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Snapshot Interactive Interview

It’s your turn – now YOU can interview RG!

  • The album cover for “Snapshot” features a photo of you when you were 4 years old. Why did you choose that particular photograph? – listen
  • Why did you decide to release a solo album at this stage of your carreer? – listen
  • You’re well known for many things: a composer, a lyricist, a bass player … but not a singer. Why did you choose to tackle the vovals for “Burn Me Up Slowly” yourself? – listen
  • Explain the development of “Burn Me Up Slowly” It has an almost reggae feel to it. – listen
  • Many of the songs on “Snapshot” have an uplifting quality to them. Why do you think this happened? – listen
  • Can you discuss the difference between “Snapshot” and your work in DEEP PURPLE? – listen
  • DEEP PURPLE fans should enjoy this record because it shows an entirely different side of yourself. You obviously try out some new ideas on “Snapshot”. – listen
  • Talk about your website. You seem to be very involved in it. – listen
  • Will there be a tour behind “Snapshot” and do you think the DEEP PURPLE schedule will interfere? – listen
  • How extensive would a tour behind “Snapshot” be? Would you try and take it nationwide? – listen
  • Talk about the participation of Warren Haynes on this album. – listen
  • Give me your thoughts on the songs of “Snapshot”, beginning with track one “My Turn”. Is it your turn? – listen
  • Track 2: “Burn Me Up Slowly”? – listen
  • Track 3: “Beyond Emily”? – listen
  • Track 4: “Queen Of England”? – listen
  • Track 5: “No Place To Go”? – listen
  • Track 6: “The Bargain Basement”? – listen
  • Track 7: “What You Don’t Say”? – listen
  • Track 8: “Nothing Else”? – listen
  • Track 9: “Could Have Been Me”? – listen
  • Track 10: “The More I Find”? – listen
  • Track 11: “When It Comes To You”? – listen
  • Track 12: “Some Hope”? – listen
  • Track 13: “If I Could Fly”? – listen
  • Track 14: “It’s Only Life”? – listen
  • What is DEEP PURPLE up to in 2003? – listen


Taken from the Snapshot Interview Disc. Copyright Eagle Records 2003

One thought on “Snapshot Interactive Interview

  1. Mark James wrote on 2021-08-11:

    Hi Roger, we purchased tockets for Purple last year in Birmingham which was obviosly cancelled due to Covid, is the rearranged gig going to go ahead this year ?

    Mark from Llanelli