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Peter Blemel on 2004-02-10:
Hi Roger,

I've always liked your skills behind the console. How much do you get involved in the live production on a daily basis? Is it a difficult transition going from studio monitors to PA systems? Do you ever get out and show the guys at the mixing board a thing or two?

I think that I've seen you guys (and Steve) every time that you've come through Albuquerque (and one time that DP cancelled I had my tickets of course), and now you're coming again this month.

Last summer you played an outdoor gig here. I was really looking forward to DP with Steve. I have to say that I was more than just a little dissapointed with the sound. You weren't headlining, and I know that makes a difference, but everything seemed rushed and muddy and sadly I didn't enjoy it.

This time you're playing the Convention Center (ask Steve if he remembers playing down the street at a hole in the wall bar called the El Rey Theater). I've seen Jethro Tull make the place sound great, I hope that you guys can do the same.

See you there!

Hi Peter,

Thank you. We are not very involved in the sound production during a live performance; we rely on a good sound engineer. You can't really tell what the sound is like from the stage; you have to be out in the audience. The best way to judge the sound is by gauging the audience reaction.


Brad on 2004-02-04:
How does it feel to be a part of the first rock band to play in China?

Hi Brad,

After many years of travelling and seeing so many countries it is always a wonderful feeling to experience a new one, especially such an intriguing place as China.


Steve Sowerby on 2004-01-14:
Having been involved with making pieces of music that are looked on by the public as 'classics', are you aware when you first hear the song and lay down the track that 'this is something special'?

I was involved in international sports for many years and remember those feelings when everything went right and winning was involved. The same amount of effort went in as on the days when it didn't work out like the text book.

It was thinking back to the time when I didn't have advancing forehead syndrome (cough) but had a trimmer figure that brought this thought to mind.

Keep up the good work - I very much like the latest solo album, by the way.

Hi Steve,

Thank you. Judging by the fact that we spent a lot of time perfecting Never Before as a single and completely ignored Smoke On the Water, no we are not aware.


Patrick on 2003-03-06:
Hi Roger, great site!
Have you ever played a room where you
just couldn't get a good bass sound onstage? Where the bass was just a big
undefined rumble, and no matter how much
tweaking you do on your amps the sound
just gets worse? What do you do in cases
like that? Try different amp settings? a different bass? I play an Excess 1 with
Picatos or Rotosounds thru an Eden WT800
and 4-10 & 2-12 cabs. It gets frustrating
when I just can't dial in the right sound...

Hi Patrick,

Yes, that happens. There is nothing you can do about it, assuming there's nothing wrong with your gear, it's just the acoustics of the venue. Get your head down, do the best you can, and look forward to moaning about it in the dressing room afterwards. Every job has good days and bad days.


Nick Soveiko on 2003-02-06:
Dear Reverend,

From the silly questions department:
Often Big Ian has a dressing room all to himself, while the four of you share another one. Why is that?


Actually they are both our dressing rooms, it’s just that IG needs peace before a show and the rest of us need peace afterwards.


Dan Hurst on 2004-04-07:
Hello Roger,

Having enjoyed browsing the site I thought I would venture some thoughts out in to the vastness of cyberspace and see if they meet up with you at any point!

I've been a fan of DP for a while (although at 27 I can hardly compete with some of the others I have read comments from). I managed to get to see DP at the Albert Hall for the Concerto gig in 99 and saw you in Bristol more recently. I have to admit to expecting to be disappointed (how could they be as good as the records and older live recordings) and I'm glad to say I was wrong. The Concerto gig particularly blew me away and on the back of that I acquired a copy of the Butterfly Ball, which is one of my 'top ten' albums. I really enjoyed Snapshot too and notice from your other comments that other solo albums could be making an appearance in a record store near me, which I look forward to.

Anyway now for a question or two. How much of a track when played live is improvised, e.g. are solo lengths/changes predetermined or left 'up to chance' on the feelings of the night? Who in the band is the organiser on stage for leading into the next section or the conclusion of the song?

How much rehearsing does the band do before a gig?

Finally I am venturing into the world of home recording and finding it hard to get what is in my head down on 'tape'. Do you have any tips for arranging songs?

Incidentally if you're at a loose end then I'm setting up a new band and need a bass player, so if you fancy getting paid peanuts and playing to the unappreciative few in some dodgy pub or other then give me a call!!!!

But seriously thanks for the music and hope to get to see you again soon.


Hi Dan,

Sometimes, a given solo will be of a certain length and the improvisation is within that length, other times it is open-ended and the signal usually comes from the soloist. There is no leader on stage and whenever there are mistakes, or what we call train wrecks, there are a lot of desperate glances around the stage. On those occasions it's usually down to myself or Paicey to count the band back in.

Rehearsing is not something we do a lot of, the least the better. Getting on tape what is in your head is one of the great mysteries of the universe. The best advice I could give is not to have a predetermined result in mind otherwise you are fighting one battle too many. Be open to the moment and relish accidents and spontaneity. In other words, use your heart and not your head.


Scott on 2003-02-20:
Dear Roger...

I have an interview on tape with you and Joe Lynn Turner from about 1982 (yes, going way back shall we), and you stated, when the question "What type of exercise do you get on the road," that the exercise can be mental as well as physical. Dearest Rog, would you care to elaborate on that answer a little.
Also, Snapshot has touched my heart in a way no record has before. Thank you for the music. You ARE the aviator.

Hi Scott,

Thank you. The road is a strange place to live and it can drive you crazy. By mental exercise I mean that you have to keep your brain from wasting away with the constant repetition of traveling from hotel room to hotel room. I read a lot and attempt cryptic crosswords, among other things.


Humberto sandoval solis on 2004-01-06:
Hi Mr. Roger Glover, greetings from Mexico!!! i'm Humberto sandoval

I want to ask you something (that's why i'm writing this), i'm very disappointed, because, i've had noticed that deep purple were playing here in Mexico.......but then, for reasons, that i don't know, you didn't perform ?what happened??would you mind to come back someday? and, i know you are a very busy fellow but, i'll be SO happy if i get some answer, please that's all, it's been a pleasure to "meet you".

P.D. sorry if my English wasn't good but i get nervous, writing to a VERY good guy from UK

Hi PD,

Whenever we are advertised to play somewhere and then it is cancelled, it is hardly ever anything to do with the band ? it?s usually promoter or agent maneuverings. We find these things out much like you do. There are some artists/bands who will cancel stuff on a whim but we are not like that. We have, I believe, a very good reputation with both the fans and the business. Unfortunately, it?s always the band that gets blamed. Oh, yes, I nearly forgot ? I cancelled a show once because there was no beer in the dressing room, I mean... enough is enough!


Simon on 2003-01-31:
Congratulations to your site. It's spectacular and I do enjoy reading your thoughts for the week.
What would be your favourite pass time on the road when you are not giving interview, having sound checks, playing concerts and what not (What's a not? hmmm... there's a thought)? I hope this question isn't too personal, mind...

Cheers and the best foprtune to you and the guys...


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the kind word about the site. Andi thanks you too. There are many songs and stories about life on the road, some of them are even true. Most of the time it?s mind numbing, if you let it get to you. I read of course, watch some TV (usually CNN or BBC World, both of which bore), go for walks, work on my computer (writing this kind of thing) and occasionally do a bit of painting (I carry a small watercolour set). As for the rest of the time, there?s always the bar!


rick on 2003-01-30:
will ritchie blackmore ever play with DEEPPURPLE again.last time isaw you san diego august i think it seemed to me you did'nt play for long,considering you were a name on the ticket (also scorpions)DIO was on stage about the same amount of time.I do like dio too dont get me wrong.deeppurple has lots hit songs.well what i'm bitchin about is more stage time.

Hi Rick,

I?m afraid I am not blessed with clairvoyance so I can?t really answer the first question. It may be possible one day, who knows? But I very much doubt that it would be on any kind of permanent basis. What would be the reason other than nostalgia?
One of the problems of a US summer ?sheds? tour is that with three acts on the bill, every band has to compromise regarding time on stage, it?s just a fact of life. The two headliners get the same amount of time, by contract.


Bill on 2003-01-29:
Hi Roger,

Long time Purple fan. I saw the band in Hartford, CT on the Purpendicular tour, and I have to tell you...the moment in "Woman From Tokyo", where the band kicks in after the bridge, was one of the most powerful moments I have ever seen (and I have attended over 300 concerts in my time). Simply amazing.

Two questions: any news on whether you will be involved in the remastering of the Mark III studio albums? You did a phenomenal job on the Mark II albums.

You have talked at length here about wanting to play newer material or more obscure material; is there one song that you haven't played regularly that you would absolutely love to add? Is there one song that you wish you never have to play again (or wish you never recorded to start with)?

Thanks for some great music,
Bill (a Connecticut neighbor)

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your kind words about the Mark ll anniversary series. You will probably know by now that I am not going to be involved with the Mark lll albums. I did investigate what I could bring to Burn but ultimately I thought it wasn?t for me. I don?t know what EMI have planned.

We all have different thoughts about old songs. However, getting us to agree on them is another matter. I'd love to do Demon's Eye and Hard Loving Man.


Roy Davies on 2003-01-13:
Hi Roger
Its that damn bloke who wrote the Rainbow biography here...(many thanks for your kind words and time after the NEC show too...) Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.
Glad to see you're considering a book too; if you need any help sometime let me know! 🙂
However, on to a question; Are you one of those musicians (who invariably seem to be bassists for some reason) who collects all the various 'paraphernalia' through the years ; the tour posters, stage passes, gig lists, stage clothes, etc.?

Congratulations again on the book, it really was an achievement. I have
some stuff, of course, loads of photographs, some posters, magazines,
clippings, paraphernalia, etc. but I'm not like Bill Wyman, who kept
absolutely everything. Having said that I would probably surprise myself if
I actually went through all the boxes, drawers, files and cupboards in my
house. One day...


Fabian on 2002-12-22:
Hi Roger!
First I have to say, that I like Snapshot very much. It brings a very good mood into my living room, when I listen to it. Congratulations! Well, unfortunately there was not much promotion for the album, it should have had much more attention, but the most important thing is, that it is that good!
I'm looking forward to the forthcoming album and the tour. Will you change the set list for the next tour? After 9 concerts I've seen since the last album abandon, it is my wish to hear a much more different set from what you played the last few times. I've talked a lot to other fans and most of them mentioned the same. Please play some new songs along with some "forgotten" ones (songs that were not played often before, as you did it with Fools or Mary Long). There is too much good Purple stuff left over the years, that it would be a pity, if you'd just play another greatest-hits program with Black Night, Woman from Tokyo and so on...Deep Purple is the best live band, so you can easily do something special/unexspected without losing any effect!
I wish you and the band a great new year and a good time in studio, on stage and with your families!


Hi Fabian,

Thanks for good thoughts about Snapshot. The set list is probably close to religion as far as causing a fight is concerned; everyone wants to hear something different. I favour looking at new ideas and I can assure you that there will be a lot of Bananas played on the next tour. (If you didn?t know the name of the album you?d read that twice, wouldn?t you?) I can?t predict what exactly will be played as we don?t know until a day before the tour, or ten minutes before we hit the stage, whichever comes first!


Joel Black on 2002-12-22:
Heya Roger, Big fan of purple. im 16 and i play in a band which play alot of purple songs (Best things to play!!!) Now, im not here to ask a question about Bass guitar as i am a guitarist, and your choice as Steve Morse as lead Guitarist was the best Decision you could've made!!!, My question is When is DEEP PURPLE coming back to AUSTRALIA!!!??? Keep up the good work, Cheers.

Hi Joel,

The answer is Wednesday evening, 2004. At least that's what the plan is. Thanks for the good thoughts.


Michael on 2002-12-16:
Hi Rog, sometime ago, on this site you wrote: "I have no idea of our touring plans for next year other than we will probably be in Europe around May."

And here I can read that a new album is expected in August.

Does this imply yet another oldies tour?, or will there be a reason for me as on old time fan, to spend money for the gig? Meaning _not_ another oldies tour!
cheers, a frustrazated fan!

Hi frustrazated fan!

This is a bone of contention amongst fans and band alike. The unfortunate fact of life is that the more sophisticated fans will always want to hear the more obscure or the most recent songs whilst the summer tours in America and the festival tours of Europe demanded that we play the most recognizable songs. We even tried to incorporate what might be called the "B list" songs, like Mary Long, but it didn?t work. The hard fact of the matter is that the last two albums, regardless of their lasting value to a fan, did not generate the higher profile needed to make their songs recognizable to the general public. They weren?t hits! Now, with a new album, Bananas, there is a chance that we might break through that acceptance barrier and have some new classics. Personally I would still like to explore a few of the songs from the previous two albums as well, but I have to get the rest of the band to agree. Not always an easy task.


Mark Besley on 2002-12-16:
Hi Roger,

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for many years of memorable nights out with Deep Purple, especially a tour of Australia a couple of years ago.

My question concerns stage production. How much, if any, input does the band get when it comes to stage production for a tour?

Whereas the sound and the music have always been exceptional, the lighting and other effects have often been less than appropriate for a band of DP's stature, especially in the last 5 years. This is particularly noticable when you are placed alongside bands such as The Scorpians and Lynyrd Skynyrd in the package scenario.

BTW, loved Snapshot. Good luck in the studio. Thank IG for me for a fantastic vocal performance throughout the UK Tour in September. Also, thankyou for always taking the time out to see your fans backstage, we appreciate it very much.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for the good thoughts. The band has as much input with regard to the stage set as it wants, which is, certainly over the last few years, not a lot. This is partly because back in the 80s and into the 90s, bands of a lesser musical nature tended to rely on stage sets to bolster their lack of talent. It became ludicrous; who could have the bigger, better, or more outrageous set. We decided to concentrate on the music and present it in as uncluttered a way as possible, and that has been our practice of late. The Bananas Tour may hold a few changes though, we?ll see.


Greg Wilson on 2002-12-15:
Hi Roger,

Before anything thank you for all these musical years (I've been your fan since the early purple days) although I 've also moved out from USA to Brazil very young.

My question is; since now I'm still a brazilian resident, when will I have the chance to see ya live again?

From 97 to 2k you guys came down here about three or four times and I have attended most of those shows.

I can see time is running faster at each day and suddenly my last Purple concert has been more than two years ago!!!



Hi Greg,

Thanks for the kind words. Brazil? The answer is?. very soon! September, in fact. I haven?t got the dates in front of me but I?m sure you will have no difficulty in finding them, try I hope you catch the tour, I?m looking forward to it.


Danny Rivkin on 2002-12-12:
Hi Roger!
First, it is long due but after being a purple and rainbow fan for such a long time ,seeing you(twice)in Israel 10 years ago was great . I hope politics and everything here will calm down to enable you and the guys be here again.
My question: There were always stories about
Blackmore refusing to play new songs live.
Now without him and you have so many great songs on abandon and purpendicular (and I'm sure in the comming cd as well).
why do you still play most of the show old stuff ?
The live cds are even worse when most of the old songs are the same.

Don't you get bored playing the old songs ?
Danny rivkin
Haifa Israel

Hi Danny,

No I don't get bored with anything that we do, it's a happy event just to be on the stage. As to the argument about doing the newer stuff, I am sympathetic but refer you to the answer I gave to Oleg.


Oleg on 2002-12-12:
Hi Roger,

Deep Purple is my favourite band and I think this is the best rock band ever.
Thank you for your great music.
I wanted to ask you about "The House Of Blue Light" album. I love it and I know, that you also like this one (I've read some of your interviews). Why don't you play some songs from
this album live? You play songs from every Deep Purple album with Ian Gillan,
but not from this one. Why?
Hope to see you in Germany this summer.
All the best,


Hi Oleg,

Thank you for the kind thoughts. I think that there are some great songs on HOBL but not many of them ever made it live. Bad Attitude is a song that Don Airey said he would like to have a go at, and that may happen sometime. I personally like Spanish Archer and Black And White (I know a lot of people don?t care for this song but I love it). There are some songs that will never be attempted live because they just don?t turn us on as live material. The choice of songs to play live is a hot topic and we can never please everyone, even those in the band! However, on tours like we?ve been doing the last few years it has been necessary to do more recognizable material. Our fans are the best in the world but don?t always understand that the majority of our audiences these last few years (summer gigs and festivals) want to hear music that they are familiar with. We are also on a bill that includes bands who are doing just that and although I like to play the more the obscure songs, as does the band - at least some of us - it?s a tough sell to the management, agents and promoters. Also, there are a lot of young people coming to see us that have never heard us before.


Scott Bell on 2002-12-10:
Dear Rog,

Foremost I would like to say that you are the classiest bass player, not to mention a superb songwriter and producer.

I have an interview with you and Joe Lynn Turner from 1982. In the interview the question "What type of excercise do you do on the road...?" is asked to you and Joe. Your answer was, "It is difficult to keep yourself sane on the road."

Would you care to elaborate?

Also, I was wondering where you obtain your bandanas/headgear. I love them and I just can't find the styles that I see you wear.

Thanks for your time Rog,

A dream's a dream whatever they say...


Hi Scott,

Thank you for the kind words. ?The road? is a mythical place that to most people means crazy parties and outrageous behavior. Of course these sometimes occur but it is not a regular part of life. As Paul McCartney says, everyone thinks that The Beatles were having a hard time making Let It Be because that album marked the end of the band and there were some well documented struggles in the studio but in fact, most of the time, they were still having lots of fun ? others naturally focus on the bad stuff. DP has had its share of bad times but like-wise; there were many good times as well.

Most of the touring stories are exaggerated by the continuous retelling but in reality, touring is a bit like police work; grueling boredom. One of the stories that is not exaggerated took place in 1971 when we were touring with Rod Stewart and The Faces. Both bands were staying in a Holiday Inn somewhere in the States and a party was going on in two adjoining bedrooms. The Faces got tired of constantly having to walk out in the corridor in order to get to the other room so they decided that the architect had got it wrong and another door was needed. To that end they created one by knocking a hole in the wall between the two rooms. It may not have looked too tidy but it worked - at least until morning! They got banned from the whole Holiday Inn chain for that. (Some would say that was not such a bad thing.)

The constant travel can take its toll, which is why bands sometimes let off steam by getting crazy or drunk in some hotel bar and then getting into trouble when the staff start to object. The other strange phenomenon as that with repetition comes a sense of unreality and a loss of awareness about where exactly in the world one is. I have found this on occasion and over breakfast have had to ask the waitress not for more coffee or toast, but where am I? Ian Gillan once famously said to the crowd in Glasgow, ?It?s great to be in Edinborough,? which was duly greeted with an ominous hush and an almost audible clenching of fists. Quickly realizing his mistake he went on, ??but it?s even better to be in Glasgow,? to a huge roar of approval (some of which was from the band). These days I am not so alarmed at forgetting where I am, it?s who I am that bothers me!

My headscarves are cotton, not silk, and are usually Indian. They can be found in hippy markets in various places. Oddly enough, Carmarthen in Wales is where I?ve bought quite a few (there?s a large hippy commune outside the town).


ADIR ORTAL on 2002-12-03:
hey ROGER,
It's hard to me to tell how i feel about you and about your band. it seems that you are all what is rock'n'roll to me.
i'm just 10 years old and i know all your music.
it started with my fathers old brother who is 44 years of age now, went to my father and to is two other young brothers that are all lawers in thier office in NATANYA - ISRAEL.

Then it came to me. i listen to every thing i can get that you - DEP PURPLE did. it's great and for me there is no daut you guys, all of you, are the best.
my father says that god loves the name DEEP PURPLE...
Last feb. he and his brothers bought tickets and came to watch you in London.
so, as you can understand i cann't do the same - so, i write this letter ans ask - please come to Israel - i can asure you there are so many fans here, i dont want to miss the chance to see you in a live show.

1. do you think that can happen soon again ?
2. i allways would like to know if the new album will be a concept album - does it have a central idea ?

thank you - Adir Ortal

Hi Adir,

Thanks for your message. You told me how you feel with a great deal of eloquence. I would love to come to Israel again - it's all down to promoters and agents. We received a lovely welcome the last time we were there, despite the fact that it wasn't such a great time in the band's career.

As for the new album, I don't think there will be a concept as such, just a feeling of renewal and courage to do something different. Maybe that's a concept in itself. It's difficult to say much about the album until it's done because it changes and grows all the time, no one knows what it will turn out like.


Dave Bonner on 2002-12-01:
Hi Roger,

Been a big fan since '72 when I first heard Machine Head. In fact that album made me begin playing bass and have done ever since in many bands. Saw the show at Bristol and Cardiff recently and you were all brilliant..thanks!
My question is "How hard does it get to keep touring so extensively...I've watched your schedule and you seem to keep going non-stop"..dont you ever get worn out...IS that what happened to Jon?
Looking forward to the new album....and please put "Pictures" back in the set..your solo is astounding.

Kind Regards


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the kind thoughts. I love playing music. True, the travel can get to one from time to time, but for me, those moments on stage more than make up for it. How many other jobs have world travel as one of the perquisites? My friends think I've got the best job, I agree with them. You'd have to ask Jon the other question but I suspect that the answer would not be quite as simple as you might think. I'll mark down your vote for Pictures.


Gary & Margaret Lehmann on 2002-11-29:
Hi Rog!
We wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. We will be having a drink (or two) for you today! Hope you enjoy your day!
When are you and the band coming back to Australia? Would love to see you all again!
Love your site (or shite?) especially the painting of you!
We are very much looking forward to hearing Snap Shot!
Once again enjoy your day. Don't kill off too many brain cells!
Gary & Marg

Thanks for the good advice. I don't know when we will be coming to Australia, we've just stopped touring after four years or so without much of a break. Always good to be there though. Funny accents, good beer.


Andy on 2002-11-28:
Hi Roger
Am an up & coming Guitarist, only a couple of years younger than you and thoroughly enjoyed your recent Gig at Bristol. Had seen you all first about 25 years ago and what I particulalry noticed had changed with your stage act was your 'movement'. It was fascinating to see how you combined actions & moves with the music and it left me wondering if you have leant certain things from oriental arts - you used to be fairly static!! Pray tell me, have you developed new techniques of late? - and thanks for an excellant show.

Hi Andy,

Glad you enjoyed the show. I don't think about movements as any kind of technique. I feel (relatively) comfortable on stage, especially after so many years, and therefore more relaxed. I look at old videos and see an odd sort of forwards/backwards walk that must have been de riguer at the time, I've observed others doing it as well - it must have been a continuation of something from the 60s - a disease, maybe? I also suspect that I was fairly static in the old days because I had so little room, sandwiched between the drums and the organ. I've been allowed out since then.


Marianne Niemann on 2002-11-26:
Hi Roger,
Well, this is not really a question. I just want to say that I really enjoy the way your site developes. Many interesting things coming up. Congratulations!
You mention plans about doing a Snapshot tour - that sounds great - but why only in the States? I am sure that we are quite a few people in Europe who will support you if you come around. Snapshot is definately one of my favorite albums - if you can call it albums nowadays.
Happy birthday, merry Christmas and a rocking new year!!!

Hi Marianne,

Thank you for the Snapshot thoughts. J The site is coming along, there'll be a lot of changes along the way. I'd love to tour the world, arenas everywhere, but reality hurts. It probably would be clubs and smaller venues but finance is the thing; all the musicians on the album live in the States, so much less expensive to do, at least at first. If there is a good reason, ie. a hit album, then Europe, or anywhere else, could be a possibility. I would like that a lot and I know I'd see plenty of old friends in the audience.


Charlie on 2002-11-25:
Dear Roger,
Congrats on your new site, just what I need 'cos I have sore eyes.

Really enjoyed attending several UK DP shows in 2002, and was appreciatively honoured to meet you post-gig.
In case you recall, I'm the sincere, good-looking chap with the Hatch End connection.

An unadventurous question, but do you expect the band to broaden the set-list when the next touring season gets underway?
Obviously there will be the new album to promote but I would dream of perhaps:
40% early/classic Mark 2 material.
20% post-1984 Mk2 reunion material.
20% Steve Morse era (purpendicular/abandon) material.
20% New album tracks.
How does this compare with your own envisigisation?
(Good word that, I just made it up).

Hi Charlie,

The simple answer is, yes. I don't like percentages, it just reminds me of agents, managers, publishers, taxes, expences, contracts. I always want to do new material but sometimes I don?t always get what I want. Strange, that.

RG (the sincere, odd-looking chap with the Hatch End connection)

Serg on 2002-11-24:
High Energy!
Hello from snowing Rusland, from Urals, Ekaterinburg Greets you Roger!

We love music, we love Deep Purple,
The Great Concert here, in march, was the best that every happened here!
We all heard the rumours about Purple visiting us again.
And we believe!
When do You think it might happend ?

Thank You very much for being with Purple
for loving the fans
All The Best
True Fan

Hi Serg,

Thanks for the good thoughts. I have no idea of our touring plans for next year other than we will probably be in Europe around May. There is a rumour of a large tour to your part of the world some time later on but no dates are set yet. I?d like to see you again as well, a great welcome we had. J


Reinaldo on 2002-11-22:
Hi Roger, how are you doin? ?

Hope you and family are OK. Remember me from Sao Paulo, Brazil ? Nice move now, you have this channel to your fans.

I am curious in knowing what are the songs that are very difficult to play live for the band ? Are tere any of them, that are quite good and you guys don't play because it demands something else ?

Cheers from Brazil and hope to meet you again soon.

Hi Reinaldo,

I’m doin’ fine thanks.

There are songs that work well live and there are song songs that don’t. We kind of have a sixth sense about which is which, based on experience. However there are surprises – Fools is one, also Watching The Sky, Blind Man, No One Came. Most of those were overlooked in the past and yet have now become regulars.
No song is just plain difficult to play, after all we played it in the first place, but if they are intricate, or rely on a delicate feel, they tend not to be the ones we would gravitate to on stage. The best songs are usually those where a certain amount of freedom allows us to stretch out a bit. One of the strengths (and maybe weakesses) of this band is that it has always had great players who are not interested in playing the same thing twice. In fact most cover bands play our material closer to the recorded version that we could ever do, we just don’t listen to our own music much.


sasha on 2002-11-22:
are there any possibilities for butterfly ball live at the rah 75 release in the future. are there any quality recordings of that show? thanks and best wishes. sasha

Hi Sasha,

Possibilities and probabilities are endlessy intertwined. I know that there are tapes somewhere and someone, probably Louie Austin, must have even mix ed them for the film way back then. I’m not sure of the quality though, the whole thing was done on a shoe string (just look at that appalling video..... on second thoughts, don’t!). It all boils down to what a sales projection it might have and whether anyone cares enough to finace the project and do the work, either record company or individual. I know I don’t have the time or inclination right now. Maybe I’ll get to it when I retire, which is planned for 2045. 😉


Simon on 2002-11-21:
When this new Purple album is released, will you all be back on the road again promoting it, or will you take some (much-deserved) time out for other things? I was unfortunate enough to have exams while you were due to visit us in Portsmouth last month. Yep, I'm one of the many students who have discovered your beautiful music! Simon.

Hi Smudge,

We will be back on the road but in Portsmouth, no idea. Not for a while I should imagine. Take a (hopefully much deserved) summer trip yourself and come to see us in Europe next year.


Chris on 2002-11-18:

Thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions. DP is my favorite group and have been a fan since 1985 (I was 13 when I saw the video for Perfect Strangers on MTV and my older brother was always a huge fan prior to and after that time.) MY question(s) are as follows:

1) Why is it taking so long to record the next DP cd? Are you guys in the studio and when is the expected release date?

2) Will there be a major change in the setlist the next time DP tours here in the US? Alot of fans would like to hear the new stuff. I know that in the States people say DP is a classic rock band, and that you guys try to cater a show that contains mostly classics. However the 4x I have seen DP since 1998, there is always a good and loud reaction to newer DP songs like Ted and 7th Heaven. I hope you guys put a heavier emphasis on the newer stuff and a little less of the classics and keep on including the lesser known stuff (hopefully Demon's Eye, Cry Free, Rat Bat Blue to name a few.) DP is not a nostalga band in my book. Please no more co-headlining shows!!!!

3) Why no songs off of Abandon?

4) Who are your favorite professional football, baseball and basaketball teams?

Love your new CD. All the best.

Your Friend,

Hi Chris,

> 1) Why is it taking so long to record the next DP cd? Are you guys in the studio and when is the expected release date?

We haven't started yet so I don't know how long it's going to take. I assume though, that you're referring to the length of time between albums. Good question. After the Concerto we got tied up with touring with orchestras for a while and that put us back. There was also the bigger question of whether Jon was going to be in the band or not, I don't think it would have very wise to have recorded an album with Jon and then have him retire and us go out with Don or whomever just playing Jon's part. That wouldn’t have been fair. The essence of this band is what happens when we play together. On the other hand, no one but Jon could have reached that decision, and it took some time for him to finally face what he didn't want to face; he loves playing with this band, a band that he helped to create, but he had other avenues to explore and eventually he put himself in a position to do just that. We are now ready to explore our own avenues. I believe it will be all to the better for this delay.

> 2) Will there be a major change in the setlist the next time DP tours here in the US? DP is not a nostalga band in my book.

Yes, I believe there will, but don't forget that with the audience getting younger, more and more people are coming to our shows who haven't heard us before. Like it or not, they are the songs most associated with us. It would be nice to have newer material be so well known but right now it isn't. I know all the arguments, believe me, I have them with various people in our organization all the time, and I'm all in favour for newer songs, or even rarely played older ones, but I also know the realities of the band, both from a media point of view and a personal one. However, having said that, I will be fighting for as much new material as possible.

> Please no more coheadlining shows!!!!

Talk to our agent and see how difficult it is get any kind of tour these days. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

> 3) Why no songs off of Abandon?

On the Abandon tour we did seven new songs from that album. Seven! We've never done so much new material before or since. Personally, I think some worked better than others, but I really enjoy playing Seventh Heaven and I'd love to do it again. I liked Any Fule too but that's a tough one for IG to sing night after night. We'll see.

> 4) Who are your favorite professional football, baseball and basaketball teams?

Bristol Wednesday, The New York Wankers, and The Knickers.