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“Snapshot” reissue with previously unreleased demo tracks

Almost 20 years after the initial release, “Snapshot” will be reissued.

The re-release not only brings back the 14 original songs but also comes fully remastered with five previously unreleased demo tracks. New liner notes by RG complete the additional content and give an insight into the recording and song writing process behind the album. The album will also be issued on vinyl for the first time ever, with new artwork.

“Snapshot” will be out October 8 on CD, with vinyl arriving on November 19.

“Snapshot” re-release track listing:

  1. My Turn
  2. Burn Me Up Slowly
  3. Beyond Emily
  4. Queen Of England
  5. No Place To Go
  6. The Bargain Basement
  7. What You Don’t Say
  8. Nothing Else
  9. Could Have Been Me
  10. The More I Find
  11. When It Comes To You
  12. Some Hope
  13. If I Could Fly
  14. It’s Only Life
  15. Burn Me Up Slowly (Demo)
  16. My Turn (Demo)
  17. Beyond Emily (Demo)
  18. Nothing Else (Demo)
  19. The Bargain Basement (Demo)

6 thoughts on ““Snapshot” reissue with previously unreleased demo tracks

  1. EG wrote on 2022-12-24:

    je suis fan de vous et de deep bien sûr!!!! e ce moment j écoute Snapshot…(nouvelle édition). joyeux Noël.

  2. Rod Langlands wrote on 2022-01-19:

    I am a little ashamed to say that I am very late to Mr Glover’s solo work. I have been completely absorbed with Deep Purple since DPIR and only recently came across Accidentally on Purpose and now this wonderful album Snapshot. So many wonderful moments in these tracks. I am just pleased that I am finally catching up! My only dream now is that DP will make it to Perth Western Australia at some stage before we all clock off.

  3. Debra Oz wrote on 2021-11-29:

    Excellent recording! Great voice love this record is awesome

  4. sarah wrote on 2021-11-01:

    Great great album! Since the original release! … But to hear your voice on Demo tracks is superb! I always thought you should sing more! Love it!

  5. Max wrote on 2021-09-14:

    One of my all time faves! And one of the few albums the missus and me can easily agree on. A great album indeed.

  6. Lars wrote on 2021-08-06:

    Wunderbar! Love this record. Solid songwriting from you Roger, and excellent vocals from Randall Bramblett. Perfect music for a rainy August night.