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Georgi on 2004-04-14:
Hello Roger,

this is one of the 2 art students who did Deep Purple's lion in Singapore, which you named 'Maybeiamaleo' (but I only found out afterward from the news report. oops.) I didn't know that you're a visual artist too- would you guys have painted the lion on your own if you had the time? (Anyway, I hope you guys liked it) I enjoyed your concert at Fort Canning immensely! (it was my first rock concert- and the first time I heard the songs from your older albums --err, other than Smoke on the Water, so I couldn't really sing along.)


Hi Georgi,

Yes, I believe I would have loved to have painted it myself, given the time. That's always the problem. Thanks for helping us out.


Evi Ivan on 2003-01-22:
Dear Roger,
thank you very much for answering my questions. Bevore I may to ask you another questions I want to write a little about your beautiful Art-Gallery.
First the design and idea with the Didi Zill-foto in the background looks very good- a great kompliment to all the webmasters.
And now your paintings:
I'm overwhelmed and very impressed and I bow my head for you. I?ve so much respect for you because you have so much ways of art. What a great master you are!
I would like to describe all your paintings, but I?m not able to do it in English. I like all your painitings but some I like most:
Mom?s place, Instinkt, Juggling Clown, Melting figure, Self Portrait, Despair, Uninvited, Scottish Castle, Edge, The Ritz Historic Ocala. I thank you so much for showing your paining artworks it is so great and a pleasure for my eyes. Your soul shines not only with your great sensitive Snapshot, Lyrics, Purplesongs, it shines also with your painting pictures.
And now my questions:
Do you want to show more paintings?
Do you want reviews about your paintings in your Website?
The other question is:
Your job is for my opinion very hard. If you are on tour you are long time far away from home and your family. Nearly every evening you are on another place of the world. All DP-members are very nice but for me you are the friendliesed rockstar. On stage you are loughing, you throwes your pics, you love to play your great music and celebrate with the fans you have such an equalize, calm radiate (every evening). You give the fans your full attention- you are such a great worldstar, but so modest and friendly.....
How are you doing this?
I thank you so much for all, sorry my bad English and mistakes and I hope, the questions are not so silly.
I wish you well- in greatest admiration

Hi Evi,

I really appreciate your very kind thoughts, thank you. You are a wonderful artist in your own right and I have said this on the times we’ve met, and I would like to say it here in this forum, that you are an inspiration to me; your technique and your sure hand with shape and colour are outstanding; I bow to you. Your soul shines through as well. Having a space for comments about my art is a possibility; I’ll talk to Andi about it.

When I first turned professional in 1965, I remember one night being very tired, having no voice, my fingers bleeding, and playing to the late night crowd in the Tanz-Café Acadia in Frankfurt (Grosse FriedbergerStr, I believe). It was almost three in the morning and I looked out over my bass guitar and repeated, like a mantra, “I’m doing what I love to do.” I never forgot that moment and I relive it every night I am lucky enough to be on a stage somewhere in the world. Touring is a privilege, I never lose sight of that, but it is hard on families and we all are there because of the generosity of our families, it’s hard on them. Thanks again for your not-so-silly questions. 🙂


Julia Francese on 2002-11-17:
Dear Roger, just read your website overview and I am both interested and thankful for your invitation to know a little bit more of your artistic talents.
Does your painting work on a number of levels, from figurative to abstraction? And if you are an abstractionist does it in any way in its development have a link with music-tension/release for example as an asethetic. Do you have any motifs that have continued to reappear and if so what are they? These are not extreme questions, perhaps too much the other way. Thanks for everything. Julia Francese.

Hi Julia,

I paint figuratively and in abstraction but I don't know if there are any parallels to music other than the fact that it's all a form of expression. I believe that most musicians could well have been painters, sculptors, poets, photographers, actors, etc. There is an urge to express oneself that comes out in many ways. I struggle with realism and find that I want to be faithful to life too much and therefore frustrate myself with my lack of ability - no, maybe not ability -patience and discipline. In abstraction I am attracted to accidents of design. I like random things. One of my fascinations is what is left after a poster has been torn down or scraped from a wall. Art is everywhere if you look for it. A good and wise friend of mine once said that any rock he finds in his garden holds more interest for him than the most expensive abstract painting because its shape is determined by nature, which has no intellect to govern it or curtail its freedom. When I paint an abstract I have no idea what will be the result, I try and switch my thinking mind off and just let things flow.