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elements[lp] UK Apr 1978 Polydor Super 2391 306
[lp] US 1978 Polydor PD16137
[cd] Japan 1978 Polydor POCP-1828
[cd] Elements – The Mask : UK Connoisseur VSOP CD 183
[cd; Rainbow] The Rainbow Family Album : UK Connoisseur RP VSOP CD 195 1

  1. The First Ring Made Of Clay (Glover) 7.47
  2. The Next A Ring Of Fire (Glover) 9.39
  3. The Third Ring’s Watery Flow (Glover) 8.53
  4. The Fourth Rings With The Wind (Glover/Birch) 6.37
  5. Finale (Glover/Birch) 2.14


  • Roger Glover: ARP 2600 synthesizer, Oberheim polyphonic synthesiser, bass guitar, percussion tabla, sitar guitar, acoustic guitar, vibes, backing vocals
  • Simon Phillips: Drums, tabla, percussion
  • Micky Lee Soule: Piano, organ, percussion
  • Graham Preskett: Electric violin, clarinet
  • Ronnie Aspery: Saxaphone, flute
  • Martin Birch: Acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Liza Strike: Lead vocals
  • Helen Chapelle: Lead vocals
  • The Munich Philharmonic: string section only, conducted by Fritz Sonnleitner, arranged and conducted by Graham Preskett

Production credits:

  • produced by Martin Birch and Roger Glover
  • recorded and mixed at Musicland, Munich
  • Engineer: Martin Birch
  • Assistant Engineer: Hans Menzel
  • mastered at Sterling Sound, New York by Greg Calbi

1: Contains track “1st ring made of fire”

9 thoughts on “Elements

  1. J P Lapp wrote on 2016-10-11:

    Elements is an amazing sonic journey. One can sit back, close their eyes and forget about the world for a while. A classic effort indeed.

  2. David Soakell wrote on 2016-05-25:

    I bought this in Germany when I was 18 in 1978. It is one of my all time favourite albums – which considering I’ve been a Deep Purple fan since 1973 – it rather amazing. is this available anywhere on CD? Keep rocking.

  3. Danny wrote on 2014-01-13:

    Greetings from Los Angeles, Calif.

    I purchased Elements back in 1984 or so, and I had never heard of it, or knew that this was created by the base player for Deep Purple. This musical fantasy still blows me away! I cannot believe something this creative is out of print, and obscure. This music still stands the test of time in my book. A True Classic!!!

  4. Michael Klaube wrote on 2012-05-03:

    Hi Roger,
    got your Elements CD today in the mail, bought it from a spanish warehouse for 80 euros. Thanks for this impressive masterpiece, i enjoy it right now.
    Michael Klaube

  5. David Coseni wrote on 2012-02-24:

    Mr. Glover; is there any chance of giving the DPAS (Ann Warburton) a copy of Ian Gillan’s live Garth Rocket (Pur 324) CD for me to buy.

    Thank you

    David Coseni

    • sandra fitzsimmons wrote on 2016-05-06:

      If this is the David Coseni who lived on Vancouver island in the 90s with my mother and I, please get in touch at

      I will be taking Tammi to court in June for a peace bond and eventually to lay charges and I could use an advocate/witness. I understand it might be difficult, but I do this with hope in my heart for a better ending.
      I do miss my Dad.

  6. Phil wrote on 2011-11-30:

    Hi Roger,
    Same here, Elements is a fantastic album which could do with a proper cd release.

  7. simon withers wrote on 2011-11-12:

    Hi Roger…any chance that Elements will be re-issued in the near future…it is one of my personal all time favourite LP’s and my original LP is a little care worn…Best Wishes Simon W