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Hi Roger Great album I …

Hi Roger,

Great album!

I read on the Purple Heart that the boys are going back into the studio in December – great news. My question is will Jon be there?




Hi Roger Congrats on the …

Hi Roger!

Congrats on the new site! I have a few questions.

1. Earlier Gillan talked about the next DP album as a possible concept album. After the Albert tour there where also talk about bringig a small string orcestra into the studio. Are those plans abandoned? Is it more like “let’s see what happens” now?

2. What made you choose Bradford as a producer?


Hello Roger I would like …

Hello Roger,
I would like to extend a warm birthday wish to you !! My question is, are you going to tour with your band from your latest album? I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Moon dance jam in Walker Minnesota this summer. You were so kind. Thank you for giving me a lasting memory.

Respectfully, Theresa


Hi Roger I’ve been following …

Hi Roger!

I’ve been following the great music of Purple since mid seventies. But (no offence) my main band has always been Nazareth. I know that you produced 3 of their all time masterpieces in the 70’s. And I just wanted to compliment you for that. Splendid job!.
Now to my question; If asked again – would you take on the task of producing the upcoming Naz album?


Mr Glover I have two …

Mr Glover,

I have two questions that I hope you will answer to in details.

1 – I adore all the music Deep Purple does (and all the branched if I may say of that band = Rainbow, Blackmore’s Night). My favorite Deep Purple song is, by far, Wasted Sunsets (I read once that you wrote that particular song, is that true ?), for the melody, the lyrics and above all, the Fantastic guitar solos of the greatest guitar player of all time : RITCHIE BLACKMORE.(Well, you guessed it , I am a Die Hard RB fan, with no offence to anybody), Could you please tell me how RB came up with these solos and how was it while he was recording them … Very few guitarists can play with such heart and soul.