13. Chris Aston wrote on 2020-01-07:

    sorry to hear this.

  14. James Gemmell wrote on 2020-01-07:

    You’re a good man, Rog.

  15. Lars Boutrup wrote on 2020-01-07:

    Thanks Roger!

    Love all the records!!!


  16. Mario wrote on 2020-01-06:

    Sad Loss

    Rest in Peace Nick