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77 years ago today …

Today, on November 30, RG celebrates his 77th birthday.

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10 thoughts on “77 years ago today …

  1. Cyn Buxton-Nagel wrote on 2023-01-23:

    I hope you had a beautiful birthday and Christmas holiday. I’m debating traveling to Florida for the St Petersburg concert…but my hubs will be in Stuttgart by June, so I may just hop over there as well.
    *When I first began playing bass (1982), I’d never had a chance to see you perform in person or on video. I’d been playing 2 months when my instructor asked me to fill in at a festival with his band. I pretty much knew all of their material, but he wanted me to learn Highway Star (a fan fave of theirs). I had 1 week to learn your bass line. No music, just the recording. When we ran through it the day before the festival, my instructor broke out laughing at me. He told me that I actually moved like you when I played (and did a pretty fair job of duplicating your flavor). One of the finest compliments of my life.
    Never stop what you’re doing…you’ve been an inspiration to me my whole life.

  2. Helena wrote on 2023-01-06:

    Happy Bhirtday!
    I must have done something wrong because I can not see my coment but thankyou for A Wonderful show In Stockholm and hope that you had a wondweful bhirtday!

  3. vincenzo wrote on 2022-12-06:

    tanti auguri!! bCon un po’ di ritardo. Quando ascolto e il mio gruppo preferito DP ritorno indientro nel tempo con nostalgia !!!! Grandi tempi e grande la musica!!!!!

  4. Marc Brans wrote on 2022-12-01:

    One day late but nevertheless: I hope you had a happy birthday!

  5. Beate Flohr wrote on 2022-12-01:

    Happy Birthday, Roger!
    All the best wishes for you, take care of yourself – we need more of your musical ideas and your lyrics.

    Thank you once again for a wonderful concert in Stuttgart (14.10.2022) and your patience with us fans backstage. The picture with you and an autograph mean a lot to me.
    My next ticket for the Stuttgart Jazz Open in July 2023 is bought- perhaps there will be another chance to meet you and complete my collection of autographs of the group?

    Just saw the dates for the gigs in the US in 2023. There are some gigs in Florida – it would be wonderful with Steve as special guest and we can hear you all play „Sometimes I feel like screaming“ – I sorely miss this song on the setlist!

    Love from the southwest of Germany
    your fan

  6. Kurt Eberle wrote on 2022-12-01:

    Have a great birthday, Roger!! I’ll get to see you on my birthday in February in Bensalem, PA! Enjoy the holidays, and I’ll see you then!

  7. Heidi Wilhelm wrote on 2022-11-30:

    Dear Roger, happy birthday! I wish you all the best for this new year in your life!
    Thank you for the joy of music during this year’s tour and for being you, with your big smile and kindness to your fans like me! Looking forward to more Purple music in 2023 and for saying hello to you again soon!
    Take care, Heidi from Germany/Peru

  8. Petri wrote on 2022-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Roger!
    Thank You for playing in Tampere, Finland in July. Great to see you play live. Simon McBride is a brilliant new guitar player.
    Sorry to hear about Steve’s wife’s illness that forced him to leave Purple. And I’m also very sorry to hear about Ian’s wife passing away very recently. My condolences to Ian.

    I hope to see you playing live again in the future!
    Best wishes!

    • Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2022-12-01:

      Dear Roger,
      too late this year, but I think, too late is better than never: Happy Birthday, dear Roger! Pleased stay healthy for a long Time. For the Future, I wish you many, many days of joy and happiness. And I hope that you can create Music with Deep Purple for some (many!) years in future.
      Your fan Hans-Jürgen Küsel from Northern Germany