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Deep Purple

Barry from AZ USA on 2004-04-24:
I seen you in Phoenix, it was the best Purple show ever. I wrote a review for the highway star. I had purchased a poster of Purple in front of the San Francisco bridge signed by the whole group. Are the autographs real or a print? Why did you not use the Rick on Smoke ?

Hi Barry,

the autographs are real, I can vouch for that. I stopped playing the Rick because it caught a cold. It's now recovered and maybe I'll use it again.


Georgi on 2004-04-14:
Hello Roger,

this is one of the 2 art students who did Deep Purple's lion in Singapore, which you named 'Maybeiamaleo' (but I only found out afterward from the news report. oops.) I didn't know that you're a visual artist too- would you guys have painted the lion on your own if you had the time? (Anyway, I hope you guys liked it) I enjoyed your concert at Fort Canning immensely! (it was my first rock concert- and the first time I heard the songs from your older albums --err, other than Smoke on the Water, so I couldn't really sing along.)


Hi Georgi,

Yes, I believe I would have loved to have painted it myself, given the time. That's always the problem. Thanks for helping us out.


Sergio \ on 2004-03-31:
Hi Roger, I have a tecnic question for you.
What kind o distorsion or fuzz you have used on the Fireball's solo?'s true that you used an Fender Mustang Bass for recording Fireball Album? Thanks for all and sorry for my English 🙂

Sergio "H"
Bass Player of Fireball DP Tribute Band (Italy)

Hi Sergio,

Yes it was Fender Mustang but I have forgotten what distortion box I used, probably one borrowed froim Ritchie.


Simon Johnston on 2004-03-26:
I am a fellow bass player, progressing beyond beginner status finally, and i'm wondering how to begin writing my own tunes. Bought a cheap old rust bucket with 6 strings on it to try and get some chord progressions going. Do you write entire songs by yourself, or would you leave certain parts open to the rest of the band you're playing with. IG has an amazing way with words and i was wondering if he's sometimes handed tunes to find lyrics to.

Also, I was wondering if you've seen many inflatable bananas on your tour so far?:)
See you at Wembley Arena in the winter!

Hi Simon,

Yes, I do write entire songs by myself but as far as DP is concerned, we all write together, usually from a jamming situation. It seems to have become our tradition - the backing track gets written and recorded with only a vague idea of what the vocals will be and then IG, alone or sometimes with me, will figure out what to put on top.


Alexander on 2004-02-17:
Dear Roger Glover,
May I ask you, will there be
any anniversary remasters to album Perfect
Strangers this year or any DVD
releases like Perks And Tit,

From Russia, Alexander

Hi Alexander,

I would very much like to get involved with a Perfect Strangers reissue, and there has been some discussion about it. It will happen, I just don't know when. Perks and Tit is a bootleg, nothing to do with us.


Peter Blemel on 2004-02-10:
Hi Roger,

I've always liked your skills behind the console. How much do you get involved in the live production on a daily basis? Is it a difficult transition going from studio monitors to PA systems? Do you ever get out and show the guys at the mixing board a thing or two?

I think that I've seen you guys (and Steve) every time that you've come through Albuquerque (and one time that DP cancelled I had my tickets of course), and now you're coming again this month.

Last summer you played an outdoor gig here. I was really looking forward to DP with Steve. I have to say that I was more than just a little dissapointed with the sound. You weren't headlining, and I know that makes a difference, but everything seemed rushed and muddy and sadly I didn't enjoy it.

This time you're playing the Convention Center (ask Steve if he remembers playing down the street at a hole in the wall bar called the El Rey Theater). I've seen Jethro Tull make the place sound great, I hope that you guys can do the same.

See you there!

Hi Peter,

Thank you. We are not very involved in the sound production during a live performance; we rely on a good sound engineer. You can't really tell what the sound is like from the stage; you have to be out in the audience. The best way to judge the sound is by gauging the audience reaction.


John Ricard on 2004-02-08:
Hi Roger,

First I want you to know that I am a big fan of Deep Purple and have been following the music since 1968. I own all 17 studio albums and several compilation ,live and videos works. I was lucky to have met Nick B. in 1998 and have remained in contact with him since then. I would love to meet the rest of you some day.

My question is this. In the Purple Pasages compilation album released in 1972, Brian Hansen wrote that the song Emmeretta was taken form the Deep Purple album release in 1969. I thought Emmeretta did not appear on the Deep Purple album until the remix releae in 2000. If that is the case how did it get on the Purple Passages album in 1972. When was it actually recorded and was it released on Deep Purple somewhere in the world?

I know that you did not play on Emmeretta but since Purple Passages was release after you joined the band, I thought you that probably know.

John Ricard
Victoria BC Canada

Hi John,

Emmeretta was on the third album, simply called Deep Purple.


Brad on 2004-02-04:
How does it feel to be a part of the first rock band to play in China?

Hi Brad,

After many years of travelling and seeing so many countries it is always a wonderful feeling to experience a new one, especially such an intriguing place as China.


Steve Sowerby on 2004-01-14:
Having been involved with making pieces of music that are looked on by the public as 'classics', are you aware when you first hear the song and lay down the track that 'this is something special'?

I was involved in international sports for many years and remember those feelings when everything went right and winning was involved. The same amount of effort went in as on the days when it didn't work out like the text book.

It was thinking back to the time when I didn't have advancing forehead syndrome (cough) but had a trimmer figure that brought this thought to mind.

Keep up the good work - I very much like the latest solo album, by the way.

Hi Steve,

Thank you. Judging by the fact that we spent a lot of time perfecting Never Before as a single and completely ignored Smoke On the Water, no we are not aware.


Nika on 2003-12-26:
Hello Roger!
I'm your great fan from Poland,so first of all I want to thank you for fantastic show in ,and of course Steve,Ian,Ian& Don were...just great!!;)
one more thing- please excuse my English;)
and now my question.I don't know if you'd answer that,but i do not know where can i find out something about it.. producer--what does he really do?why you decided michael should be the producer of 'Bananas'?
thanks,keep rockin'!!!
Take care,

Hi Nika,

The producer has many roles; instigator, arranger, psychiatrist, mediator, therapist, musical overseer, go-between, masseur, business advocate, musician's advocate, chef, unpaid servant, punch bag, wise man, magician... the list is endless. It is no wonder that I am happy not to be the producer for a change, I'm exhausted. 😉


Tyler Eaves on 2003-12-04:
Maybe I'm a Leo is probably my favorite Purple riff. I'm curious as to just where that riff came from. I'm guessing you wrote it..., it just sounds like a riff a bass player would come up with. It's downright "funky". I spent most of today working out the bulk of that song. It's amazing just how many variations there are on that one basic musical idea.

On two related notes: In your remixed version of Machine Head (As part of the 25th Ann. version) there's a bit of studio chatter that would seem to indicate that the main track was laid down with the very first take? The song has the sort of "loose" feel that does not lend it self to endless takes, but the band at the same time just so totally nails it.

Also, I caught (Via the magic of DVD, unfortunatly...) your performance performance with Gov't Mule in New Orleans. What a show! If there ever was an "All Star" game for bassists, this show probably comes about as close as we'll ever see to it. What was it like working with Warren and Matt, and playing in that kind of envirnonment?

Hi Tyler,

I wrote the riff to Maybe I’m A Leo after hearing John Lennon’s How Do You Sleep. I liked the idea that the riff didn’t start on the down beat, like 99% of riffs do. Most of the songs on Machine were from the first take, or not long after.

Working with Warren and Matt was wonderful, they are really easy going players but with intense musicality


Joanna on 2003-12-01:
Hi, Roger,
before I ask a question: happy birthday. What a coincidence: mine is a day before yours!
My question is: I know you played keyboard on the "Fire, ice & dynamite" track. Do you play keyboard now, from time to time? Cheers, JO

Hi Jo,
Yes, I played on it, but as I player I wouldn’t consider myself on the same planet as Jon. I use keyboards for songwriting and production.


terry o'grady on 2003-08-20:
Hi roger i've been a fan since 1970.
Could you tell me how you and ian gillan get your inspiration for your lyrics?.
Cheers roger and good luck with the new album.
Best wishes terry o'grady london

Hi Terry,
Where do we get inspiration? In a word... life!


Nick Soveiko on 2003-02-06:
Dear Reverend,

From the silly questions department:
Often Big Ian has a dressing room all to himself, while the four of you share another one. Why is that?


Actually they are both our dressing rooms, it’s just that IG needs peace before a show and the rest of us need peace afterwards.


Oswaldo Malagutti Jr on 2003-08-06:
Roger, please tell me if you have used a tremolo in the bass solo of Fireball in 1971.

If not which crazy sound is that

Thanks a lot,
all the best

Hi Oswaldo,

Yes, it is a tremolo that I used, along with a very primitive distortion box.


Marcello Castellucci on 2003-07-18:
Hi Roger! You're a great bass player!
I play the bass (a RIC jetglo) in a Deep Purple Tribute Band, and I'm a bit confused about the first section of your solo on Pictures Of Home (the studio one). How did you do this solo? Is it a secret? Is it possible to tab? I know how to do the second section, but the first (the chromatic(?) scale) is almost impossible!! If you aren't too busy, please, help one of your FANs!
Thank you!

Hi Marcello,

I don’t know how to read or write tabs, sorry, but the only thing I can tell you is that it is simply a matter of fifths; the first is an open A followed by an E on the second fret of the D string. Then the same thing but a semi-tone up, and so on.


Bob Papp on 2003-06-07:

Greetings. First some quick yada, yada. I've been a BIG TIME DP aficionado since 1970. I have also been a Steve Morse fan since shortly after he graduated from the Univ. of Miami and began his stellar career. I listen to a plethora of music covering a wide array of styles. The best of The Neville Brothers is playing on the player as I type to be followed by some Steve Hackett. Anyway, When I first learned that Steve had joined the band I was blown away. A decade later I still cannot believe the union be it seeing the band in concert, on the DVD's, and all of the recordings, at least those that haven't been downloaded! Right then, I'll cut to the chase. I've listened to you and have seen you perform many times prior to Steve joining the band and have always dug your playing. But during the past decade, simply put, you have noticeably become a better player. Has Steve, not literally, pushed you with your playing? You have been able to experience his genius and devotion to his craft for many a day now. Is your practice routine any different than when you guys first met? Continued thanks for your great music and for taking this question. Bring on another Gillan-Glover project!!! All the best, Bob

Hi Bob,

Yes, I think I have changed and improved since Steve joined the band, partly because he’s such a great inspiration as a player, but he is also a very patient teacher and whenever I think I won’t be able to play some particular piece, he will guide me through it and suggest different ways of approaching it. During the last ten years or so I have felt more of a bass player than ever before.


Jimmy LaRue on 2003-05-01:
I have played bass for some 25 years now, and you have always been one of my major influences. Thanks much for the enjoyable listening!

One question, concerning "No One Came" (my very favorite DP song): Did you write the lyric or did Ian? It is one of the best rock lyrics ever written. As you might imagine, as I've been playing for 25 years and you've never heard of me, I identify a bit with some of those sentiments 🙂

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for the good thought. Ian wrote the words to No One Came and I agree, they are brilliant. There is an example of a set of lyrics that I could not have written.


manny llenin on 2003-04-09:
with the wealth of material that each band member has produced outside of deep purple,have you ever considered going backwards and re-recording something from a solo effort as a band project,or working something into a live show?

Hi Manny,

No, we have never considered that except for the 1999 Albert Hall Concert when we actually did perform some of each other's solo material, a rare night indeed.


Dimitra-Greece on 2005-05-08:
i do not know if you will ever give me an answer.what i want to ask you is why couldn't you stay as mk2 for ever...?what was the problem.
thank you and hope to receive a reply from you.....
love Dimitra

Hi Dimitra,

Things, people, clocks, situations, desires, bodies, minds, circumstances, personalities, underwear, the world... everything changes.


Ake Nordh /IKEN on 2003-03-09:
hello there!!!
i've heard you mentioned as '' the stinking hippie''. where does that come from?
the first time i heard it was in ''hungry daze'': ''present the stinking hippie, and throw
the naked tunder to the crowd''. the second time is on the machine head dvd.thanks for that dvd bytheway(DOES it spell like that :-))i really love the videoparts from the US-tour,how much of the show was filmed? love that Rickenbacker (but you probably knew that, i've told you that before) i'm waiting for the show here in stockholm,see you guys there.

cheers from

Hi Iken,

The name comes from the time I first joined Deep Purple. Ian and I were not very well off at the time we joined Deep Purple, in fact we had one decent pair of trousers that we shared, they were crushed velvet bell bottoms, as I recall, and it was his turn to wear them the day that I met the rest of the band for the first time. I was not exactly a fashion statement (I had string for a belt!) and I was also partial to the occasional unusual cigarette. They christened me "the stinking hippie" then and it stuck.


Dan Hurst on 2004-04-07:
Hello Roger,

Having enjoyed browsing the site I thought I would venture some thoughts out in to the vastness of cyberspace and see if they meet up with you at any point!

I've been a fan of DP for a while (although at 27 I can hardly compete with some of the others I have read comments from). I managed to get to see DP at the Albert Hall for the Concerto gig in 99 and saw you in Bristol more recently. I have to admit to expecting to be disappointed (how could they be as good as the records and older live recordings) and I'm glad to say I was wrong. The Concerto gig particularly blew me away and on the back of that I acquired a copy of the Butterfly Ball, which is one of my 'top ten' albums. I really enjoyed Snapshot too and notice from your other comments that other solo albums could be making an appearance in a record store near me, which I look forward to.

Anyway now for a question or two. How much of a track when played live is improvised, e.g. are solo lengths/changes predetermined or left 'up to chance' on the feelings of the night? Who in the band is the organiser on stage for leading into the next section or the conclusion of the song?

How much rehearsing does the band do before a gig?

Finally I am venturing into the world of home recording and finding it hard to get what is in my head down on 'tape'. Do you have any tips for arranging songs?

Incidentally if you're at a loose end then I'm setting up a new band and need a bass player, so if you fancy getting paid peanuts and playing to the unappreciative few in some dodgy pub or other then give me a call!!!!

But seriously thanks for the music and hope to get to see you again soon.


Hi Dan,

Sometimes, a given solo will be of a certain length and the improvisation is within that length, other times it is open-ended and the signal usually comes from the soloist. There is no leader on stage and whenever there are mistakes, or what we call train wrecks, there are a lot of desperate glances around the stage. On those occasions it's usually down to myself or Paicey to count the band back in.

Rehearsing is not something we do a lot of, the least the better. Getting on tape what is in your head is one of the great mysteries of the universe. The best advice I could give is not to have a predetermined result in mind otherwise you are fighting one battle too many. Be open to the moment and relish accidents and spontaneity. In other words, use your heart and not your head.


joe on 2003-02-26:
Hello Roger:

Love ya love all of your work and have been a Purple and "Roger" fan for much of the last 14 years when I discovered Purple when I was 12!

My question is -- I would like to know your opinions and feelings in regards to the Purple Mark III and Mark IV line-up siuations, since you were out of the fold at that time. How did you feel about Glenn Hughes coming into replace you at such a young age and with him singing some of your songs, and playing your parts, alongside David Coverdale. I would also like your insight on Tommy Bolin and what you thought of his stretch with Purple and the subsequent release with him at that time?

Thanks Roger for any time you might be willing to give.

Joe - Chicago

Hi Joe,

I felt pretty pissed off at the time but it wasn't Glenn's or David's fault, and as can be seen on Butterfly Ball, I worked with both of them and also produced two solo albums by David. After all, when I came into the band I replaced Nick Simper, so I know what it's like from both sides.

I only met Tommy Bolin a couple of times and he was a super bloke, very friendly. I know little of his playing.


renata on 2005-05-04:
Describe in some words every member from the band:
1.Ian Gillan
2.Don Airey
3.Ian Paice
4.Steve Morse
tell me also something about:
Ritchie B., J.Lord, Coverdale,Hughes, Joe Lynn T., Satriani,Tommy Bolin (if you know something about him)
Please don't give a short answer to a 13 years old girl who is waiting your answer
like a kitten!!!!!!!!!
Thank you.And sorry for my bad english.

Dear kitten,

Ian Gillan is a bit taller than I am, Don Airey has a lot of information that not many people know, Ian Paice likes food, Steve Morse is an expert on pizza, Ritchie Blackmore used to throw the javalin, Jon Lord never threw the javalin, David Coverdale wore glasses when he joined the band, Glenn Hughes now sometimes wears glasses, Joe Lynn Turner is from New Jersey, Joe Satriani likes noodles, Tommy Bolin often coloured his hair.


Mic Olsen on 2003-02-03:
It came to me while watching VH1’s music video station
that there’s a real lack of Deep Purple videos from the 1970’s.
Perhaps if there was more visual exposure (which seems
to be everything these days) DP’s popularity would surely increase.

DVD’s seems to be the future of the music biz.
So it got me thinking if only “Made In Japan” was also a DVD,
it would open up Purple to a much bigger audience.
It’s hard for some of my friends to sit back and just listen for more than
a half a song. But if there were visuals it would help them take in
the DP experience a whole lot better.
Copenhagen ‘72 is a good show, but my copy of the video has a really bad
mix. Has it been remixed?

Perhaps the HS or DPAS can hire a “video editor” person or persons to
use concert footage like the Copenhagen video and sync it up with
the “Made In Japan” audio.
I know other long-standing artists get videos made this way all the time.

When the concert footage doesn’t quite sync up, there are ways around this.
Case in point: Ritchie is soloing and some of the footage doesn’t quite look right,
then do an insert, with Paice drumming or Glover and Lord grooving along, etc.
Or super impose a photograph on top of the video. Or else use visual trickeries
to blur the footage. It all can be done.

Just imagine “Made In Japan” with visuals. This equals…gold!
I know I would buy copies as Christmas gifts.
DP fan since 1972,
Mic Olsen

Hi Mic,

Thank you for the good idea, I'll see what I can do. I don't know if the Copenhagen show was ever recorded on multi tracks, it was a TV show. If not, then it can never be remixed, it is the way it is but it could and probably has been re-mastered (which just means subtle adjustments to the overall sound).


AkeNordh /IKEN on 2004-01-10:
Hello Roger!
when cruising on the net looking for Purple -bootlegs from 1970's,i came across a recording from 1973. it was yours and Gillans last night with the band,that is 1973-06-29. it was a bootleg with the complet show(omit the encoures) very good sound. my question is:what was going through your head that night? did you think about the future or was it just another gig? by judging on your playing,which is damn good,you sounded better then in stockholm the same year(Febr '73) if you didn't know,you would think that it was Purple on a good night,doing their thing . have you heard that recording? also a BIG thank you for ''BANANAS'' a very solid and good album,the show here in Stockholm was(as ever!) GREAT!! thanks a lot for still being around after somany years!!!!!

Hi AkeNordh/IKEN,

No, I haven?t heard it. Despite what many people think, I don?t have a huge bootleg collection, nor do I give what I have much more than a cursory listen. What was going through my head that night? Apart from concentrating on playing I would probably have been fairly emotional and very aware that it was our last gig and how could I hang on to each passing moment? Oh yes, and would I get my laundry back before checking out of the hotel in the morning.


James Gemmell on 2004-01-07:
Hi, Roger. I enjoy your Website, as well as Ian Gillan's. But the best Purple site is, yet the organizers of that site keep stating that they need money or they're going to have to shut it down. Don't the members of DP support would seem logical, since it's such a comprehensive, quality site.//Rog, do you keep in touch with Ritchie Blackmore at all? Is there any hope of ever jamming with him again? Nothing against Morse and Airey, who are solid, but the MKII lineup material blows Bananas, Purpendicular and Abandon right off the map, in my humble opinion. The material is still damn good, but Blackmore and Lord just have a much heavier, more prolific sound than the gents in the band right now. That's not to say I won't by the records, or am oblivious to the reality that bands constantly evolve. And I'm happy DP is still around..but it no longer sounds altogether like DP.

Hi James,

Many questions...

The Highway Star is a good site simply because it is run by fans, politics aside. Logic? Don't know about that. Official sites are rarely so vibrant.


Possible, not probable.

Your humble opinion.

Things change because they have to. You can?t live in the past. It sounds the way it sounds now, that?s the way it is.

TIOLI (take it or leave it)


Humberto sandoval solis on 2004-01-06:
Hi Mr. Roger Glover, greetings from Mexico!!! i'm Humberto sandoval

I want to ask you something (that's why i'm writing this), i'm very disappointed, because, i've had noticed that deep purple were playing here in Mexico.......but then, for reasons, that i don't know, you didn't perform ?what happened??would you mind to come back someday? and, i know you are a very busy fellow but, i'll be SO happy if i get some answer, please that's all, it's been a pleasure to "meet you".

P.D. sorry if my English wasn't good but i get nervous, writing to a VERY good guy from UK

Hi PD,

Whenever we are advertised to play somewhere and then it is cancelled, it is hardly ever anything to do with the band ? it?s usually promoter or agent maneuverings. We find these things out much like you do. There are some artists/bands who will cancel stuff on a whim but we are not like that. We have, I believe, a very good reputation with both the fans and the business. Unfortunately, it?s always the band that gets blamed. Oh, yes, I nearly forgot ? I cancelled a show once because there was no beer in the dressing room, I mean... enough is enough!


Martina Tognoni on 2004-01-04:
Hi Roger! Hope you're fine!
What I want to know is: I've once heard you were eventually interested to write a book about DP with your own aspects. Is there any chance you write it? Or is it just a gossip?
Kindly regards,

Hi Martina,

Yes, I am interested in writing a book and one day I hope it will happen. It?s a daunting challenge because the plot is so unbelievably complicated, the characters range from the hopelessly inept to the downright vicious, the dialogue is liberally peppered with salt, compliments and insults, Heroes and Villains is by the Beach Boys and has nothing to do with it. The one big mystery, which has yet to be solved, is... who did it?

Right now I?m too busy being in the band to find out.


Craig on 2003-02-02:
Hey Roger,

I heard that you will have a big role in the Burn/Stormbringer remasters, is there any truth to this?

Another thing, Just like to tell you about something I stumbled across out of interest the other day....I was just browsing a website about recording artists who are owed royalities or something, punched your name in for a search, and it suggests you're owed something for 'BLACK NIGHT', and 'NIGHT, BLACK'. Don't know if it's of any interest, the site is

Only trying to help...cheers

Hi Craig,

No. I?m not doing Burn, or the others. I have answered that before, the next logical album would be Perfect Strangers but that is not EMI and so I don?t know quite how that is going to happen yet. Thanks for the info regarding royalties, I doubt it can be much but I?ll check into it anyway.


evgeny on 2003-01-31:
How are you!))I want ask you about J.Lord.Is it the Finish DP?What about Blackmore?As for me,his wife is not good,as a singer, of course.I am sorry for my Engleesh

Hi Evgeny,

I am very well, thanks for asking. J. Lord (or J Lo, as I cheekily call him) is not the end of the band, as is evidenced by our continuity. What about Blackmore? I don?t think he?s a very good keyboard player. I don?t know what he thinks about his wife (sic) but I doubt that he shares your opinion.
Don?t worry, your Engleesh is fine.


Gerd Fischer on 2003-01-30:
Hi Roger,
first of all: thanks for this great "Machine Head DVD". Now my questions:
1. Why are there no comments about "Lazy" ?
2. How do you get Ritchie to talk so nice and warm about the making of M.H. ??
3. Are you planning some more "Making of"-projects ? (please...)
Cheers, Gerd

Hi Gerd,

Thank you for the good thoughts.

1. I?ve answered that one several times elsewhere but the bottom line is I don?t know about Lazy, maybe they were lazy?
2. It wasn?t me that got anyone to do anything, the company that made the DVD were a thoroughly professional outfit and they certainly made me very comfortable - apparently it worked for Ritchie as well. I hope they decide to do more and should this happen I would look forward to participating.
3. I am not planning anything like that, no, but the company may be. I hope so.


rick on 2003-01-30:
will ritchie blackmore ever play with DEEPPURPLE again.last time isaw you san diego august i think it seemed to me you did'nt play for long,considering you were a name on the ticket (also scorpions)DIO was on stage about the same amount of time.I do like dio too dont get me wrong.deeppurple has lots hit songs.well what i'm bitchin about is more stage time.

Hi Rick,

I?m afraid I am not blessed with clairvoyance so I can?t really answer the first question. It may be possible one day, who knows? But I very much doubt that it would be on any kind of permanent basis. What would be the reason other than nostalgia?
One of the problems of a US summer ?sheds? tour is that with three acts on the bill, every band has to compromise regarding time on stage, it?s just a fact of life. The two headliners get the same amount of time, by contract.


Ali Tait on 2003-01-29:
Hi Roger,

Just wanna say, big fan of yours. Really enjoyed seeing the recent Machine Head Classic Album programme... fantastic stuff!

Anyway, a few Q's for ya...

On the Slaves And Masters tour in '91, how did you feel about playing Glenn Hughes' bass lines on Burn? Both you and Glenn are very different players, so how did you go about approaching this (simply amazing) song?! More so, did you enjoy it?!

Also, Im coming all the way from Orkney to see you in Glasgow in June (cant bloody wait - my first DP concert and Im only 17), but I am wondering how you go about getting back stage passes, if this is indeed possible?

Ali Tait

Hi Ali,

Thank you. Playing Burn on the S&M tour was not a problem for me any more than playing Stargazer or Man On A Silver Mountain was during Rainbow days. It's a whole different thing to play bass on those songs as to sing them, which fortunately for all of us, I don't have to.

I go about getting back stage passes by playing in the band. 😉


Bill on 2003-01-29:
Hi Roger,

Long time Purple fan. I saw the band in Hartford, CT on the Purpendicular tour, and I have to tell you...the moment in "Woman From Tokyo", where the band kicks in after the bridge, was one of the most powerful moments I have ever seen (and I have attended over 300 concerts in my time). Simply amazing.

Two questions: any news on whether you will be involved in the remastering of the Mark III studio albums? You did a phenomenal job on the Mark II albums.

You have talked at length here about wanting to play newer material or more obscure material; is there one song that you haven't played regularly that you would absolutely love to add? Is there one song that you wish you never have to play again (or wish you never recorded to start with)?

Thanks for some great music,
Bill (a Connecticut neighbor)

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your kind words about the Mark ll anniversary series. You will probably know by now that I am not going to be involved with the Mark lll albums. I did investigate what I could bring to Burn but ultimately I thought it wasn?t for me. I don?t know what EMI have planned.

We all have different thoughts about old songs. However, getting us to agree on them is another matter. I'd love to do Demon's Eye and Hard Loving Man.


Rene sampsell on 2003-01-29:
Hi Roger it me agin. A friend & I were wondering about the mark 1 dp with Nick Simpler & Rod Evens, What ever happen to them?I read about Rod E. not being found, but what about Nick S ? And were they good friends. And just one more ?. Who wrote the words for hush ? Was it a band effort or just one of you ? thanks agin for the ? & answer time, RENO.

Hi Reno,

I never met Nick Simper or Rod Evans so I know very little about them. I do know that Nick is still around in the UK, and still playing in bands, Quatermass 2 I believe was the latest. Rod was in Captain Beyond for a while after DP but I think his whereabouts are not known at this time. Hush was written by Joe South. I wish I?d written it though! 😉


Wajd on 2003-01-27:
Hi Roger
first thing is the everytime question, do DP have my country (Syria) on a near tour list or something i know you visited Lebanon in 67 i think with Episode Six, and in 97 with DP (which was my most hurtful memory 'cause i couldn'e be there though i had the money for the ticket and everything).
and i think you like blues and jazz so if you like that what the fav musicians in those tow styles. Well i don't know, sounds like silly question but i've been a very loyal fan to Purple since i've been a little boy, i have a oriental jazz band so can you give me some advices for my plant to record my first album (my heroes in this style are Ziad Rahbani and Aziza Mustafa Zadeh i think with an influence with some blues and rock like the doors, pink floyd and deep purple) if that's possible and i would be very thankfull. I know i talked too much but my last question is what would you say about Glenn Hughes, Jethro Tull and Pearl Jam.

Hi Wajd,

Thanks for the question. We will tour anywhere that we are invited. It?s not as if we say to our agent that we would like to tour this or that country, it?s really a question of the tours being presented to us for approval and we along with our manager, just say yes or no (actually I can?t remember ever having said no!). We are just musicians and don?t make those kind of decisions.

Glenn Hughes ? a great talent.
Jethro Tull ? a one man band in many ways but some great musicians and very influential in the early days.
Pearl Jam ? I always preferred Soundgarden and Nirvana in days of grunge but they have stayed the course and have stuck to their guns, so I respect them.


Eirik Solum on 2003-01-27:
Hi Roger!

Just wanted to inspire you to write a studio update! We are, as you know, very curious about the process, writing with Don, with Bradford - and the general creative flow...


Hi Eirik,

Ah yes, a studio update so long after the album is out would not be very useful, would it? But I take the point and the next time we are in the studios, which should be later next year (2004 ? 2005) I will do one. Thanks for the reminder.


Rob Maxfield on 2003-01-26:
Hey Roger,
I was watching a Documentry
on the making of Machine Head the other
night, and Jon Lord said that 2 generations
of kids in Guitar Shops have never got the
intro to Smoke On The Water right(or something like that anyway).
Did Ritchie play it with a pick or fingers?
It always sounded to me like he fingerpicked it, because you can here the 4th above the Tonic really clearly, which you
don't so much with a pick.
I've always wanted to ask that.

Hi Rob,

Most people don?t know what gives that riff its character. Yes, it is played with the fingers, RB showed me once. The first riff I ever learned was Peter Gunn, starting on the E string (actually I have no idea what key it?s in really) and most people start SOTW that way. However, it is in the key of G and the important thing is that it is two notes ? the D and the G an octave up from the low G. That?s what gives it its thickness. So you?re right. Thanks for the question.


Jim Gallagher on 2003-01-25:
I recently had a little debate/discussion on The Highway Star website about the Perfect Strangers remaster (U.S. version remastered by Suha Gur).

The song Hungry Daze has a slightly different ending on the remaster (ends on a different beat). Some believe it is a mistake made during the remastering process. Is this the case? Also, if it is a mistake, is it one that you were aware of?

Thanks, and good luck with the new DP album.


Hi Jim,

You have good ears. Actually I haven’t heard the re-mastered PS. I can’t imagine how it could be different, though, it wasn’t remixed. I can only assume that whatever engineer did it, put it into ProTools or Sonic Solutions, or some such programme, and just clipped it slightly, it’s easily done. One day I’ll be doing the anniversary series, I suppose, then I’ll be able to control things more.


Denis Grant on 2003-01-24:
I recently read an artical in classic rock about the best purple line up for me it is without a doubt mk2 yourself lord paice gillian and of course the strange but brilliant blackmore. was that your fav line up. Also do you all like soccer if so what teams did you all support.
PS cant wait to see you at the secc with skynard because you are the greatest two bands of all time cannot wait.

Hi Big Den,

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I can’t say that I have a favourite line-up; it’s a bit like asking what is my favourite colour (all the silly pop magazines in the 60s always wanted to know that, along with favourite food, drink, girl’s hair colour, etc.).

Soccer has been a part of my life one way or another. In my youth I was never a huge team supporter, though. I moved to London when I was nine and on the first day at my new school I was surrounded by a group of tough looking kids who wanted to know who I supported. I hadn’t clue as to what they were talking about so they elucidated the point by poking me in the ribs and saying, “Football, you idiot, who do you support?” I still didn’t know what they were talking about - I had been living in Wales up until then and other things like ploughing matches, horse shows and sheepdog trials, were important. “, don’t know,” was my witty reply. “Right, that’s it, you’re an Arsenal supporter then. Say ‘Up the Gunners’.” I repeated “Up the Gunners,” baffled, but quickly realizing that this was the only way I wasn’t going to get beaten up. So that was my first team. Many years later, IG took me to see QPR and I became a sort of fan but I was never that into it, to be honest. Later, in DP we used to play quite a bit, really for Ritchie’s sake, and although I did enjoy that sometimes, it got a bit political at times. These days I don’t play. I enjoy watching a good game but it usually doesn’t matter who wins, to me.


Wajd on 2003-01-19:
Hi Roger, I just have alittle questions bout your album with purple slaves and masters i mean it's high quality composed by do u think the performing pf turner in tis album was "suitable" i don't know if this word's right, but anyway after Ian Gillan ----Jos Leyn Turner.. is's kind of uncomfprtable thing.
mu next question is, i love Ian Gillan, and in the old website u erotr that we can ask anything also bout how ian drinks, so how much he drink and still he smoking some doppppeeee u know from time 2 time?
hope that was not bothering you, deep purple is the band that i grew up i'm listening to it's music, i mean i born in 1981 but still that music is the most impressive bamd to me, bside jim morrison,! so thanx, and hope u and your family are well and hope that purple album comes soon, by the way do we have a second chance to see purple in the middle east one more time, i was ready to go but something happend and i couldn't so?
thenx u very much, i think you're the SRV for the bass guitar bout his humanity.
Wajd, from Damascus

Hi Wajd,

Thank you for your positive comments. As far as Slaves and Masters, or any other album for that matter, is concerned, as I always say, opinions are like leaves on the trees; whatever you think is right for you, whatever I think doesn’t matter (or is it the other way around? ;-)). If you really want to know what IG puts into his body you’d have to ask him. I’d go anywhere where is an audience and I’d love to visit the Middle East again. Is that where you can get doppppppeeee?


Paul Eccles on 2003-01-18:
I hope the recording is for the new DP album is
going well.

Q: How did it come about for you to appear on
Gov't Mule's Deep End Vol 1?

Q: How was Maybe I'm a Leo picked for thr song
you did on the album?

Looks like Warren Haynes returned the favor and
played on your new album. Maybe you could
get Gov't Mule to open your shows for your next US
tour. That would be a kick butt line up.


Hi Paul,

When I was recording Snapshot I asked Randall if he know of any blues
guitarists in NY and he recommended Warren Haynes. I called him up and set
a date, he came and played one afternoon and in return invited Randall and I
to a recording session in Manhattan later that night. Maybe I?m A Leo was
their late bassist Alan Woody?s favourite song and apparently he used to
drive the rest of the band to distraction by playing it over and over again.
Warren thought it was a fitting song to do, so we did it. Gov?t Mule and
DP together? I?d go for that.


Bruce Metcalfe on 2003-01-17:
The Hofstra Inquiry.

The release of the classic albums DVD was
wonderful,in that we finally get to see the
original Mark 2 band perform "Smoke on the Water" .I had known of the performance
from Hofstra University for many years and
have the standard "pirate VHS copy" of the
abrigded versions of SKOW and Space Truckin' only.I was beginning to think that
no version of "Smoke" was ever filmed or
televised from that era!
There is plenty of speculation on just what
Dick Clark has in his vault(s).My questions to you are as follows:
1a)Was Hofstra merely a television taping
between the two performances at Felt
b)If it was just a television taping - did
you just do 3 songs or was this an actual
full concert?
2.It is quite clear that the 3 songs that
were released for broadcast were
abridged versions of the songs.Do you
know if Mr. Clark has original unedited
footage?(If so,it's great news!)

Regards,Bruce Metcalfe (Toronto,CANADA)

P.S. Do you still have that hat(s) that you wore between '72 - '73?

Hi Bruce,

1a) No it was a gig that was being televised.

b) It was a full concert, I?m fairly sure.

2. No idea. What I saw on the MH DVD was what everyone else saw, and what
Dick Clarke has in his castle is anybody?s guess. The producer of the DVD
told me that there was more stuff but Mr. Clarke was going to hang on to it.

P.S. I still have the main hat I wore in those days, it is blue denim and
these days is hardly recognizable as a hat being all crumpled and shapeless,
a bit like me on some days.


Greta Brinkman on 2003-01-15:
Hi Roger, this is Greta the bass player writing (that's me on the inside front cover of Bass Player magazine in the States, shilling for GHS strings). I don't have a question, just wanted to say thanks for doing that "Making of" DVD about "Machine Head". That album is my favorite and most influential album of all time, and the DVD came out great. I laughed, I cried. Thanks for being an inspiration all this time!
Sincerely, Greta

Hi Greta,

Thank you but it's no thanks to me, it was the company that approached us.
I agree, I thought they did a fantastic job despite ignoring Lazy. I knew
it would be good when I realized that they had flown over to the States
especially to see RB and me. They didn't stint on the time they took
either, thoroughly professional; one of the few DVDs that I can see many


Finn Hjalmar Pedersen on 2003-01-13:
Hi Roger!
I?m a norwegian, long time fan of Deep Purple and your music and has a question that has puzzled my min for quite som time. Accordind to an interview with Jon Lord on the video "heavy metal pioneers" he said that you and Ian Gillan left the band in 1973 because the band was touring to much. He also said that the rest of the members called it quits and that noone of them had thought of replacing either you or Ian.

Then later on I read that you were fired because Ritchie wanted som new blood in the band. What is the right version? And why do mr. Lord come up with this story if this is true? I?m confused, would you help me put some lights to this?

I also has a technical question. My band and me was watching the DVD Perhelion and couldn?t help noticing your superb bass sound. What kind of amps are you using, and what kind of cabinets do you have in your backline? If you also want to share som secrets behing your sound, I will be quite satisfied, thank you very much.


Finn Hjalmar

Hi Finn,

Well, I can’t really comment on what Jon said; I haven’t actually seen that video. The truth is that because of RB’s feelings, along with JL and IP, I was forced to leave (although foolish pride would not let me admit to that back in 1973) but it is also true that we were working too hard. It has long been our perception that had we taken a little time off after years of slogging around on tour after tour, that our course would have been different. It is all conjecture of course; no one knows what might have happened. It has also been said that all things happen for a reason and that the subsequent events may never have happened any other way.

Thanks for your kind words. My equipment is: Vigier Excess bass guitars, no mods. Amplification: 4 SWR 750 amplifiers with 2 SWR Interstellar Overdrives driving 4 Megolith four-range stereo speaker cabinets containing 8 ten-inch speakers and horns in each. Picato and/or Ernie Ball strings. Effects I rarely indulge in, however I do use EBS distortion, compression, octave splitting and phase shifting boxes when I am soloing.


Joanna on 2003-01-11:
Hello, Roger,
there's something interesting me.
I read a few days ago the new DP studio record was ready in 2001 (see Interia pages).
I don't understand a thing. The band is recording a new record now and a new record was ready 2 years ago.
Can you explain this?

I'd like to know your Snapshot, but it's inaccessible in our city now. If I get it, I'll write my opinion, I think.

Happy new year- JO

Hi Joanna,

Believe it or not, it ain’t right just because it’s in black and white, or any other colour for that matter. We had done some writing in 2001 but had not completed any recording. Anyway, by now you may well know that we have a new album out, you may well have heard it, and you may well have also managed to obtain Snapshot. If so I hope you liked it/them. I have no way of knowing how available our records may be in Poland but when we tour there in December I hope to have Snapshot available at the concerts. I’ve done a few telephone interviews with various journalists there and I gather that distribution of my record has been less than adequate but I am working to rectify that.


Gary Kramer on 2003-01-10:
12 years ago or so, I was lucky enough to meet J.L. Turner in my record store, and then you and the rest of the band in a local bar in Orlando when you were making "Slaves and Masters"
While at the bar (The Plus 3) I brought the cardboard casing for Deep Purple's "In Rock" CD. (the cardboard long-box).
I proceeded to have the band members autograph their names on top of their stone faces. Roger, while signing your name, you looked and said to me, "This is a great idea."

"X" number of years later when "they" re-mastered and re-released "In Rock" the albub/cd cover showed the bands signitures over their faces.......
So what the heck is my question?

Did I, in someway, help you come up with that idea for the cover?
Does you remember that meeting at the bar?
(and what's my percentage of the album profits?---hahaha)

(yes,I still have the signitures along with one that Joe Lynn gave me in the record store)
Some type of response would be appreciated...I've always been very curious about it.
from one huge fan,
Gary Kramer

Hi Gary,

Did I say that? I was probably referring to the drink that was put in front of me! Actually, although I remember the Plus Three, I don’t remember the incident in question. The idea to put the autographs on the cover was something that EMI dreamed up, AFAIK. However, you can say you came up with it if you like, no one’s going to sue you. Try it.


Peter Kjepso on 2003-01-09:
I was wondering what you feelings were towards the "Sonic Zoom"-series Purple Records are putting out?
I for one have been waiting for something like this for years and end.
Another thing i am curious about is your thoughts on Jon Lord`s idea of a very special one time perfomance by everyone still living who has been a member of Purple?
All the best
Peter Kjepso

Hi Peter,

My feelings about bootlegs are both simple and complicated. Genuine tape traders are all about the music and not about ripping off either the band or anyone else. However, it is illegal to tape and then sell a live performance unless the band allows it, as some bands do. It is also an unenforceable law and so it goes on regardless, so I tend to take the view that as long as it’s not doing too much harm then it’s probably doing some good; most fans have bought more than their share of our legitimate albums anyway. When it comes to marketing a bootleg, it gets a little more complicated. Zappa was the first, AFAIK, to sell his own bootlegs; a bold and typically Zappesque move. We have attempted it but as I write we are stymied by certain legal restraints (I can’t say more). I haven’t heard the Sonic Zoom series; I don’t think they need our permission to release them although I’m not that up to date with the ins and outs. Generally, I’m philosophical about the whole thing, and much more concerned with the band as it is now, moving forward. On to the next gig!


hans on 2003-01-08:
hi i have buyed an verry old lp on this lp is a song called help my question is did you play on this number? greets from holland hans.

Hi Hansie,

I was not on DP’s version of The Beatles’ Help, that came from 1968 and I joined the band in 1969.


Wajd on 2003-01-07:
Hi mr. Glover.
I just wanna ask what's the Purple line-up you like the most ? what did you mean how much Ian Gillan drink, how much ? and do you think the album slave & masters is a Deep Purple's quality album ?

Hi Wajd,

The purple line-up that I like the most is an impossible question; there is no answer to that. Maybe there will be when you ask the same question in twenty years.

Ian Gillan drinks just about enough and no more.

Do I think S&M is a quality album? The question itself is indicative of what you think, and I will never be able to change your mind on that. In any case, the ‘quality’ to which you refer is a subjective judgment; it is not something that can be measured in any way. Of what can be measured we can say this for certain: the CD weighs the same as most other CDs; it has the same dimensions as other CDs; the length of the musical content is commensurate with most other CDs; the information on the cover is accurate – I think I can safely say that Slaves and Masters is indeed a quality product.


Phil Caine on 2003-01-06:
Hi Roger,

While you're recording in L.A., would it be possible to stop by and say "Hi". I promise not to bring 100s of records along to be signed 😉

Also, are you planning any 'secret' club gigs while you're here? If so, I'd be forever in your debt if you could let me know.


Hi Phil,

That time has gone, sorry. When we are recording it is always difficult, if not downright impossible, to arrange meetings, lunches, drinks, coffee mornings, get-togethers, signings, chats, cocktails, photo ops, cups of tea, rendezvouses (!), picnics, appointments, trysts, t?te-a-t?tes, jam sessions, yard sales, gatherings, studio tours or just plain everyday encounters. I am usually too busy contemplating the fact that the number of strings on my bass guitar is the same as the usual count-in for most of our songs; an observation so profound that it leaves me speechless. As for secret gigs, yes we did loads but I can’t talk about them. Apologies Phil, I’m in that sort of mood!!


Svante Pettersson on 2003-01-04:
Hi Roger,

In the excellent "Classic Albums" DVD about the making of Machine Head, "Lazy" wasn't mentioned at all. Do you know the reason for this? Were you interviewed about the song and the producers decided to not use the footage? Anything interesting about the recording of that song that you can tell us here instead?

May 2003 rule for you and yours!


Hi Svante,

No, there were not any questions put to me about Lazy, I don’t know why. The song was basically a replacement for Wring That Neck – in other words a soloing vehicle for Jon and Ritchie. The title came about because I had a great album by Oscar Brown Junior called Sin and Soul and there is a song on it called Sleepy. I remembered that before I had actually heard the song I tried to imagine what it would sound like (an odd habit retained from school days, when imagining what American records sounded like was the next best thing to actually hearing them) and in the case of Sleepy I was so wrong; it is actually quite an angry theme. During a conversation with IG in Montreux, I mentioned this and he came up with Lazy, especially since it is anything but lazy! Another odd thing is the intro; when Ritchie overdubbed solos he liked to play the song from the top just to get into the feel. As it started he was tuning up and when Martin hit the record button it interrupted a previous take - the resulting accident sounded so good we kept it in. You can spot it as it’s his first entry after the hi-hat starts time.


Alex on 2002-12-24:
Why Deep Purple nicknamed Martin Birch as "The Wasp"?

Hi Alex,

I haven?t a clue, sorry. I?ll ask around though and if it is a good story I?ll post it.


Fabian on 2002-12-22:
Hi Roger!
First I have to say, that I like Snapshot very much. It brings a very good mood into my living room, when I listen to it. Congratulations! Well, unfortunately there was not much promotion for the album, it should have had much more attention, but the most important thing is, that it is that good!
I'm looking forward to the forthcoming album and the tour. Will you change the set list for the next tour? After 9 concerts I've seen since the last album abandon, it is my wish to hear a much more different set from what you played the last few times. I've talked a lot to other fans and most of them mentioned the same. Please play some new songs along with some "forgotten" ones (songs that were not played often before, as you did it with Fools or Mary Long). There is too much good Purple stuff left over the years, that it would be a pity, if you'd just play another greatest-hits program with Black Night, Woman from Tokyo and so on...Deep Purple is the best live band, so you can easily do something special/unexspected without losing any effect!
I wish you and the band a great new year and a good time in studio, on stage and with your families!


Hi Fabian,

Thanks for good thoughts about Snapshot. The set list is probably close to religion as far as causing a fight is concerned; everyone wants to hear something different. I favour looking at new ideas and I can assure you that there will be a lot of Bananas played on the next tour. (If you didn?t know the name of the album you?d read that twice, wouldn?t you?) I can?t predict what exactly will be played as we don?t know until a day before the tour, or ten minutes before we hit the stage, whichever comes first!


Joel Black on 2002-12-22:
Heya Roger, Big fan of purple. im 16 and i play in a band which play alot of purple songs (Best things to play!!!) Now, im not here to ask a question about Bass guitar as i am a guitarist, and your choice as Steve Morse as lead Guitarist was the best Decision you could've made!!!, My question is When is DEEP PURPLE coming back to AUSTRALIA!!!??? Keep up the good work, Cheers.

Hi Joel,

The answer is Wednesday evening, 2004. At least that's what the plan is. Thanks for the good thoughts.


Charlie Jeffreys on 2002-12-21:
Hi Roger,
To quote from an earlier QT response: "headgear (I like that name, sounds like it could be an album title)".
Well - er - ahem - how about "Machine Headgear?"
NB I thoroughly enjoyed the recent 'Classic Albums' tv special on Machine Head, especially your and Martin's dissection of various tracks at the desk.
Inclusion of 'Lazy' (a personal fave) would've been great, but I guess Tempus Fudged It.

Hi Charlie,

If the question was, ?Did Tempus fudge it?? then I suppose the answer is I suppose so. Many have been surprised at Lazy being included out. I can only think that it was a time constraint because the rest of the programme was exemplary.


Raj Tiwari on 2002-12-20:
Dear Roger,

You were in production for a large period of time and if I remember correctly you have produced albums for Nazarath, Judas priest and Rainbow among other artists. My question to you is what do you think makes DP stand out amongst these other good bands and why does the band have such a large international following ( I am from India and have been a fan of the band since '82 )



Hi Raj,

Of course it?s a danger to analyze things too much because... who knows? The one thing I do know about DP is that it has always been a band that?s about music, above all else. I learned a long time ago that DP was a band of musicians who wanted to be as ?natural? as possible. In other words all one had to be was oneself. It sounds simple, but sometimes the strongest things are the simplest. Throughout it?s life, DP has also had some really gifted musicians who love to play and are not motivated primarily by the trappings of show business. This can be as much a blessing as a curse, but at least it?s a blessing. We were also fortunate enough to have been present at the start of a new era, something that cannot be engineered, and as such gained some credibility for being forerunners.


Janne Puska on 2002-12-19:
Hello Roger!

Thank you for this opportunity ask you some questions!

I am wondering what might be the hierarchy in Deep Purple when you decide about recording, touring and so on? Is somebody trying to be the boss or do you decide things together where everyone gets to say his opinion (including new boys Don & not so new anymore-Steve).
Is it true that all the major things conserning DP's future have been decided in restaurants while drinking pint or two?

Thanks for all the music with , DP, solo & Rainbow! I love it.

Best wishes, Janne
Helsinki, Finland

Hi Janne,

It actually is a democracy, there is no leader (one of the few bands that seems to be this way, I think). Most decisions are a case of common sense. Everyone has an opinion and we argue our positions but I suppose ultimately, if there is a difference of opinion, Bruce or record company has their say. It is also true that many meetings have taken place in restaurants. "Group meetings" are something we try to avoid but when they have to be had, why not do it in a convivial atmosphere? Thanks for the kind thoughts.


Danny on 2002-12-17:
Roger a couple of questions further to my first one.

1)Are you going to take care of the production of the rereleasing of the Burn and Storbringer albums that you were not part of the original recording team?
You worked with David Coverdale in the past
and I still like your work then.

2)Is there a chance that with Steve Morse growing on the old stuff while he was young , the band will include some Coverdale or Tommy bolin stuff to the repertuar of the live act songs?

3)Can you compare the first reharsing with blackmore in1970 and 1984 reunion with the first time when steve came along to the band?
thanks for your time
waiting for the new music


Hi Danny,

1) No I am not. I had intended to explore what I could bring to BURN and I did go into the studio to do just that. However, there was not a lot Peter Denenberg, my engineer, or I could contribute. Furthermore, I had an uncomfortable feeling about it because I was not in the band at the time. So, ultimately I decided that the project was not for me and I can't imagine the situation on Stormbringer being any different.

2) No. It's all down to what IG will sing, and he won't do anything from that time period.

3) I can't compare. However, they were both wonderful and each heralded a new departure for both the band and the individuals in the band.


Michael on 2002-12-16:
Hi Rog, sometime ago, on this site you wrote: "I have no idea of our touring plans for next year other than we will probably be in Europe around May."

And here I can read that a new album is expected in August.

Does this imply yet another oldies tour?, or will there be a reason for me as on old time fan, to spend money for the gig? Meaning _not_ another oldies tour!
cheers, a frustrazated fan!

Hi frustrazated fan!

This is a bone of contention amongst fans and band alike. The unfortunate fact of life is that the more sophisticated fans will always want to hear the more obscure or the most recent songs whilst the summer tours in America and the festival tours of Europe demanded that we play the most recognizable songs. We even tried to incorporate what might be called the "B list" songs, like Mary Long, but it didn?t work. The hard fact of the matter is that the last two albums, regardless of their lasting value to a fan, did not generate the higher profile needed to make their songs recognizable to the general public. They weren?t hits! Now, with a new album, Bananas, there is a chance that we might break through that acceptance barrier and have some new classics. Personally I would still like to explore a few of the songs from the previous two albums as well, but I have to get the rest of the band to agree. Not always an easy task.


Mark Besley on 2002-12-16:
Hi Roger,

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for many years of memorable nights out with Deep Purple, especially a tour of Australia a couple of years ago.

My question concerns stage production. How much, if any, input does the band get when it comes to stage production for a tour?

Whereas the sound and the music have always been exceptional, the lighting and other effects have often been less than appropriate for a band of DP's stature, especially in the last 5 years. This is particularly noticable when you are placed alongside bands such as The Scorpians and Lynyrd Skynyrd in the package scenario.

BTW, loved Snapshot. Good luck in the studio. Thank IG for me for a fantastic vocal performance throughout the UK Tour in September. Also, thankyou for always taking the time out to see your fans backstage, we appreciate it very much.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for the good thoughts. The band has as much input with regard to the stage set as it wants, which is, certainly over the last few years, not a lot. This is partly because back in the 80s and into the 90s, bands of a lesser musical nature tended to rely on stage sets to bolster their lack of talent. It became ludicrous; who could have the bigger, better, or more outrageous set. We decided to concentrate on the music and present it in as uncluttered a way as possible, and that has been our practice of late. The Bananas Tour may hold a few changes though, we?ll see.


Greg Wilson on 2002-12-15:
Hi Roger,

Before anything thank you for all these musical years (I've been your fan since the early purple days) although I 've also moved out from USA to Brazil very young.

My question is; since now I'm still a brazilian resident, when will I have the chance to see ya live again?

From 97 to 2k you guys came down here about three or four times and I have attended most of those shows.

I can see time is running faster at each day and suddenly my last Purple concert has been more than two years ago!!!



Hi Greg,

Thanks for the kind words. Brazil? The answer is?. very soon! September, in fact. I haven?t got the dates in front of me but I?m sure you will have no difficulty in finding them, try I hope you catch the tour, I?m looking forward to it.


Mike Whiteley on 2002-12-14:
Hi,Roger:Why was there no discussion of Lazy on the Machine Head DVD ?? I can't believe this classic cut was left out !! Even In Rock's Black Night was discussed !!
Can you shed any light on this obvious error?? Best Wishes on the new disc.Can't wait !!
Mike-Toronto,Ontario Canada

Hi Mike,

It came as a surprise to me as well. The whole piece was brilliantly put together so I can?t explain why Lazy was ignored. I just answered questions on whatever they asked me, I had no clue that one song would get omitted ? I wasn?t keeping score. Given that the televised portion was only half an hour I can understand that some things had to be cut, but there was plenty of time for the DVD extras to have contained Lazy. I shall ask them, if ever I get the chance.


Mike Gombert on 2002-12-13:
Hello Roger,

Seasons greetings from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I was hoping to hear news of the Burn album being re-mastered and re-mixed. Your work with the Mark II albums was EXCELLENT, and was hoping for a cleaned-up version of Burn. I know this was a different Purple line-up, if you do not feel comfortable with this project would it be possible for Ian Paice or even Martin Birch to participate. Happy holiday's to you and the entire Purple family, and best of luck with the new CD.

Hi Mike,

I did go into the studio with the intention of getting a new mix for the title track. Peter Denenberg had purchased a copy of the original CD and we seemed to be getting a great sound in comparison, but when we listened to the remastered version on the Listen, Learn, Read On box set, it wasn't such a great improvement. That, coupled with the fact that I felt a bit odd about doing it to an album that I wasn't on in the first place, led me to decide to not get involved. I hope that the reins will be taken up by IP or MB, but that is up to them and EMI.


Danny Rivkin on 2002-12-12:
Hi Roger!
First, it is long due but after being a purple and rainbow fan for such a long time ,seeing you(twice)in Israel 10 years ago was great . I hope politics and everything here will calm down to enable you and the guys be here again.
My question: There were always stories about
Blackmore refusing to play new songs live.
Now without him and you have so many great songs on abandon and purpendicular (and I'm sure in the comming cd as well).
why do you still play most of the show old stuff ?
The live cds are even worse when most of the old songs are the same.

Don't you get bored playing the old songs ?
Danny rivkin
Haifa Israel

Hi Danny,

No I don't get bored with anything that we do, it's a happy event just to be on the stage. As to the argument about doing the newer stuff, I am sympathetic but refer you to the answer I gave to Oleg.


Oleg on 2002-12-12:
Hi Roger,

Deep Purple is my favourite band and I think this is the best rock band ever.
Thank you for your great music.
I wanted to ask you about "The House Of Blue Light" album. I love it and I know, that you also like this one (I've read some of your interviews). Why don't you play some songs from
this album live? You play songs from every Deep Purple album with Ian Gillan,
but not from this one. Why?
Hope to see you in Germany this summer.
All the best,


Hi Oleg,

Thank you for the kind thoughts. I think that there are some great songs on HOBL but not many of them ever made it live. Bad Attitude is a song that Don Airey said he would like to have a go at, and that may happen sometime. I personally like Spanish Archer and Black And White (I know a lot of people don?t care for this song but I love it). There are some songs that will never be attempted live because they just don?t turn us on as live material. The choice of songs to play live is a hot topic and we can never please everyone, even those in the band! However, on tours like we?ve been doing the last few years it has been necessary to do more recognizable material. Our fans are the best in the world but don?t always understand that the majority of our audiences these last few years (summer gigs and festivals) want to hear music that they are familiar with. We are also on a bill that includes bands who are doing just that and although I like to play the more the obscure songs, as does the band - at least some of us - it?s a tough sell to the management, agents and promoters. Also, there are a lot of young people coming to see us that have never heard us before.


Frank Beltran on 2002-12-11:
Hello RG,

If you do decide to do some solo tour dates to promote Snapshot, a suggestion for a West Coast stop would be The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano (1 hour south of LA). I think this would be a good venue for you and your band. Don't take my word though! You can always ask Steve Morse, who usually plays there with the Dregs around the NAMM show.

On to the Questions:

Now that DP has solidified life after Blackmore, is there any chance that an official live release with Joe Satriani would be released? Also, how about any of the unreleased Joe Lynn Turner era DP (aka from the Battle Rages On or the "Hey Joe" live jam rehearsal). Is this something you would like to see happen some day?

Best Regards,


P.S. Please tell IG he's a fantastic harp player, I'd love to hear some more harmonica on the new record.

Hi Frank,

There was only one proper live recording with Joe in the band and that was during the Japanese tour when he had been playing with us for a few days. The quality of the recording is very good and we had hoped for a release of When A Blind Man Cries at that time but Joe (and his management) firmly refused permission for that because he felt that it was too early on in his relationship with us and that his playing sounded like he was feeling his way. I thought it was great but we have no choice but to respect his wishes. They might surface one day, who knows? AFAIK there were no decent live recordings of our time with JLT. I don?t think, certainly at this stage in our career, that we should be trying to find dodgy recordings of writing sessions, however interesting they may be to a few people, sorry.


Joanna Ostrowiecka on 2002-12-11:
Hello once again,
now I've got a question.
It was about 1984-88, the band was jamming in a studio, on the 7/4 time. Ian entered the room and started to sing, suddenly Blackmore burst into the room and started to play his riffs and to disturb you. Ian told him to stop, with no effect. Then the band joined Blackmore and Ian left the room (I think I needn't tell you he was furious).
My question is:
I ask you because I read you always record all what the band is jamming.
I asked Ian about this music, but he probably forget what it was. Maybe you can remember?

Hi Jo,

Good question... Actually I think I can remember what is you are referring to. We were rehearsing in a club in Poughkeepsie, New York, for a tour. It was the first of only two days of rehearsal and the equipment had just been set up. I started playing an odd sort of riff in 6/4 time with IP playing along. I liked what it sounded like and so we continued, with Jon joining in. Ian started singing something unintelligible (it was a normal day) and our engineer, at my signal, recorded the whole thing on a cassette (I usually have some kind of recording device around for just such times). RB didn?t just burst in and start playing his riffs and I don?t remember Ian leaving the room (although he might have) but he did say later that he thought that the riff was great and wasn?t it a pity that Ritchie never liked playing anyone else?s riffs any more? One day later on (years) I found that cassette in my basement studio, edited it and added some synth horn parts. Because the recording had been in a room, the sound was pretty fat and the drums had a character approaching Bonham?s Zeppelin sound. Nothing happened to this idea until a lot later, when we were doing Abandon, and I played the tape to the rest of the band. They liked it, we all worked on it, and it ended up as a song called Jack Ruby.


Andrew Good on 2002-12-10:
Watching the wonderful Machine Head DVD it occured to me to ask if you could confirm the long held rumour that Ritchie used a Vox AC30 not only on Machine Head but on all the Purple/Rainbow studio work.

Hi Andrew,

He used a Vox AC 30, usually with his red Gibson 335 but he stopped using that after a while. I have a sneaky feeling that he might have had it with him when we recorded Lazy but I can't be sure. In my mind it is always associated with the earlier days.


Jim Moley on 2002-12-08:
Hi Roger:

Could ask you a million questions, but I've learned quite a bit about Purple online. You still should write the official biography of the band when you have some spare time! You guys are still the best, and I wish more people would realize that. However, considering the quality of radio these days, it's a wonder any of the great classic rock bands, still together, can stay alive.
I have two questions:
1.When Purple reformed in 83-84, did you ever feel constricted by the band's legacy, or was the writing as free flowing as in the early 70's?
2.Can you comment on the drummers you worked with in Rainbow, as well as Ian Paice. I liked all of them, but I thought Chuck Burgi was a real sleeper. I didn't hear much from him after Rainbow, but he did a fantastic job on BOC's "Heaven Forbid".
Looking forward to the new CD.

Hi Jim.

1. Before the reunion I had the feeling that maybe we should leave Deep Purple where it had come to rest; maybe it was a seventies phenomenon and should be left that way. Two things happened; first I listened to a few boots and reassessed what I thought the band was all about. Then my curiosity got the better of me and I wondered if we could still do that years later. The first thing we did was to have a jam together. At that point I knew it would work. It felt like slipping on a favourite old sweater. No, we didn't feel constricted. At least I didn't.

2. I don't like comparing people, as far as I'm concerned they each had something great to offer. Cozy was, well, Cozy - charm, power, determination and tons of charisma. Bobby had a fantastic sound, stage presence, great hair, and was, and still is, one of the funniest men I've ever met. Chuck was reliable, cool, intelligent and a superb drummer. That's why I used him on Mask.


Ghassan Barbour on 2002-12-07:
Mr Glover,

I have two questions that I hope you will answer to in details.

1 - I adore all the music Deep Purple does (and all the branched if I may say of that band = Rainbow, Blackmore's Night). My favorite Deep Purple song is, by far, Wasted Sunsets (I read once that you wrote that particular song, is that true ?), for the melody, the lyrics and above all, the Fantastic guitar solos of the greatest guitar player of all time : RITCHIE BLACKMORE.(Well, you guessed it , I am a Die Hard RB fan, with no offence to anybody), Could you please tell me how RB came up with these solos and how was it while he was recording them ... Very few guitarists can play with such heart and soul. Only one track can equal it, it is the Rainbow instrumental Maybe Next Time. GREAT MELODIES !!!!! ... and ... what do you think ?

2 - This is a very personal question that I would like you to answer with your Heart, regardless of the business thing and all these things... Don't you feel that Deep Purple isn't really Deep Purple without Ritchie Blackmore (and now Jon Lord) ? I mean, again, with no offense, I find your music really great now, and my heart still beats fast when I grab a new Deep Purple cd ... but maybe, for people like me there is something or someone(s) missing.

I thank you is advance for your honesty that I am sure you have plenty.

Hi Ghassan,

1. Most of the songs that we write in DP start out as instrumentals and IG and I, together or individually, write the top lines and words. On this particular song I wrote most of the lyrics one night and showed them to IG the next day. He liked them, made a few changes, and that was that. As for Ritchie's solos, I don't how he came up with them, he just played and there they were. Sometimes he'd try a few different experiments and would listen to suggestions from me as a producer. Occasionally a solo would end up being a composite of two or more takes. He had an unconventional way of approaching a solo space, I don't think he always knew himself where he was going to end up, but that is the mark of a great musician - to be able to 'think on one's feet' as they say. Pure instinct.

2. I feel that Deep Purple is what it is even though some personnel changes have happened over the years. Was it Deep Purple in 1968? 1974,75,76? The band is an evolving spirit, always has been. I wouldn't be in it if it hadn't changed in 1969. It is only because the so-called mark 2 line-up sold millions of records that people immediately equate that time as the band's defining moment. In some ways it was, I agree. Obviously for you, that is the case, and you are not alone. However, that fact that we don't sell in those kind of numbers any more doesn't mean that the band is not still valid, or that I enjoy myself any the less, in fact the opposite is true. I feel that the band is the band as long as we are producing good music and performing to enthusiastic audiences around the world. Of course, people are entitled to their opinion, I would never try to influence that. All I know is that I believe in what we do. To me, that is Deep Purple.


Sylvain Barrette on 2002-12-07:
Hello Roger !

Believe it or not the first rock album i was introduced to was In Rock, before that it was
Charles Aznavour and Gilbert Becaud........
So imagine the culture clash when the opening
bars of Speed King started...That was 1973, i
was 9 years old and seen i've been a great fan
..I don't know what it is about you British but
what you do as musician is totaly impeccable.
Now finally the question not from me but my 15
year old son Vincent who plays bass in his band would like
to know what was your bass rig on FIREBALL
since it is his favorite album...

Thanx in advance
Sorry for the length
Deep purple truly

Hi Sylvain,

On the recording of Fireball I was using a Fender Mustang bass amplified with a Marshall stack. I experimented with the Mustang because I wanted to control the bass end a bit more than the Precision, but I found on stage that it didn't have the force,that's when I tried out a Rickenbacker for the first time, and played it on Machine Head.

Good luck to Vincent,


Eirik Solum on 2002-12-05:
Hi Roger!

My question is: Did you 'ok' the cover of the Love Conquers All single? If so; what on earth were you thinking? 😉

Hi Eirik,

I did not OK the cover of Love Conquers All, and I agree, it's awful. However, I did not have much of a chance to voice my opinions in those days. The video of the same song is also awful and I have a long story about that but it will have to wait for the book. Suffice to say that I never want to see it again.


Stefan Wennerberg on 2002-12-05:
Hi Roger!
First I want to say Happy Birthday! A couple of days late, but anyway I hope that You had a good birthday with many presents and cookies. Now to my questions:

Do You play the bass on the Elton John album "Madman across the water" as some rumours say?

When are You coming to Sweden again? To Sweden Rock Festival maybe?

Why are You not playing any stuff from Abandon anymore? I think Seventh heaven is one of the best songs in many years.

What do You have to say about Dream Theater? You toured with them in the states a couple of years ago.

Thanks in advance for the answers. I have thousands of questions, but as Arnold once said: I?ll be back!

Best Regards,

Hi Stefan,

I did not play bass with Elton John, that was another Glover.

Don't know much about touring Sweden again but it will happen, it always does.

Thanks, I like Seventh Heaven as well and I hope we play it again. We played a lot from Abandon when it came out but unfortunately, most of the crowds we play to don't know it too well. There will be new stuff on the next tour though, new new stuff and new old stuff.

Dream Theater - fine musicians but they don't know how to spell theatre.


Peter Cross on 2002-12-03:
Hi Roger,

Couple of three questions.

Do you think you could persuade Steve's SMB to consider supporting DP for the next UK tour. (It is possible because Steve has played in SMB and the Dregs on the same night on a bootleg I've heard).

Has Ian Paice EVER missed a Deep Purple gig ?

Will you tour SNAPSHOT over this side of the pond.

Cheers Peter Cross

Hi Peter,

I think Steve could be persuaded but that's not who has to be - it's the promoters and agents again. (That would be an interesting board game, Promoters And Agents - I can think of several scenarios that could turn up on a wild card!)

To my knowledge IP has never missed a gig.

I'd love to tour Snapshot everywhere but I have to take it one pond at a time.


ADIR ORTAL on 2002-12-03:
hey ROGER,
It's hard to me to tell how i feel about you and about your band. it seems that you are all what is rock'n'roll to me.
i'm just 10 years old and i know all your music.
it started with my fathers old brother who is 44 years of age now, went to my father and to is two other young brothers that are all lawers in thier office in NATANYA - ISRAEL.

Then it came to me. i listen to every thing i can get that you - DEP PURPLE did. it's great and for me there is no daut you guys, all of you, are the best.
my father says that god loves the name DEEP PURPLE...
Last feb. he and his brothers bought tickets and came to watch you in London.
so, as you can understand i cann't do the same - so, i write this letter ans ask - please come to Israel - i can asure you there are so many fans here, i dont want to miss the chance to see you in a live show.

1. do you think that can happen soon again ?
2. i allways would like to know if the new album will be a concept album - does it have a central idea ?

thank you - Adir Ortal

Hi Adir,

Thanks for your message. You told me how you feel with a great deal of eloquence. I would love to come to Israel again - it's all down to promoters and agents. We received a lovely welcome the last time we were there, despite the fact that it wasn't such a great time in the band's career.

As for the new album, I don't think there will be a concept as such, just a feeling of renewal and courage to do something different. Maybe that's a concept in itself. It's difficult to say much about the album until it's done because it changes and grows all the time, no one knows what it will turn out like.


Jackie o'Hehir on 2002-12-02:
Hi Roger,
I saw the band at the Point Depot ,Dublin.........a fantastic gig.So good, I was wondering if the show was recorded and if so would any of these recording be released in the future??and don't forget to come soon again!!!!


Hi Jackie,

Thanks, I saw you too. It was not officially recorded. (Officially? Sounds like an office job. I've (thankfully) never had to spend much time in an office.) The Point Depot gig was the first of the tour and was a wonderful welcome to us. It's unbelievable that we've not visited Ireland more often. Crying shame, I call it. I won't forget. We'll be back.


Dave Bonner on 2002-12-01:
Hi Roger,

Been a big fan since '72 when I first heard Machine Head. In fact that album made me begin playing bass and have done ever since in many bands. Saw the show at Bristol and Cardiff recently and you were all brilliant..thanks!
My question is "How hard does it get to keep touring so extensively...I've watched your schedule and you seem to keep going non-stop"..dont you ever get worn out...IS that what happened to Jon?
Looking forward to the new album....and please put "Pictures" back in the set..your solo is astounding.

Kind Regards


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the kind thoughts. I love playing music. True, the travel can get to one from time to time, but for me, those moments on stage more than make up for it. How many other jobs have world travel as one of the perquisites? My friends think I've got the best job, I agree with them. You'd have to ask Jon the other question but I suspect that the answer would not be quite as simple as you might think. I'll mark down your vote for Pictures.


Maxime Cromps on 2002-12-01:
First i want to thanks you very much for all the great music you always done and will done!
So my question:
What do you think about the Jon Lord's idea to make concert and bringing toghether the people who plays in DP?
I hope to see you soon in Belgium!!!
A belgian fan

Hi Max,

As I've stated before, I don't believe this was ever Jon's idea, it was a question put to him by a journalist that has been erroneously attributed to Jon, who probably answered, saying something to the effect that it would indeed be a dream. I don't think it could be a reality and I don't know what positive effects it could have, it's just pure nostalgia.


Marcin on 2002-12-01:
Hello Rog,

thanks for this unique opportunity to ask you a couple of things!

1) Do you ever listen to DP albums recorded by other line-ups, without you being on board? If you do, what are your feelings?
2) Would you ever consider playing on one stage with Nick Simper or Glenn Hughes, for example if JL's idea of a special DP show with all former members came to fruition?
3) What were your feelings when IG announced leaving the group in the 70's? Did you initially intend to stay in the band regardless or did Ritchie immediately let you know he wanted to reverse everything?
4) What was your input in recording Big Ian's "Cherkazoo"?
5) Are there any recordings of Joe Lynn Turner's vocals to what later became "The Battle Rages On"? Or were all the tapes erased? It would be fascinating to listen to this stuff, just for comparison.
6) Didn't the band feel irritated with the neverending tours after Jon decided to quit?
7) Did you do anything special to make Don feel comfortable in a new band? Do you both talk to each other about the times spent together in Rainbow?
8) Would IG allow you & Steve to do some backing vocals on the new DP album 🙂 ?
9) If Episode Six were to reunite for a one-off gig, would you play with them? Have you been in touch with any of E6 members?
10) Do you consider exchanging music files via internet a threat for music business or a means of promotion?
11) Would you agree for a meeting with the Polish DP Fan Club while playing in Poland?

That's it for a good start 🙂
All the best, Roger, and hope to see you soon!
Warsaw, Poland

HI Marcin,

(taking a deep breath...)
1) Yes, sometimes I have but not recently. I had a hard time listening to Burn but had to admit that Sail Away and Might Just Take Your Life were rather good. As the others came out I lost interest and have no particular feelings about them, good or not.

2) Probably not, there is no reason to. While we're on the subject, I don't believe Jon's dream has anything to do with Jon, as far as I know it was a question put to him by a journalist that has since been taken completely out of context and is now widely believed to be Jon's idea, which it never was.

3) Sad. Ian seemed very set on the course he had chosen. I had no thoughts of leaving - the band seemed to be falling apart around me and I was trying to keep it going. Ritchie never said anything to me about his plans.

4) Cherkazoo was originally four unconnected songs that I wrote with Ian earlier on (mostly he doing the words and myself doing the music). We made the demos, involving a few different musicians, two of whom I remember - Pete York and Paul Buckmaster - and only later did Ian elaborate on the idea and add more songs to make a concept piece of his own.

5) There were some writing sessions, I have not heard them since. There was nothing finalized, don't know what exists.

6) I am not irritated by touring. It is a privilege.

7) I cleaned his shoes, made sure his bed was made and heated some milk. Occasionally a memory or two comes up.

8) Allow? It's not that sort of set up. We would do backing vocals if it sounded good. In fact he has suggested it from time to time.

9) Time permitting, yes I would. I speak to some of them fairly regularly, others I have lost touch with. Things change.

10) Both. There is nothing wrong with giving something away. Taking it without permission is stealing, there's no other word for it.

11) Yes, time permitting.


milos djordjevic on 2002-11-30:
roger what do you think of the albums that david coverdale and glenn hughes did
also when you lot reformed in 84 kerrang mag ran a advert for a video for purple with tommy bolin i tried to buythe video for months till i found out it was not released do you know why and any chance it will
(it is part of purple history and a line up i have not seen on film )
thanks milos

Hi Milos,

I don't usually comment on other band members' albums. As for the video thing, I'm sorry I don't have a clue, that's a side of the business that I have nothing to do with, and usually has nothing to do with me.


Gary & Margaret Lehmann on 2002-11-29:
Hi Rog!
We wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. We will be having a drink (or two) for you today! Hope you enjoy your day!
When are you and the band coming back to Australia? Would love to see you all again!
Love your site (or shite?) especially the painting of you!
We are very much looking forward to hearing Snap Shot!
Once again enjoy your day. Don't kill off too many brain cells!
Gary & Marg

Thanks for the good advice. I don't know when we will be coming to Australia, we've just stopped touring after four years or so without much of a break. Always good to be there though. Funny accents, good beer.


milos djordjevic -coventry uk on 2002-11-29:
hello roger hope you are well myquestion is
if mr blackmore,lord,coverdaleand hughes got together and formed a band and wanted to call them selves deep purple how much right they got on the name (mostly rb &jl)
ps not trying to stir the shit

I can't remember the exact ruling, but I don't believe they could do it if there is an ongoing band. RB and JL might be able to, if the band had ceased operating, but I don't think DC of GH would have any rights on their own.


Eirik Solum on 2002-11-28:
Hi Roger!

Congrats on the new site! I have a few questions.

1. Earlier Gillan talked about the next DP album as a possible concept album. After the Albert tour there where also talk about bringig a small string orcestra into the studio. Are those plans abandoned? Is it more like "let's see what happens" now?

2. What made you choose Bradford as a producer? Will you write music with him, or just as the five of you?

3. Will you record the songs you wrote before Don became part of the band? (Long Time Gone, Up The Wall...)

4. Will you write in a jam situation, or do you write stuff individually before the sessions?

5. If you where asked and had the time off to do it, would you join a "reformed" Rainbow (with Dio) to do some gigs? Or would that be "disrespectful" to your role in DP?

All The Best!

Eirik Solum

Hi Eric,

1. IG has a lot of enthusiasm, a great quality. The idea of a concept of sorts may or may not transpire, it's all down to what happens when we get together. There is no such thing as a bad idea. That has been our motto since _l_. Small string orchestra, small string vest, anything is possible.

2. He chose us. His motivation is that he is a fan, and can see a great possibility. How much better could that be? I hope it works.

3. Probably, but too early to say.

4. Jam mainly. I've no doubt that everyone will be coming with some rough ideas, but it's all of us that fleshes them out.

5. Right now I wouldn?t have the time. If I had the time ... well that's a different story, I don't know.


Charlie on 2002-11-25:
Dear Roger,
Congrats on your new site, just what I need 'cos I have sore eyes.

Really enjoyed attending several UK DP shows in 2002, and was appreciatively honoured to meet you post-gig.
In case you recall, I'm the sincere, good-looking chap with the Hatch End connection.

An unadventurous question, but do you expect the band to broaden the set-list when the next touring season gets underway?
Obviously there will be the new album to promote but I would dream of perhaps:
40% early/classic Mark 2 material.
20% post-1984 Mk2 reunion material.
20% Steve Morse era (purpendicular/abandon) material.
20% New album tracks.
How does this compare with your own envisigisation?
(Good word that, I just made it up).

Hi Charlie,

The simple answer is, yes. I don't like percentages, it just reminds me of agents, managers, publishers, taxes, expences, contracts. I always want to do new material but sometimes I don?t always get what I want. Strange, that.

RG (the sincere, odd-looking chap with the Hatch End connection)

Serg on 2002-11-24:
High Energy!
Hello from snowing Rusland, from Urals, Ekaterinburg Greets you Roger!

We love music, we love Deep Purple,
The Great Concert here, in march, was the best that every happened here!
We all heard the rumours about Purple visiting us again.
And we believe!
When do You think it might happend ?

Thank You very much for being with Purple
for loving the fans
All The Best
True Fan

Hi Serg,

Thanks for the good thoughts. I have no idea of our touring plans for next year other than we will probably be in Europe around May. There is a rumour of a large tour to your part of the world some time later on but no dates are set yet. I?d like to see you again as well, a great welcome we had. J


cn on 2002-11-23:
Hi Roger
Yesterday I bought the Machine Head DVD at Best Buy and i love it. Its great to see mark 2 back together (sort of) talking and having a good time reflecting. Its a shame that after all these years you 5 can't work out your differences and work together. In no way is this disrespectful to Steve cause I think he is a great guitarist and has brought alot of enthusiasm back to the band. However, I am concerned if SM's heart is really into this. I noticed in January 03 that Steve is doing a tour (mini or whatever) with the Dregs along the west coast to coincide with the NAMM ? show. I find hard to believe that how he can just turn it on for the new cd where his mind is elsewhere touring and performing for the Dregs. Its always been my experience that with anything in life, you have to put your heart and soul into a project. Ritchie, besides being overbearing, always had his heart and soul into whatever DP recorded. Hopefully I can be proved wrong. Anyway, good luck and maybe sometime in the future we can see RB involved in some capacity before its too late. That DVD was refreshing to say the least.

Hi cn,
I appreciate the positive thoughts on the Machine Head DVD, I happen to agree that it is one of the best of its kind that I’ve seen.
However, with the greatest respect, you are labouring under a false assumption;
That Steve does not put his heart and soul into the band. If he hones his skills at what is, after all, his passion, then that makes him a better performer/writer/participant in our band – as with any of us who dabble with other interests (and that includes all of us) he comes back from such activities refreshed and envigorated, and all the better for having worked ’on the outside’ so to speak.
Second ...ah, two false assumptions - that if we in Mark ll could ’work out our differences’ we would somehow be able to recapture something of what we had thirty years ago. Even if we had no ’differences’, that would be impossible (and who’s to say that it might not be worse than imagineable). DP is frozen in time for some, and that’s fine, but it is not for me/us, it is an evolving band all the time and one cannot help but evolve with it. The fact that one may prefer the younger DP to the, how shall I put it? – more mature DP – is fine, that’s opinion and everyone is welcome to an opinion, but what can a poor boy do - get young again? Pass the pills please. 😉
I know, I know, I’m taking it to extremes and what you really mean is if we were together now, at this time, would or could it be good based on the fact that it was good once? Try that out on an ex-wife!
Third ...ah, three false assumptions – that RB always put his heart and soul into whatever we recorded. I also have always put my heart and soul into whatever we record, and I don’t know of anyone in the band that doesn’t do the same, including Steve. In fact I don’t know any respectable musician anywhere who does not put their heart and soul into what they do.
Fourth... (is this getting boring?) – that ’a lot’ is one word.

Sorry to go on, I do appreciate where the question is coming from, but it’s all hypothetical isn’t it?

Nostalgia’s OK, in its place.


Reinaldo on 2002-11-22:
Hi Roger, how are you doin? ?

Hope you and family are OK. Remember me from Sao Paulo, Brazil ? Nice move now, you have this channel to your fans.

I am curious in knowing what are the songs that are very difficult to play live for the band ? Are tere any of them, that are quite good and you guys don't play because it demands something else ?

Cheers from Brazil and hope to meet you again soon.

Hi Reinaldo,

I’m doin’ fine thanks.

There are songs that work well live and there are song songs that don’t. We kind of have a sixth sense about which is which, based on experience. However there are surprises – Fools is one, also Watching The Sky, Blind Man, No One Came. Most of those were overlooked in the past and yet have now become regulars.
No song is just plain difficult to play, after all we played it in the first place, but if they are intricate, or rely on a delicate feel, they tend not to be the ones we would gravitate to on stage. The best songs are usually those where a certain amount of freedom allows us to stretch out a bit. One of the strengths (and maybe weakesses) of this band is that it has always had great players who are not interested in playing the same thing twice. In fact most cover bands play our material closer to the recorded version that we could ever do, we just don’t listen to our own music much.


Jeff Reedy on 2002-11-21:
Roger, one of my fave moments of Deep Purple is off the "Fireball" album, one of my faves. That bass line on "No, No, No" knocks me out .. what type of bass did you play on it, or on the album for that matter????
Thanks very much from Vancouver, Canada ...

Hi Jeff,

I played a Fender Mustang on the Fireball album but found it to be a bit light sounding on stage. The Fender Precision I used on In Rock was good but I had a hard time with the bottom E, hence the change. However, I discovered Rickenbacker after that and used it on the next two albums, until I left. I’ve tried several others since then, all in the quest for a bass that makes me sound better than I am. I have been using Vigier basses for the longest time now, fantastic guitars. I also like Music Man for a change.


Simon on 2002-11-21:
When this new Purple album is released, will you all be back on the road again promoting it, or will you take some (much-deserved) time out for other things? I was unfortunate enough to have exams while you were due to visit us in Portsmouth last month. Yep, I'm one of the many students who have discovered your beautiful music! Simon.

Hi Smudge,

We will be back on the road but in Portsmouth, no idea. Not for a while I should imagine. Take a (hopefully much deserved) summer trip yourself and come to see us in Europe next year.


Ottar Pettersen on 2002-11-18:
There are tons of purple and related recordings on dvd,vhs and cd at the time, and they keep coming out. I love it, cos it gives me the chance as a big fan to see you guys at your peak, Live! I know some people in the press criticise bands for "sucking" everything out of the melon, but personally I think this is great, because most of the material is available on the net only, and by doing this you avoid the situation when yet another "best of" is in your store. So my question is basically: "What is your opinion, and is this a strategy you and/or the managment have taken?"
Thanks for your time!

Hi Ottar,

Most of the re-releases are nothing to do with us. I always felt that they (the old management) were plain greedy to be putting out stuff that was never intended for release. It felt like they were 'scraping the barrel' or ‘sucking everything out of the melon’ as you so daintily put it. Maybe that's because I underestimated the band's appeal, I don't know. I still feel uneasy about rehash after rehash, but having said that, the new box set is really good, it is well put together (apart from a few flaws) and although I don't know how much of the material was available before (I'm not an avid collector, as some people think), I found it entertaining. The 1969 Concerto was well done. And I am all in favour of the EMI anniversary series, then again, I'm biased.


Chris on 2002-11-18:

Thanks for taking the time to answer fan questions. DP is my favorite group and have been a fan since 1985 (I was 13 when I saw the video for Perfect Strangers on MTV and my older brother was always a huge fan prior to and after that time.) MY question(s) are as follows:

1) Why is it taking so long to record the next DP cd? Are you guys in the studio and when is the expected release date?

2) Will there be a major change in the setlist the next time DP tours here in the US? Alot of fans would like to hear the new stuff. I know that in the States people say DP is a classic rock band, and that you guys try to cater a show that contains mostly classics. However the 4x I have seen DP since 1998, there is always a good and loud reaction to newer DP songs like Ted and 7th Heaven. I hope you guys put a heavier emphasis on the newer stuff and a little less of the classics and keep on including the lesser known stuff (hopefully Demon's Eye, Cry Free, Rat Bat Blue to name a few.) DP is not a nostalga band in my book. Please no more co-headlining shows!!!!

3) Why no songs off of Abandon?

4) Who are your favorite professional football, baseball and basaketball teams?

Love your new CD. All the best.

Your Friend,

Hi Chris,

> 1) Why is it taking so long to record the next DP cd? Are you guys in the studio and when is the expected release date?

We haven't started yet so I don't know how long it's going to take. I assume though, that you're referring to the length of time between albums. Good question. After the Concerto we got tied up with touring with orchestras for a while and that put us back. There was also the bigger question of whether Jon was going to be in the band or not, I don't think it would have very wise to have recorded an album with Jon and then have him retire and us go out with Don or whomever just playing Jon's part. That wouldn’t have been fair. The essence of this band is what happens when we play together. On the other hand, no one but Jon could have reached that decision, and it took some time for him to finally face what he didn't want to face; he loves playing with this band, a band that he helped to create, but he had other avenues to explore and eventually he put himself in a position to do just that. We are now ready to explore our own avenues. I believe it will be all to the better for this delay.

> 2) Will there be a major change in the setlist the next time DP tours here in the US? DP is not a nostalga band in my book.

Yes, I believe there will, but don't forget that with the audience getting younger, more and more people are coming to our shows who haven't heard us before. Like it or not, they are the songs most associated with us. It would be nice to have newer material be so well known but right now it isn't. I know all the arguments, believe me, I have them with various people in our organization all the time, and I'm all in favour for newer songs, or even rarely played older ones, but I also know the realities of the band, both from a media point of view and a personal one. However, having said that, I will be fighting for as much new material as possible.

> Please no more coheadlining shows!!!!

Talk to our agent and see how difficult it is get any kind of tour these days. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

> 3) Why no songs off of Abandon?

On the Abandon tour we did seven new songs from that album. Seven! We've never done so much new material before or since. Personally, I think some worked better than others, but I really enjoy playing Seventh Heaven and I'd love to do it again. I liked Any Fule too but that's a tough one for IG to sing night after night. We'll see.

> 4) Who are your favorite professional football, baseball and basaketball teams?

Bristol Wednesday, The New York Wankers, and The Knickers.


richard poustie on 2002-11-18:
Hi Roger,

Great album!

I read on the Purple Heart that the boys are going back into the studio in December - great news. My question is will Jon be there?



Hi Rich,

No Jon won't be there, at least not initially. We have not reached the stage where we can make those kind of decisions yet. We did write a few ideas with Jon and I for one would like him to be a guest on the album for one or two tracks, but it is important that Don be represented well, he is our keyboard player now and that's that. We'll see.


Rasmus Heide on 2002-11-17:
Hi Roger
Thanks for this great opportunity to ask you questions.
Could you please shed some light on the coming 12 months of life as a Deep Purple member?
What are the current plans for the making of the new album (writing sessions, rehearsing, recording, release)? (I of course hope you'll keep us up to date with informative letters from the studio as you have done in the past.)
What are your personal predictions for the style of the next album? Up The Wall, Well Dressed Guitar and Long Gone show great variation - which, if any of them, indicate the direction of the new material?
What are your personal ambitions, hopes and aspirations?
Best wishes,
- Rasmus

Hi Rasmus,

Roughly speaking (which I'm quite good at) the initial writing session will be in December. In January 2003 we enter the studio, in Los Angeles, and start recording. Writing and recording will proceed through the next few months and we aim to be finished by 2004 (just kidding!!!!). I have no predictions for the style of the album, I just want it to be vibrant, fresh, and sounding good. There is a great feeling within the band right now .

I'm not 100% on when touring will start so I'd rather not speculate. Suffice to say that by summer we will be back on the road, somewhere. I would like to do a few dates with The Guilty Party sometime around March to May, probably in the States. It all depends on how the album is doing. I'll be writing studio updates.


Ingrid Richter on 2002-11-17:
Hi Roger,

nice to see your own, well made website here with the possibility to ask questions.

I like to know why the date for recording the long wished and promised new Purplealbum changed again to a questionmark.

Thanks in advance and regards

Hi Ingrid,
Thanks for the welcome. For the first in a long time we are working with a producer, Michael Bradford, based in Los Angeles (I went to see his studio in the summer when we were touring there). Our scheduled start date for the writing session was November but he called and asked if we could put it back to December. For a change we could actually say yes because there are no tours in the near future. I didn't mind because it's good to be with my family for longer than a few weeks and also to contemplate the music we are about to make and get some ideas going.