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Dave Hodgkinson R.I.P.

The emergence of the Internet in the 80’s revolutionised social and business connections on many levels, particularly the new relationship the band found with fans. Prior to that, fans were in another world to us – now we’re in the same world. The early chat rooms were a revelation but when it evolved into The Highway Star, not only did I become aware of like-minded people but made some stimulating friends.

Among that burgeoning collection of people, Dave Hodgkinson was pivotal in organising and running THS, not alone but one of a hardy set of diehards who have remained faithful to this day, and for whom I will always be grateful. I felt proud because it was honestly run by fans, and still is. To me, it was important, not only for news and information, but a place to express themselves freely. It is Dave’s legacy.

Those who were lucky enough to know Dave will certainly miss him. Our last meeting was backstage about a year or so ago. He presented me with a Radio Veronica tote bag…an unusual gift from an unusual man. I still use it when I travel but now it has a more poignant value.

Thank you, Dave – for everything you’ve given us.


2 thoughts on “Dave Hodgkinson R.I.P.

  1. Tony wrote on 2024-04-06:

    Beautiful and tender message. I am pleased that the person “unknown” to me is also honored in one way or another.

  2. Ed Janx wrote on 2024-03-13:

    I’m saddened and shocked to hear of Dave’s passing. I’ll never forget finally meeting him on the 96 US east coast tour along with Svante, Ras, and Wolf. God bless and God speed Dave! I’ll forever be grateful for having met you.