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Episode Six “I Hear Trumpets Blow”

In 1966, this was Episode Six’s second single, a cover of a song recorded by The Tokens (who had had a huge hit called The Lion Sleeps Tonight) so we thought we were on to a sure-fire winner.  We were lucky enough to get on TV’s Ready Steady Go so we assumed we were well on our way to the big time. Ian is wearing an igal (the thing that holds the Kufiya in place) because I suspect that the single came out before visiting Beirut but the TV show was after our return in early 1967.   In any case, despite some promising airplay, the single disappeared with barely a ripple.


9 thoughts on “Episode Six “I Hear Trumpets Blow”

  1. Trevor Mink Creed wrote on 2017-11-28:

    Those harmonies! Great to hear your band-mate Harvey continues that tradition. Episode Six inspired a lot of us back then – seven of us old school meet monthly to play. Wished we’d known about your private North Harrow (?) gathering in 2015, we’d have gate-crashed it.

  2. Barbara Lambert wrote on 2017-09-22:

    I can remember seeing Episode Six in a hall in the west London suburbs, with sister Christine and my sister Steph before fame arrived.

  3. Matt DiFlumeri wrote on 2017-08-20:

    I love this video. Amazing to see how long Roger and Ian have been together.

  4. c wrote on 2017-08-11:

    Myself and many others think Time for Bedlam would sound much better live if the opening and outro chants were taped rather than Ian speaking it live. Would be much more dramatic after the tape for Ian paice and the band to explode into the song!!

  5. Jim O'Brien wrote on 2017-08-06:

    Loved it when I first heard it on an LP back in the early 80s. Loved a lot of the Episode 6 material. Thank you for signing my E6 CD when Ian played NYC a few years back (has it been 10 years since that mini-tour). I just moved to Ireland for a new start to life. The only item that has me concerned is that I have seen you guys on every tour (solo and as DP) since 85. Now that I am in Ireland and not New Jersey, I will miss you in Holmdel. Any chance you will be doing a show or two in Ireland so my record stands?

  6. Midsummer Madman wrote on 2017-08-04:

    True Classic Roger, thanks for posting. Should definitely be the Encore on the current Purple Tour. Do Blackmore’s Night not do a cover of it? Sounds right up Ritchie’s street!

  7. laffond wrote on 2017-08-01:

    So funny !

  8. Kjell Skogrand (Norway) wrote on 2017-08-01:

    Funny to see this 🙂 …and knowing now, that you dont know than, where your music would take you just a couple of years later 🙂 I started listening to Deep Purple early 70´s and I still play your music at least every day 🙂 Thanks!

  9. Shirley Meadows wrote on 2017-08-01:

    Have to start somewhere. So it was here. Seems like a lot of fun. So happy that you two stayed together and created such great Music. Love you