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Kevin Trick on 2004-05-10:
Were are you?
Hope everything is getting better.
if you need anything let me know.

Hi Kevin,

I never really know where I am or who I were, but it is betting better. Thanks for your kind offer, a new Mac would be good. 😉


IKEN. on 2005-05-10:
Dear Rog!!
Your Site needs to be updated a BIT more often!!
Shure,i know, you guys are touring the planet/solar system/universe,but still.......
still,lot's of love to all in Deep Purple!!!!!
(Both past and present members) 🙂

best regards
Ake Nordh
why no shows here this year?

Hi Ake,

Well said! I intend to do better. 2005 was supposed to be a year with some time off. Even so, we've been as busy as ever, recording and touring. I hope we'll be in Sweden again next year, but it is not up to us, it's all down to local promotors and our agent. We just go where they tell us.


kay cooper on 2004-01-10:
hi stranger long time no see well i just this new computer and iam trying it out and someone told me that you and the boys are back on the road again i think thats great i dont know if you would remeber me or not but we meet a long time ago a very long time ago in london. i was 18 at the time . i have been trying to get in touch with you for years we lost contack back in 1985 i sent to thams talent but never her back i also sent to collins address at his home the address he give me before i moved and lost his home address . i have had a lot to do with my time when we lost contack i want back to school for designing and and also went into study theather and i took classes in art and i am now a make up artist and hair dresser and when my mom passed away she left me her company. i dont have much time to go on the web but a friend got me your dvd for the holiday and i found your web inside your dvd .so i had nothing to do tonight i thought i just play around on the web. note iam not a fan but i do love deep purple and white snake please dont take this the wrong way.iam not a groupie . a good friend of ours from new york . who you and collin both know who is not a groupie . we meet when the band was starting out .is this realy your web site or is this a fans web page and they send this to you . any other time i would not do this .but i said to myself hey what can you loose .you may not get this and then again you may .but i was looking for collin collin heart that is .my sister use to be real good friends with him they were very close at one time she has been wondering about him and hope hes doing well. we miss every one very much .i dont have much time to go out any more i live with my boyfriend who is a big fan of your music .i wish we would of not lost contack with one another we had alot of fun together on the road if you forgot what i look like .i have long blonde hair and was once a cocktail waitress at the playboy club here in chicago i dont get me wrong i was only a waitress now .i didnt stay there long i went to school and left. if you still cant rember what i look like well my boy freind thinks i look like baby spice. well i have to go now hope this messages is in the right place like i said i dont know how to leave message s on the web i dont go on yahoo that offten i like to spend move time on here i just dont have it i have a full plate but i was cheking out your site and i say well giveit a tryyou never know.oh p.s. glad to hear your back on the road is it going to be a long tour or a short one and hopeto see you again someday my boy friend and i both leave downtown chicago do you know where michgain ave is here in the windy city . well its nice chat with you if it realy is you .hope it is and realy hope to see you again . later . kay

Hi Kay,

Sorry, I don?t remember, but it?s not unusual. To be loved by anyone. Yes, this really is my website and Andreas Thul is the webmaster. We are on the road for life.


James Gemmell on 2004-01-07:
Hi, Roger. I enjoy your Website, as well as Ian Gillan's. But the best Purple site is, yet the organizers of that site keep stating that they need money or they're going to have to shut it down. Don't the members of DP support would seem logical, since it's such a comprehensive, quality site.//Rog, do you keep in touch with Ritchie Blackmore at all? Is there any hope of ever jamming with him again? Nothing against Morse and Airey, who are solid, but the MKII lineup material blows Bananas, Purpendicular and Abandon right off the map, in my humble opinion. The material is still damn good, but Blackmore and Lord just have a much heavier, more prolific sound than the gents in the band right now. That's not to say I won't by the records, or am oblivious to the reality that bands constantly evolve. And I'm happy DP is still around..but it no longer sounds altogether like DP.

Hi James,

Many questions...

The Highway Star is a good site simply because it is run by fans, politics aside. Logic? Don't know about that. Official sites are rarely so vibrant.


Possible, not probable.

Your humble opinion.

Things change because they have to. You can?t live in the past. It sounds the way it sounds now, that?s the way it is.

TIOLI (take it or leave it)


jane on 2003-01-16:
I have a cd that I copy some data on it ,but now I couldn`t view some of my folder?

Hi Jane,

Are you sure that question was aimed at me? Anyway, I'm flattered that you
think I could possibly know the answer! Get a Mac!


Joanna Ostrowiecka on 2002-12-11:
I've no questions.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Hi Jo,

I have no answers, so that's all right then. Merry things to you.


Rasmus Heide on 2002-12-08:
I enjoy the photos from the Snapshot sessions. Where were they taken? I naturally scanned the album credits, but only found mention of where the album was mixed and the photos surely depict actual recording sessions. Is this the famous basement? 🙂
P.S. I like the new site design - I watched Naiomi Campbell on CNN the other night say how shades of brown and black is all the rage in the coming winter's fashion. ;^)

Hi Rasmus,

The photos were taken during the sessions at Acme Studios, not in my basement. Is my basement famous? It?s just a room downstairs. If it knew it was famous it might decide to move on up, then where would I be? I will take some shots of it one day and you?ll see how unimpressive it really is. Thanks for the website comments


Blacken on 2002-12-08:
I see from the "Fireball" sleeve and other photos that you took to sporting a "bullet-belt" quite some time before Lemmy and yet he is credited with "inventing" it. When did you come up with the idea? You were one of the bass players that made me take up the instrument and in particular a black Rickenbacker. I have always felt that you never received the credit you deserved and I use the belt as an example. Deepest Regards. Blacken.

Hi Blacken,

Lemmy is a fashion guru. The world of haute couture, although reluctant admit it, waits with baited breath for each new fashion statement from him. However, he is a human being, with all the inherent weaknesses, and has obviously been caught out this time. I was given a great piece of advice once, and he obviously knows it as well: - if you?re going to steal, steal from the best. Modesty prevents me from commenting further. I?m surprised he doesn?t use a black Rickenbacker either.


stu bramwell on 2002-12-05:
any chance of a glover autobiography
gillan's done it [very good too!]
give it some serious thought would be a
great read.

Hi Stu,

I have been threatening a book for a few years now and if I keep talking about it then maybe I'll get down to finishing it (I have actually started it but I've got a long way to go - I've numbered the pages!!!). Thanks for the enthusiasm.


Simon on 2002-12-02:

Thanks for answering my question. It just goes to prove your one of the best when it comes to words. I just want to wish you all the best, good luck and have fun with the new album. Like all fans (?!) I am really looking forward to hearing it sometime in 2003. Love your solo CD.



Hi Simon,

Thanks for the thanks. Now you can thank me for thanking you, until, one of us breaks the chain.


Joan on 2002-11-29:
Hello Roger,

Hope you have a great birthday on Saturday (St Andrew's day). My family and I got to meet you back stage at the Clyde Auditorium in September after a fantastic show. You never disappoint us and I'm going way back to Green's Playhouse in the early seventies. I wanted to ask you if you remembered the lyrics for Mighty Morris Ten, but in all the excitement of meeting you guys, I forgot. Please, please post them if you can.

Cheerio and thanks for ALL your music

Hi Joan, Thanks for the greeting.

Mighty Morris Ten, off the top of my head:

Come on everybody grab your automobiles we're going down the Harrow Road
I got a little old Morris and it's doing fine although it's ninety six years old
It's got a super-start handle and a nine eight seven six five four three two one
With an AB negative de-hydraulic rear axle just for fun

Me and my Mighty Morris Ten
Burning up the inside lane
Me and my Mighty Morris Ten
Making it to Hanger Lane
Overtaking all the people on the near-side pavement
Man are we putting them down
Me and my Mighty Morris Ten
Getting around

It's got a bonnet in the front and a boot in the back and a two stroke seat inside
With a thirty eight bracket and forty eight screw and an eighteen ninety five
A two-fold manifold, unfold, remould fixed to a twenty two
And an intake, out-take remake disc brake mistake painted blue...

There it is. I might have the odd word wrong but that's the gist of it.
They don't write songs like that any more! Good job too.


Rob Hebenaar on 2002-12-01:
Dear Roger,
Happy birthday

Rob Hebenaar,

Hi Rob,

Thank you. 🙂


Mario Paradiso on 2002-11-30:
Hello Mr. Glover, mine is not a question, but just an HAPPY BIRTHDAY for your 57 years.
Time goes by, but you're always a great musician-composer and above all a wonderful person, all the best, Mario.

Hi Mario,

57? At least it's not 75! Thanks for the thought. 🙂


Cisco on 2002-11-30:
Dear Roger !!!
Happy Birthday !!!
I wish all good things.
I come from eastgermany and i love Deep Purple and your music.
Thanks for all

Hi Cisco,

Thanks for the good thought. You don't have a kid by any chance, do you?


The Perfect Strangers of Finland on 2002-11-28:
No question this time.
We just would like to say
Happy Birthday Roger!
We all at PSOF (The Perfect Strangers of Finland) hope that you have a great day and thank you for your SnapShot-CD, the music is peaceful and impressive. Wow, it's just wonderful that the big DP-family tree includes so many kind of music.

All the best for the DP-writing/recording sessions.

On Behalf of PSOF

PS. Nice web page you have. Great. Hope you open your art gallery there soon.

Hi all,

Thank you for your greetings and support. The web page is something I didn?t feel the need for until now, but it?s a lot of fun and I hope to expand it very soon. DP certainly is a meeting ground of all sorts of people and music. Lucky we are.


stu bramwell on 2002-11-28:
any thoughts of doing a autobiography
in the future
enjoyed machine head classic albums
shown itv region wed 27 nov

cheers bram

Hi Brom,

I have been toying with a book for some time, and I?ve actually started it. The key is in finding the right "voice" with which to tell the tale without it being a boring list of half remembered snippets or semi-fictionalized funny stories. I would like to write a book that has interest to someone who is not necessarily a DP fan. One of these days... Glad you liked the documentary, so did I.


Wolf Schneider on 2002-11-28:
You recently said that you enjoyed looking at concert photographs of yourself "as long as they are good ones." That, of course, begs the question: what, for you, characterizes a great concert photo?

Hi Wolf,

A good photo is one that has either action, composition, lighting, nudity, drama, or all of the above. For me, one that makes me look good, in other words, a shot that doesn?t look like me (just kidding). We are all a little vain at times (aren?t we?) and one doesn?t like to see awkward poses, odd facial expressions, double chins, nudity, bad head scarf days, or unfortunate juxtapositions.


georgefrombolivia on 2002-11-25:
what going on rog

Hi George,

Wassup? We are writing for a new DP album in Los Angeles. That's what's going on.


Simon on 2002-11-18:
Here's a silly question, but may also be fun:

What would you personnally consider the perfect, or better said ideal, Deep Purple fan to look like?

That'll have to do for now...


Hi Simon,

My ideal fan is one with infinitely variable speeds, ornate brass fittings, a quiet motor and five blades.