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Hear Here – Part Three


Rupert Hine/David MacIver (from the album Pick Up A Bone, 1971)

I met Rupert Hine and David MacIver in the mid 60s. They were sort of modelled on Simon and Garfunkel, I was in Episode Six. Years later, we hooked up again, this time I was in DP. They were still writing interesting acoustic songs, so when Purple records happened, I resolved to record them.


Hear Here – Part Two


Monte Montgomery (from the album Live at the Caravan of Dreams, 2012)

I’ve always loved the Fleetwood Mac original, but this live performance is in a class of its own. For a live recording, it’s superb––the drum solo in particular. The musicianship all round is impressive, really great bass player. Monte has amazing chops and I love his voice.


Hear Here – Part One

Burning Streets

Joe Strummer and The Mascaleros (from the album Streetcore, 2003)

I’m a long-time Joe Strummer fan; he writes and arranges with a sense of freedom and fun, and in the studio he’s fearless and adventurous. Sonically, always interesting.


Bombino (from the album Nomad, 2013)

Radio Paradise introduced me to Bombino and I was immediately drawn to the exciting bass line of this song.


John Prine R.I.P.

I sit at the computer attempting to describe feelings, views, thoughts, but nothing seems important right now, and yet everything is. Of course, I send my wishes for good health to anyone and everyone. I feel for the suffering going on around the world. The situation seems surreal; a horror story that’s literally life and death. I don’t need to tell you because you already know; we’re all in the same boat.


74 years ago today …

Today, on November 30, RG celebrates his 74th birthday.

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