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Jim Collins on 2004-09-01:
Hi Roger! I have a question I keep meaning to ask you, but other things always seem to come up. (Usually alcohol) 🙂 If I understand correctly, you were once working on a solo album tentatively called "The Eyes of Omega". You supposedly scrapped half an album of material and recorded "Elements" instead. Is this true, and if so, what happened to the recordings for the "Omega" album? Did you ever rework the songs into something else, or are they just in the can somewhere?

All my best, Jim C.

Hi Jim,

Yes, you are correct, I did work on some songs that I abandoned before I adopted the concept idea. The Eyes of Omega was the alternative title for Elements. The Third Rings Watery Flow was originally going to be a song called Alice Nowhere until I decided that I couldn't sing it. I used that particular recording but there are still four half-finished recordings which reside somewhere in my dusty vaults. I listened to them a while ago and considered finished them but I am too busy with new songs. Maybe I'll listen to them again one day. They are fairly basic - Simon Phillips on drums, Mickey Lee Soule on piano and myself on bass, and with no vocals except for an occasional rough guide.


Joe Safferson on 2004-05-12:
The following is a message I sent your website designer regarding one of your songs. I've since been informed by your webmaster that it is a misspelling... but it stills seems a bit of a stretch. Is it really true? Perhaps you would have an additional insight? Thanks:


My name is Joe Safferson.

Ever since I did my first search of my family name on the web, I've come up with the song title, "Safferson Dormouse and Lizzy Bee." At first, the only reference was on a Japanese release of the "Butterfly Ball" album owned by a collector in Japan who mentioned it on his web site. Of course, communication was very difficult I learned very little.

I am not that familiar with Deep Purple... during the 70's I sort of dropped out musically, so please don't take offense. Anyway, I'd love to find a way to hear this song and find out what relation it might have to my family name, which is not at all common. I do know that I have relatives in England as my paternal grandfather emigrated from London to the US in the 1930's. However, much of the family remained in England, though I am not in touch.

I know this is not the usual type of question a webmaster would normally receive. But each time I do a search, there it is near the top of the list of links. I remain very curious and would love to know the background on which the song was based. If you could shed some light on the subject, send a copy of the lyrics, whatever.... it would be appreciated.

Joe Safferson

Hi Joe,

the song in question is saffron Dormouse and Lizzie Bee and it is part of a project of mine called The Butterfly Ball.


Mark Jones on 2004-03-31:
Hi Roger,
Just wondered if your daughter has done vocals on any other albums (your or anyone else's) besides Snapshot.

Hi Mark,

She has not recorded much before but I'm sure that will change soon.

Simon Johnston on 2004-03-26:
I am a fellow bass player, progressing beyond beginner status finally, and i'm wondering how to begin writing my own tunes. Bought a cheap old rust bucket with 6 strings on it to try and get some chord progressions going. Do you write entire songs by yourself, or would you leave certain parts open to the rest of the band you're playing with. IG has an amazing way with words and i was wondering if he's sometimes handed tunes to find lyrics to.

Also, I was wondering if you've seen many inflatable bananas on your tour so far?:)
See you at Wembley Arena in the winter!

Hi Simon,

Yes, I do write entire songs by myself but as far as DP is concerned, we all write together, usually from a jamming situation. It seems to have become our tradition - the backing track gets written and recorded with only a vague idea of what the vocals will be and then IG, alone or sometimes with me, will figure out what to put on top.


Nobody on 2003-09-18:
What kind of synths did you use on Dawn on the Butterfly Ball Album


Hi Nobody,

I used an ARP 2600.


dave wilson on 2003-05-21:
those female backing vocals on butterfly ball!! Stunning.

Who arranged them?


Hi Dave,

Liza Strike, Helen Chappelle and Barry St.John did the vocals on Butterfly Ball. As far as arrangements are concerned, they would have listened to what I wanted and then done "head arrangements" on the spot, sorting out their own harmonies; professionals to the core.


Marcin Zalewski on 2003-04-06:
Hi Rog,
thanks for answering my previous 11 questions! :o)
I've come up with one more: do you guys listen to each other's solo albums? Has there ever been a moment when one of you said: "Gosh, what a brilliant idea, it should have been saved for Purple!"?
Good luck and see you somewhere on tour!! 🙂
Marcin Zalewski

Hi Marcin,

Yes, I usually listen to the others' solo albums but I don't recognize anything that would suit DP. DP is more of a collaborative effort. As to what I think of them... well, I don't get involved with opinions, we each have our own.


Joerg Mueller on 2003-02-12:
This question is about one of my favourites
of all purple-related stuff, which is "accidentally on purpose".
How does it work to get celebrities like
the fabulous Dr. John playing on a record?
Do you meet these guys in the hotel bar and just say, "come to the studio tomorrow,
if there's nothing better to do?" Or were long term preparations necessary ?
Was "Can't believe..." a one take thing,
or did he really rehearse the whole afternoon ? Oh yes, and who is "Chet"?
Greetings, (btw. I'm looking forward seeing
you on stage in July in Germany)


Hi Joerg,

Most musicians can be contacted if you go through their management. In the case of Dr. John, I think the contact was made through Andy Newmark, our drummer on the album, who happened to know him. Long term preparations are helpful when it comes to musicians who do a lot of studio work or are on tour for long spells. "Can't Believe You Want To Leave" was one take. Chet is a good friend of both Ian and I. He's a professional diver with whom we've dived many times in the Caribbean. He was visiting our bus on a DP tour one time and observed a phone in the toilet - after much laughter about what he thought was an absolute luxury (the phone was only to speak to the driver, not an outside line) we wrote the song there and then, on the bus.


DANA on 2003-01-30:

Hi Dana,

Thank you very much for the kind words. As far as airplay is concerned I am in agreement with you, they?d sound great on the radio and I?d also love to hear them there. The problem is that American radio these days bears little resemblance to the radio I used to love in the 70s, when they played such a eclectic and entertaining mix of music. Now it?s so dictated to by consultants (read ?accountants?) who are only interested in one thing; advertising dollars. Radio in other countries I don?t really know much about since I?ve lived in the States for so many years. Word of mouth is the only way ? tell a friend, please!


Joanna on 2003-01-28:
Hello, Roger,
One of the"Snapshot" songs, "If I could fly" is my favourite, I think. It puts me to sleep.
Its sax passages remind me of the Namys?owski's and Kurylewicz's compositions.
My question is: do you know some of Polish jazzmen?

Hi Joanna,

Thanks for the good word. No, I?m afraid I don?t know any Polish jazzmen. I like some jazz but I?m more interested in song writing. Randall played the sax on that song and he did it in one take - incredible playing and such empathy with the mood of the song. I?m lucky to work with such good musicians.


Joanna on 2003-01-24:
Hello, Roger,
I've just known your "Snapshot"(I couldn't hear it earlier, our trade systems work very badly).
I'm delighted, and I'll write a review soon.
One question: why did your daughter sing one song only? She's got a beautiful voice...
Cheers, JO

Hi Jo,

Thanks, I’m glad you like Snapshot. The reason Gillian is only on one track is that I had finished a lot of the album before I even thought about inviting her. It was an experiment to see if she would ‘click’ on this old song that I’d had lying around for decades. I was proud of what she did and you can be sure that on the next solo album she will appear more. If I had the time I’d love to do an entire project with her. It is also good for her to make her own steps in music and not just be tagged on to me. She has a good voice and I encourage her as much as I can to do her own thing, which she is doing. I thank you on her behalf.


brian on 2003-01-24:
hello roger! a couple of comments before i ask a question, ok? or was that a question? anyway it was a great year. i traveled from my home in san diego, to see deep purple in las vegas on my birthday 5-31. then in san diego on 8-2. to san bernadino then next night, and finally to los angeles. well worth every minute, and every dollar! excellent band, more so now than ever before, and i truely mean that with all of my heart. although '84 and '85 tours were great, i really love what the band has done with steve. the best word to describe maybe-sweet!! and finally my question: where and when will i be able to get a cd copy of the "mask". i really loved that whole album when it came out. one last note: sign my bass someday!! love you guys don't stop!

Hi Brian,

I am constantly embarrassed by how late I am in replying to these questions; the US tour you mention was last year! Sorry. Thank you for your good words. I do believe that as good a past as we have had, that the band is actually playing better and functioning as a unit better now than ever. Usually, the more one does something, the better one gets. I have started the process of trying to get Mask and Elements available. Dealing with old record companies can be tough. I’ll sign your bass any day, thank you. Good luck.


Dave Gellis on 2003-01-16:

I am writing to wish you well and check in after a long time. Hoping you are doing well and looking forward to seeing you sometime in the future. Please let me know when you are in the NJ area.

Dave Gellis

Hi Dave,

Thanks my friend, great to hear from you. We will be touring the US sometime
next year so I hope to see you then. I wish you all the best of luck.

P.S. For anyone reading this (and even for those who may not), the person
to whom this reply is being directed is a very fine guitarist; Dave and I
worked together on MASK, where he pulled out some unbelievable solos and
improvisations. I'll never forget the first (and only) take of Faking It ?
almost knocked me off my chair, bending the neck like that!


Joanna on 2003-01-11:
Hello, Roger,
there's something interesting me.
I read a few days ago the new DP studio record was ready in 2001 (see Interia pages).
I don't understand a thing. The band is recording a new record now and a new record was ready 2 years ago.
Can you explain this?

I'd like to know your Snapshot, but it's inaccessible in our city now. If I get it, I'll write my opinion, I think.

Happy new year- JO

Hi Joanna,

Believe it or not, it ain’t right just because it’s in black and white, or any other colour for that matter. We had done some writing in 2001 but had not completed any recording. Anyway, by now you may well know that we have a new album out, you may well have heard it, and you may well have also managed to obtain Snapshot. If so I hope you liked it/them. I have no way of knowing how available our records may be in Poland but when we tour there in December I hope to have Snapshot available at the concerts. I’ve done a few telephone interviews with various journalists there and I gather that distribution of my record has been less than adequate but I am working to rectify that.


Jauke on 2003-01-09:
Hi Roger! I?m a spanish fan and I hope that you can excuse my english level... is naughty...
Well, I want ask you some questions about your solo albums, where can I find them in my country? Which type of music do you play in these albums?
And, other question, I am 20 years old, and I play bass guitar since one year ago, 2 hours/day... my first bass was and is obviusly one Peavey Milestone III, what can you say about these things?
Should I practice more hours? Is this a good instrument for beginners?
Thanks a lot Roger

Keep on rockin?!!!

Hi Jauke,

My Spanish level is even naughtier!

The availability of my albums in Spain is probably nil. Your best bet is to enquire on the Internet. I hope to be able to have Elements and Mask available again through my own website some time in the not too distant future.

THE BUTTERFLY BALL (1974) is a collection of songs by various artists and intended as a soundtrack to a full length animated movie based on the book of the same name (it was never made). The music is quite varied. It can be found around, I believe.

ELEMENTS (1978) is mostly instrumental music featuring drums, bass, piano, saxophone, violin and a large orchestral string section (I wanted to make an album without using electric guitar). This is relatively hard to find.

MASK (1984) is a collection of songs most of which were written by myself and featuring a small band of friends. It is hard to categorize the music except to say that it was what I was into at the time, and also hard to find.

ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE (1988) by myself and Ian Gillan is a collection of songs we wrote while having too much fun. It is not impossible to find.

SNAPSHOT is the most recent album. It came out this year and features some friends old and new. As with all of my other solo albums, it is not the work of a hard rock bass player but of a songwriter. You won’t find anything that sounds much like Deep Purple on these albums so if that’s what you are looking for, be warned. They do, however, contain songs I have written from my heart. Open ears.


marc on 2003-01-07:
HI Rog,
Just got your solo album snapshot on promo cant find it in the shops but what a fantastic album. Who is the singer?(s) and the fantastic guitarist in fact I like the Hammond and the funky drummer? What was you involvement? I produce music as well so I can appreciate the quality. I also had Les Binks at my studio which prompted me to listen to Butterfly ball, wow what a gem.
Hope to hear from you in the near future, Marc.

Hi Marc,

Thank you for the good thoughts. You can find the personnel in the Snapshot section of this site. Apart from picking the players, choosing the technical guys, booking the studio, writing most of the songs, playing bass and other instruments, singing one of the songs, fathering the singer of one of the other songs, co-producing the recording and designing the cover, I didn’t have much to do with it. 😉
My involvement was that it was my album. It’s good to be the king!
Glad you enjoy it. Les Binks – haven’t seen him in yonks, I hope he’s well - he plays great.


Fabian on 2002-12-22:
Hi Roger!
First I have to say, that I like Snapshot very much. It brings a very good mood into my living room, when I listen to it. Congratulations! Well, unfortunately there was not much promotion for the album, it should have had much more attention, but the most important thing is, that it is that good!
I'm looking forward to the forthcoming album and the tour. Will you change the set list for the next tour? After 9 concerts I've seen since the last album abandon, it is my wish to hear a much more different set from what you played the last few times. I've talked a lot to other fans and most of them mentioned the same. Please play some new songs along with some "forgotten" ones (songs that were not played often before, as you did it with Fools or Mary Long). There is too much good Purple stuff left over the years, that it would be a pity, if you'd just play another greatest-hits program with Black Night, Woman from Tokyo and so on...Deep Purple is the best live band, so you can easily do something special/unexspected without losing any effect!
I wish you and the band a great new year and a good time in studio, on stage and with your families!


Hi Fabian,

Thanks for good thoughts about Snapshot. The set list is probably close to religion as far as causing a fight is concerned; everyone wants to hear something different. I favour looking at new ideas and I can assure you that there will be a lot of Bananas played on the next tour. (If you didn?t know the name of the album you?d read that twice, wouldn?t you?) I can?t predict what exactly will be played as we don?t know until a day before the tour, or ten minutes before we hit the stage, whichever comes first!


stu bramwell on 2002-12-05:
any chance of a glover autobiography
gillan's done it [very good too!]
give it some serious thought would be a
great read.

Hi Stu,

I have been threatening a book for a few years now and if I keep talking about it then maybe I'll get down to finishing it (I have actually started it but I've got a long way to go - I've numbered the pages!!!). Thanks for the enthusiasm.


Michael on 2002-12-03:
Hi Roger!
Michael here from Germany.
By the way, I also have birthday on November 30th. I became 40 in this year !
Congratulations also to you.
Now my question:
The "Butterfly ball" is one of my favorite plays of you. It is very suitable for a musical. Would one make something like that ? Perhaps for children?
Michael from Berlin/Germany

Hi Michael,

Happy birthday, you must be a Sagittarius. Butterfly Ball has shown that it has a life of its own and there has been some interest over the years to turning it into a musical, a movie, a cartoon, something or other. The only problem is money. To stage a Broadway style musical would take several million and for that one has to have backers. It could be done on a smaller scale but as yet there is nothing but the music - a lot of work would be needed to turn it into a piece suitable for it to be staged , even on a small scale. Right now I am really pressed for time although I did do a pilot manuscript a few years ago. No takers yet though. It will happen one day.


Peter Cross on 2002-12-03:
Hi Roger,

Couple of three questions.

Do you think you could persuade Steve's SMB to consider supporting DP for the next UK tour. (It is possible because Steve has played in SMB and the Dregs on the same night on a bootleg I've heard).

Has Ian Paice EVER missed a Deep Purple gig ?

Will you tour SNAPSHOT over this side of the pond.

Cheers Peter Cross

Hi Peter,

I think Steve could be persuaded but that's not who has to be - it's the promoters and agents again. (That would be an interesting board game, Promoters And Agents - I can think of several scenarios that could turn up on a wild card!)

To my knowledge IP has never missed a gig.

I'd love to tour Snapshot everywhere but I have to take it one pond at a time.


Theresa westphal on 2002-11-30:
Hello Roger,
I would like to extend a warm birthday wish to you !! My question is, are you going to tour with your band from your latest album? I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Moon dance jam in Walker Minnesota this summer. You were so kind. Thank you for giving me a lasting memory.

Respectfully, Theresa

Hi Theresa,

I would love to tour with The Guilty Party and we are looking at the possibilities. However , it's dependent on two things; the business (it would cost money and I would need an agent and promoters to be convinced that we could generate enough interest) and time constraints (I am in another band right now). Time will tell. If enough airplay happens in the States then it would look promising.


Marianne Niemann on 2002-11-26:
Hi Roger,
Well, this is not really a question. I just want to say that I really enjoy the way your site developes. Many interesting things coming up. Congratulations!
You mention plans about doing a Snapshot tour - that sounds great - but why only in the States? I am sure that we are quite a few people in Europe who will support you if you come around. Snapshot is definately one of my favorite albums - if you can call it albums nowadays.
Happy birthday, merry Christmas and a rocking new year!!!

Hi Marianne,

Thank you for the Snapshot thoughts. J The site is coming along, there'll be a lot of changes along the way. I'd love to tour the world, arenas everywhere, but reality hurts. It probably would be clubs and smaller venues but finance is the thing; all the musicians on the album live in the States, so much less expensive to do, at least at first. If there is a good reason, ie. a hit album, then Europe, or anywhere else, could be a possibility. I would like that a lot and I know I'd see plenty of old friends in the audience.


Derek Rich on 2002-11-25:
First I want to say thanks for "Mask" - I bought it in the summer of '84 when I was fourteen and it opened my eyes to some styles that I never really took any time to investigate.
My question - Why did you pick Connecticut to live in?

Hi Derek,

Thanks for the Mask comment. I didn?t really pick Connecticut, it just sort of happened, like most things in my life. It was at a time when my first marriage was ending and I was joining Rainbow, 1978/9). I had nowhere to live and asked Bruce (Payne, my manager) if I could stay with him for a few weeks. Three years later he casually inquired if I was ever going to move out, so I decided that I might as well stay in the area that I'd come to know.


sasha on 2002-11-22:
are there any possibilities for butterfly ball live at the rah 75 release in the future. are there any quality recordings of that show? thanks and best wishes. sasha

Hi Sasha,

Possibilities and probabilities are endlessy intertwined. I know that there are tapes somewhere and someone, probably Louie Austin, must have even mix ed them for the film way back then. I’m not sure of the quality though, the whole thing was done on a shoe string (just look at that appalling video..... on second thoughts, don’t!). It all boils down to what a sales projection it might have and whether anyone cares enough to finace the project and do the work, either record company or individual. I know I don’t have the time or inclination right now. Maybe I’ll get to it when I retire, which is planned for 2045. 😉


john oetomo on 2002-11-20:
hi dear Rog!

I have been a huge DP fan since the middle of 80?s. I prefer DP more and more than Beatles or Stones, because they rocked us like Rock n roll earthquake, what Beatles or Stones cannot afford it.

My question is: why did u only sing one track in your recent SNAP-SHOT album? I used to listen to your old songs in THE MASK album. And I love them so much.

PS: You along with Glenn Hughes are my fave Rock Bass heroes, much much much better than Paul Mc Cartney. He is nice guy, but technically underrated!

your long time ago fan

Hi Jon,

> why did u only sing one track in your recent SNAPSHOT album? I used to listen to your old songs in THE MASK album. And I love them so much.

I've always been wary of singing things myself when they could sound so much better sung by someone else. Thanks for the boost though, maybe I'll sing more in future.

> Paul Mc Cartney. He is nice guy, but technically underrated!

I think you might mean overrated. However, I've always liked his playing, and sometimes his writing. His simplicity is his strength. What he plays on Something, Paperback Writer, Lucy In The Sky, etc. is superb, tasteful and melodic. IMHO


Catrin on 2002-11-17:
Hi somebody (or everybody if this gets published),

I hope this form does not limit the number of characters; but I fear I have to steal some of your reading time;-) The questions I have actually deal with a remark about Eddie Hardin:

The album "Hardin & York: Still a few Pages left" (1995, rpm) features detailed liner notes about the past of the two. The phrase that is the cause for my questions runs as follows: "[...] the Butterfly Ball album in 1975 and its immense hit single "Love is All" (top 5 in France again in 1993 thanks to a soft drinks commercial soundtrack) for Eddie (with Roger Glover), [...]"

Ever since I first read that I thought about...
Did that bring you into any French chart shows (if so, why didn't you ever mention it)? Which soft drink (and why wasn't it used in other parts of Europe)? Did they ask you for using it or was it a straight record company deal? Why is it "Eddie with Roger" - did Eddie really write the song with you only assisting him (at least this is how the remark sounds to me)? Anything else?

Thanx for giving me at least the chance to ask;-)


HI Catrin,

I believe Love Is All has been in the French charts three times now, it was a hit when it first came out, it was a hit for Sasha Distel (who used my backing track), and it was a hit after the commercial a few years ago. Maybe it's been a hit again more recently, I don't know. I don't know why I didn't mention it, probably I supposed everyone knew.

> Which soft drink (and why wasn’t it used in other parts of Europe)?

No idea.

> Did they ask you for using it or was it a straight record company deal?

The latter. No one asked me.

> Why is it “Eddie with Roger”

Because it's his album and he can. The writing really was a joint effort (no seriously!)

> Anything else?

The first time it was out in it went gold, in Holland, I think. I didn't realize until last year that Ronnie James Dio was very miffed back then because it was his first gold record - and his name wasn't even mentioned on it! I felt bad and vowed never to do that again with a guest vocalist. Public apologies to Ronnie, (I've already made it up to him as best I could - I bought him a drink or two).