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The Interview On Bikes

It amazes me now that my daughter Gillian was not quite eleven when we were promoting Accidentally On Purpose.  I have no idea why we are sitting on bikes… television people!  It’s a shame that AOP was sabotaged a week after it came out – record company politics.  All our promotion vanished overnight, we were furious.


3 thoughts on “The Interview On Bikes

  1. Eric N wrote on 2019-12-25:

    Love AOP!!! Thank you, Ian, et al., for such a wonderful album!

  2. Rob wrote on 2017-09-05:

    I still enjoy this album. I remember herring you on BBC radio. I went out the next day and bought the cassette (that long ago!) I used to listen to it on my way to college. Very happy memories and the album has aged well.

    • max wrote on 2017-10-02:

      So do I! A great record to this day. High time for another one though 🙂