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72 years ago today …

Today, on November 30, RG celebrates his 72th birthday.

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38 thoughts on “72 years ago today …

  1. A J wrote on 2019-03-23:

    Deep Purple fan from the time I heard Hush and Kentucky Woman while doing my lessons at the kitchen table. I hope to see them again in the US. Cheers!

  2. Ian wrote on 2018-03-01:

    Hi roger
    I play in a dp tribute band and been playing for
    37 years is like to ask what effects
    If any do you use live

  3. Carola wrote on 2018-02-23:

    Con molto ritardo buon compleanno signor Glover. Tantissimi auguri

  4. David Heitmeyer wrote on 2017-12-06:

    Happy Birthday, belated from Deep Purple Dave, and a special thanks for the pick!!!

    • Małgorzata wrote on 2018-01-13:

      Hello, Mr. Roger
      My name is Małgorzata and for 40 years (from birth) I am a huge DP fan from Poland. I even wrote a biography of DP, which I gave to Steve Morse in Katowice. I have a huge request. Because I was at all your concerts in Poland and I will also be in Krakow on 1/07/2018. could you play the song “Haunted” exceptionally? It is such a beautiful song, and you never play it like “Contact Lost”. I would be the happiest fan of DP under the sun if I could hear him live. And you, Roger, I like not only for a great talent but also for this beautiful smile … Thank you, if you would like to write back to me. I will be very happy, although I know that I am not the only one who writes to you. Best wishes and thank you for all the years of happiness you have given me.

  5. Jerry Fielden wrote on 2017-12-03:

    Happy Birthday Rog, it was nice talking to you September 2!

  6. Thomas Chuck Tscheschner wrote on 2017-12-02:

    Dear Roger,

    Happy Birthday and all the very best for you!

    Best regards from me and everybody at SWR1 –

    hope to see you soon again!

  7. Kurt Eberle wrote on 2017-12-02:

    Happy Birthday, Roger!! I met you a few weeks ago in Copenhagen (and in New Jersey a few months earlier), and you were very gracious and nice to us at the meet and greet before the show, which was excellent, btw!! I’m a huge fan of the old DP music, but these last two albums have been brilliant – I’d put them up against any two of the earlier LP’s, and I’m biased as hell.

    Have a great birthday!!


  8. miroslaw wrote on 2017-12-01:

    Happy birthday Roger!

  9. MK wrote on 2017-12-01:

    Happy happy birthday Rog!
    Wish your great year of 72 🙂

  10. Oksana wrote on 2017-12-01:

    Happy Birthday dear Roger!!! We love you. All the best!

    Oksana from Moscow

  11. Karin W wrote on 2017-12-01:

    Happy Birthday Roger!
    Live long and prosper!

  12. Ottar Pettersen wrote on 2017-12-01:

    Happy Birthday Roger!
    Told the pupils at school that I would send you a message (I`m a teacher), and that I remember all past and present members of the band`s birthdays by heart. Why, they asked? Because Deep Purple are family!

  13. Helena Ringqvist wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Happy birthday!
    Hope you had a wonderful Day 🙂

  14. Debbie Weston wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Happy Birthday sexy man. Have a lovely day. 💜

  15. Petri wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Happy birthday Roger !
    I thank you all for continuing to make great new music. I must admit I was somewhat surprised by the darkish lyrical mood on most of the InFinite album, but now I find it to be a very strong album. It really sounds more and more brilliant after repeated listenings. It’s absolutely fantastic that you are making great new albums and new music that doesn’t pale in comparison with anything you’ve done before. Hope you’ll do at least one more new album as some of you have already been looking forward to.
    Thanks to all of you for making new music!

  16. Janet Jackson wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Happy birthday Roger.
    Great to see you last week. I hope you’re enjoying your day and the rest of the tour! Keep smiling 🙂

  17. Dmitry Len, Moscow wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Dear Roger,

    I would like to deliver my greetings for your
    birthday and the Thanksgiving wishing you and your nearest ones God’s blessing and conseqeuntly strong health !
    As always, I was impressed by the DP recent
    gigs in Helsinki, Cardiff and London !
    Awaiting you in Moscow and St.Petersburg..

  18. Marcello D'Agostino wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Happy birthday Roger. Thanks again for the wonderful moments for me, my wife an our little son, on the after show in Rome last June.All the best!

  19. Thomas wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Dear Roger, I wish you all the best and most of all I wish you health.
    Yours, Thomas from Germany

  20. Riitta wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Roger!
    Was nice seeing you again in Finland. All the best for you and your Family.

  21. Stephen Goulding wrote on 2017-11-30:


  22. Stephen Goulding wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Many Happy Returns, Mr Glover. You truly are a Leg-end !

  23. Igor wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Happy Birthday!

  24. Renato Martini wrote on 2017-11-30:

    All the best for you, Roger! Greets from Brazil! Luv ya!

  25. Irina wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Happy birthday Dear Roger ! Wish you happiness and strong health for many years ! Looking forward see you in Moscow next year ! With love, Irina

  26. stephan waldhart wrote on 2017-11-30:


    met you twice, would love to drink a beer with you and having this wounderful feeling chatting with an old friend about the past – never too old for rock and roll and much too young to die. bottoms up!

  27. Sue Burton wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Happy Birthday Roger, hope you have a great day. Managed to get to Glasgow on my crutches sorry I missed you and thanks for helping me inManchrdter.

  28. Chris Spalding wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Many Happy Returns !

  29. Chris Spalding wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Many Happy returns ! Love is all !

  30. Peter wrote on 2017-11-30:

    A very happy birthday dear Mr. Glover 🙂 We love You.

  31. Heidi Ann Wilhelm wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Happy birthday Roger! May I wish you many more years of great music and fun in your life. It was an honour to meet you this year twice and would really love to see you again soon! Looking forward to the next concerts! Cheers, Heidi

  32. Sirpa (FIN) wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    All the best for your Birthday.
    I hope you will have smile on your face and the twinkle in your eyes, music in your fingers and in your entire being, as always.
    Thank you for your music and wonderful writing (also here on this page).
    Great gig in Helsinki 11.Nov.

  33. Shirley Meadows wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Dear Mr.Glover,

    A very happy Birthday to you. I wish you Love , Happyness and good Health for many more Birthdays. Enjoy this Day with your loved ones. Thank you for everything. You in my Heart.

  34. Hans-Jürgen Küsel wrote on 2017-11-30:

    Dear Roger,
    I wish you the very best for your 72th birthday. Thank you for having brought us fans so many wonderful hours this year. Thank you for the wonderful Album “inFinite”, thank you for your unforgetable concert in Hamburg on May 30th.
    Please have a wonderful day with all People you love. But the most important Thing, ever and ever: Please stay healthy for a Long, Long time.
    Your fan ever
    Hans-Jürgen Küsel

    • peter wrote on 2017-11-30:

      Best wishes and a successful ongoing tour – keep rocking

      Peter from Frankfurt

      • Denise wrote on 2017-12-01:

        Dear Roger,
        Happy Birthday to you! I hope it’s a great one for you. I am so happy I got to see you this year when Deep Purple came to L.A. It was special, and I hope you are well and enjoying the book I finally was able to get to you through my friend. Please enjoy your day and know I am doing well and hope for the chance to get to see you again granted you find yourself in L.A. With Love, Your favorite Armenian, Denise T. Dardarian : )