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76 years ago today …

Today, on November 30, RG celebrates his 76th birthday.

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16 thoughts on “76 years ago today …

  1. Beate Flohr wrote on 2022-11-30:

    Happy birthday, Roger!
    All the best wishes for you, take care of yourself – we need more of your musical ideas and your lyrics.

    Thank you once again for a wonderful concert in Stuttgart (14.10.2022) and your patience with us fans backstage. The picture with you and an autograph mean a lot to me.
    My next ticket for the Stuttgart Jazz Open in July 2023 is bought- perhaps there will be another chance to meet you and complete my collection of autographs of the group?

    Just saw the dates for the gigs in the US in 2023. There are some gigs in Florida – it would be wonderful with Steve as special guest and we can hear you all play „Sometimes I feel like screaming“ – I sorely miss this song on the setlist!

    Your fan Beate

  2. Helena wrote on 2022-11-30:

    Happy Birhtday!
    Hoping that you are having a wonderful day!
    And thankyou for a fanatstic concert in Stockholm, hope that you will come back soon! 🙂
    Helena from Stockholm Sweden

  3. Heidi Wilhelm wrote on 2021-12-01:

    Hello Roger, all the best for every day of your life! I listened some days ago to the interview that you made with Earmusic after the prelistening of Turning to crime. Some of your quotes were very inspiring to me. As you said, I truly believe that music has no boundaries. Music enriches my life every day. I want to thank you for the gift of your music. Please stay healthy and enjoy the holidays with your family! Hope to meet you in 2022 ! Heidi from Germany

  4. Helena wrote on 2021-12-01:

    Happy Birthday 🌞💐🥂

    Hope You’ll Have A Wonderful Day!
    Love The New Album And Looking Forward To See You Next Year In Stockholm On Tour!
    Helena from Sweden

  5. Kurt wrote on 2021-12-01:

    Have a wonderful birthday, Roger!! Hope to see you again on tour soon!! Can’t wait for the autobiography, btw!

  6. Anonymous wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Hi Roger! Here are Heidi and Uli from Germany. We are sooo happy that we have met you in the past a couple of times and we really hope that live music will be possible next year and will be able to meet again. Please stay healthy. I like the Turning to Crime bass very, very much.
    Thanks, Heidi and Uli Wilhelm

  7. Anonymous wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Many happy returns Roger. Maybe we’ll see you in Ireland soon. Rockin’ with purple since 1970. Still loving it. Dave McD.

  8. Petri wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Hello Roger,
    Happy Birthday!
    Thank you for the great Turning to Crime album!
    It seems you had a lot of fun doing it.
    Brilliant musicianship from everybody and great interpretations of vintage songs.
    It really demonstrates where you all are coming from musically.
    Good luck with writing your book!
    I’m really looking forward seeing you play on stage next july in Tampere, Finland!

  9. Peter wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Dear Roger,

    Happy 76th birthday!!! Meeting You in December 2019 is one of the nicest things I can remember from the past two years, and now listening to the wonderful covers of the new album and “seeing” You guys having a great time while recording it, also brings a lot of smiles on my face. And that’s what You do since decades…making us smile 🙂 THANK YOU.

  10. Beate FLohr wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Hello Roger, Happy Birthday to one of the “driving force behind Deep Purple” -Thank you for “turning to crime”. I got your “snapshot” some weeks ago and was very impressed how versatile you are.
    I’m a fan since the 70’s and hope to see you with Deep Purple in Stuttgart in October 2022.
    Love from southwest Germany – stay safe!

  11. Sirpa, Helsinki wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Roger.
    I just read that you are working on your autobiography. Excellent. Can’t wait.
    In honor of your BD I will listen to Turning to Crime and play it loud. 🙂 Accidentally on Purpose and Snapshot and and and would be nice too.

  12. Irina wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Dear Roger ! With lots of love i’m sending you my warm and happy birthday wishes! Stay happy and healthy many years, and make us happy with your great music for a long time!
    With love,

  13. Dirk wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Hi Roger!
    Congratulations to your xx’th anniversery – looking forward to see you next July on stage in Hamburg Statdpark Open Air – waiting for it since 2020!
    By the way: “Oh well” is a great cover of Peter Greens great song!
    Rock on and celebrate.

  14. Andrei wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    Happy Birthday! best wishes from me, your fan since 70’s and my son, who was also born on November 30th.
    Thank you for the Music! Hoping to see you and the band on stage again soon. Andrei from snowy Minsk

  15. Uwe Fischer wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Hello Roger,

    this is Uwe Fischer from Germany. Happy birthday to you. I’m still holding on to 7 Deep Purple concert tickets from 2020. I hope it is still happening and we are going to see each other next year. Meanwhile I have to content myself with your great new album. Stay safe, Uwe !!!

  16. Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2021-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    happy Birthday! 76 years ago, there was a wonderful day in Wales (when I remember correct): You saw the world the first day in your very rich life. Please stay healthy for many years in future.
    I like your new ‘criminal career’ very much – wonderful tracks on your new album.
    Let’s hope, that it will be possible to live with the virus in a way that live-gigs can happen in 2022. That’s my great desire. DEEP PURPLE LIVE! There’s no better imagination.
    Your fan Hans-Jürgen Küsel from the northern part of Germany