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Excerpts from an Interview with Roger Glover, 16.02.2006, Heidelberg

by Andree Schneider (AS) & Lars Wehmeyer (LW) for german DEEP PURPLE online fanclub “The Aviator“

LW: Beside your work on stage, you also work very hard to have a good and close relationship with the fans – which you can see since you’re sitting here with us. Where do you get the motivation after an exhausting show to talk to people, give autographs, have pictures taken, or to even do an interview at such a late hour?


Snapshot Interactive Interview

It’s your turn – now YOU can interview RG!

  • The album cover for “Snapshot” features a photo of you when you were 4 years old. Why did you choose that particular photograph? – listen
  • Why did you decide to release a solo album at this stage of your carreer? – listen
  • You’re well known for many things: a composer, a lyricist, a bass player … but not a singer.

Talk with Roger Glover

by Stefan Glas for Rock Hard Magazine, Germany
Hotel Europäischer Hof, Heidelberg, Germany, Sep 27, 1996.

Dear Readers!

My talk with Roger Glover was not a ‘normal’ interview. It was done for the “Schwatzkasten” (directly translated the word means “chat box”), which is the personality show in Rock Hard. It deals more with the musician as an individual than with the latest actions of the band.


Back Again! Deep Purple (German language)

by Lothar Trampert for Gitarre und Bass, Germany

Bei den Klassikern des Hard Rock hat sich einiges getan: Schon nach dem eher zwiespältig beurteilten letztjährigen Album ‘The Battle Rages On’ zeigten sich Deep Purple auf ihrer anschließenden Deutschland-Tour, ganz entgegen manchen Erwartungen, als nach wie vor packender Live-Act. Kurze Zeit später verließ Gitarristen-Legende Ritchie Blackmore die Band, und die Zukunft sah weniger rosig aus…

Anfang Juni 1994: Deep Purple treten auf europäischen Bühnen den Beweis an, daß die Zeiten der Ungewißheit nun endgültig vorbei sein dürften.


Eagle Records Snapshot Biography

Roger Glover, the long-standing bass player, writer and producer with Deep Purple, has seen and heard a lot of music in his life. Much of this can be detected in the fourteen songs that make up his new solo album, “snapShot”, released on Eagle Records.

Born near Brecon, Wales on the 30th. November, 1945, he moved with his family to London when he was nearly ten, just in time to observe the birth of rock’n’roll.