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I am doing things that are true to me. The only thing I have a problem with is being labeled.

- Johnny Depp

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  1. Bryn Keytanjian wrote on 2015-07-01:

    Dear Roger,

    You might remember me, I know you meet a myriad of people. I met you on August 26, 2014 at Westbury on Long Island. My name was Bryn which coincidently was partly the same name as the farm you were born at: Brynllicci Farm. I told you that meeting you was one of the highlights of my life. Then in response you kissed me on the cheek which I didn’t expect at all. I am usually invisible to people, especially men. People only pay attention to me when they want me to do something for them, because I am so competent. To this day I really meant what I said. I think about our encounter everyday and it puts a smile on my face. It is not obsession by no means. It is inspiration to live and a source of joy for my life.

    Actually I travelled from Philadelphia to catch the concert, as there were no show near me. Initially I was deeply disappointed because I thought I would miss your tour. But then I realized you had a gig on Long Island, and then I remembered I have a very dear friend who lives in Long Island who I could stay with and could drive me to the concert. Also I could purchase his ticket as a birthday present. It was a cunning plan!

    I want you to know that, God willing, I will see you again, at the same place, on July 26, actually 11 months from the last time. This will be another highlight moment in my life. I can think of maybe under 10 moments: Winning the English Department Prize in College, graduating from College, graduating from graduate school, meeting Kevin Spacey, meeting Richard Langham (Sp?) the engineer who worked with the Beatles on their first 2 albums and Rolling Stone writer Anthony DeCurtis. But most of these highlights were personal achievements.

    But meeting you was the most sublime moment. More sublime than meeting my other favorite Pete Townshend which was only for a quick book signing.

    So I just wanted to give you a heads up and tell you that I meant what I said. I delayed writing before, because I didn’t think my words would matter, but thought I try.


    (Ms.) Bryn Keytanjian

  2. Noe Nunez wrote on 2015-05-22:

    Weeeeelcome to Mexico! Hi Roger, is great to see that this “mexican tour” is going to reach places deep purple has never been to and thousands of fans will get to see the band for the first time VIVA DEEP PURPLE ! Noe Nunez

  3. Ed Rafferty wrote on 2014-08-31:

    Roger, Thanks for a great performance Friday in Biloxi, Mississippi, The basses you use are gorgeous and your tone was clear from the rail on the front row where I stood. Seeing you and the band for the first time was a dream come true, ive been a follower since 68.. cheers! Ed

  4. Monika wrote on 2014-01-14:

    “It’s not the kill
    It’s the thrill of the chase…”

    (Deep Purple – Knocking at your Back Door :-) )

    • Vladimir wrote on 2015-02-15:

      Hi, Glover :) You bring meaning in my life.

  5. Alexander wrote on 2013-11-11:

    Hello Mr. Glover. I want extended his gratitude to you and the entire group of touring at that point in Minsk 11.10.2013. Speech just gorgeous! Fantastic! Super!
    I am very very very much DP. You have done a great and memorable contribution to the history of rock. For me you are the greatest musicians on the planet and in the history of rock. Your creativity will live on forever. I sincerely wish you good health and longevity. With a lot of you looking forward to new creative ideas. I really hope to see you and hear more than once. DP the best band in the universe!

    • boé Lucie wrote on 2013-12-03:

      Oui voilà, il a trouvé les mots justes vous êtes le meilleur groupe de tout l’UNIVERS!!!
      Restez nous toujours.

  6. Jodi Sorensen Wroblewski wrote on 2013-09-27:

    Dearest Roger,
    I have always loved your music with Deep Purple but to my surprise I had a chance meeting with you and your bandmates at the Tree Top Rock and Roll Lounge in El Paso, Texas while on your Perfect Strangers Tour in 1984. I was very fourtunat to meet your mates Jon Lord (May he rest in peace) Ian Paice and Ian Guillan at the club where we talked and danced and toasted with champagne. But it wasn’t until you came in and I asked you for your autograph that I then met one of the nicest and sincerest musicians in my life. You Sir are such a gentleman. Many thanks to Jon for personally inviting me to the concert, back stage and then later to your hotel bar for a small gathering/party. You first took my young girl then breath away when you stopped talking to the crowd of young musician who had been playing at the club the night before and you walk right up to me and greated me by my name a gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek. I was then only 22 years of age and I have had the opportunity to meet many other great musicians to include Ritchie Blackmore that night and others years later because after meeting you I always enjoyed meeting and hanging out with people who create music however, I have to say that I was always very impressed not only with your bass playing and production skills but with the way you were so genuinely sweet, kind, thoughtful, and amazing person. You always take the time to meet and talk with your fans on a personal level where you take the time to get to now a little bit about us fans and our lives. I was just a tiny young blonde girl but you left such an impression on me as a fantastic musician and just as a person. You left me starstruck the night I had to say goodbye/so long to you where you told me (just a young girl that I was) that you would never forget me. Haha! I never thought to even bring a camera so all I have is my two nights of hanging out with the great band Deep Purple during your awesome Perfect Strangers Tour but most importantly you, Mr. Roger Glover from Wales. And I say that because my geography at the time was horrible and I asked you “so all of you are British, right?” And you try to explain to me that being Welsh is very different than being a Britt. Lol. But as I was saying although I never got the opportunity to get a photograph with you I have all my wonderful memories a young girl could ask for and I have you to thank for that. Back then I thought you would never forget the little young girl from little ol’ El Paso, Texas but I know now that there must be many people out there in this big world that have been blessed enough to met you over the years must feel like I do because you care about us! I am now a mom with children that were my age back then but all I have to do is look at your Perfect Strangers Booklet with you personalized autograph from you and it takes me right back to that time. I’m a little slow at keeping up with all of your music but I must say that Rapture of the Deep is a true gem of your work. I do hope and pray that some day you come back to the east coast of the USA in Virginia Beach, VA where unfortunately I missed your concert here only a few years ago. I will always continue to follow your work as well as the work of your bandmates not only because of your extreme talent but because of the man you are.
    God bless, your friend Jodi <3

  7. Patrick wrote on 2013-07-17:

    love the Thought of the week !! :)

  8. Heidi Esser wrote on 2013-05-09:

    Hi Roger,
    its many years ago that we have seen each other. I have been working for Emi-Electrola
    in Cologne in the 70s and promoted your
    recordings and many tours with mama-concerts.
    After all that time the band is now again
    Nr. 1 in Germany congratulation.Good to hear
    from you again. Do you play in Bonn this
    summer? Would be great seeing you again.
    Love and all the best Heidi Esser.

  9. Peter wrote on 2013-05-03:

    Dear Roger,

    I already heard your new Deep Purple album many times and I have to admit – it’s absolute masterpiece. Wonderful sound, but what is the most important factor – you created really awesome songs. I hope that during new upcoming tour we will have a chance to hear a lot of new stuff. This material truly deserves a lot of playing during concerts.

    I really wish you big success with this album and looking forward to see you during couple of summer shows!


  10. barry mitchell wrote on 2013-05-01:

    just listened to new CD
    get back in studio ASAP and finish off teh unfinished tracks you mention in ya blog thing
    hope you play at least EIGHT off the album on your upcoming tour and maybe mitzie and spanish archer as surpise tracks?

  11. Paul wrote on 2013-04-29:

    Hi Roger,
    I am a bass player and Imy choice to buy a Rickenbacker 4001 in 1978 was influenced by you and Glenn Hughes. Could you tell me what amplifier did you use to get such a great sound on Machinehead?

    • RG wrote on 2013-06-28:

      Thanks, Paul. I used a straight 100watt Marshall stack and probably mixed with a DI to the desk.

      • Paul wrote on 2013-07-12:

        Thanks for that Roger. Can you remember what speaker cabinets you were using for the recording?

  12. John Bujnowski wrote on 2013-03-29:

    Hi Roger
    I’ve just seen video from “Deep Purple with Orchestra Live at Montreux” (from 2011). At the end (before Black Night) You play bass solo…at the beginning the tone clean but later You turn on some kind of distortion effect. What effect was it? I’m a bass player and think that tone was amazing!
    Thank You
    Janusz Bujnowski

    • RG wrote on 2013-04-08:

      These days I use a TC Electronic Mojo overdrive but I’ve also used an EBS distortion effect.

    • RG wrote on 2013-06-28:

      Recently, I’ve been using a pedal by TC Electronic called Dark Matter. It’s great.

  13. Robert wrote on 2013-03-15:

    I love the new Deep ?urp!e song “All the Time in the World”. Excellent groove and lyrics. Very refreshing. Can’t wait for the new album. Best Wishes!

  14. joel wolfson wrote on 2012-11-24:

    Did see “the DEEP” @ the Fillmore West in 1969. Maybe the BEST concert I have EVER seen! Still LOVE the music, 40 years later. Plan to paint a project 1951 Lincoln a “special” Deep Purple” colour in tribute to the great music. Thank You-All for such great music!!!

  15. Nikos wrote on 2012-11-21:

    Best Wishes for upcoming new DP album :) we are very happy :)

    cheers from GREECE

  16. Panos wrote on 2012-11-20:


  17. Hans wrote on 2012-11-18:

    Roger, again I really enjoyed your performance – this time at the Bremen show on November 16. Your work is sooo great. Keep it on!

  18. sue wrote on 2012-11-17:

    Hi Rog,
    Just to say I loved the Jazz version of “Smoke” you did for French Tv, it looke slike you were all having a great timex57

  19. Noval wrote on 2012-11-01:

    Thanks for show in Krasnodar!!

  20. Katya wrote on 2012-10-24:

    Hello Roger,
    Actually we’ve met a few times (me and my daughter Carolina). Since you’re the “artist” of the band I’d really like to show you some of my art works, especially portraits of you and the other Dp band members. I would so much appreciate your comments. How can I present my drawings to you? Is it ok to put a link to my website here? Just take a look at the drawings (the site is to be refurbished). cheers Katya.

  21. Josh Walker wrote on 2012-10-18:

    Roger, my name is Josh Walker and i was wondering if there was any sheet music for the album you did “Butterfly”s Ball and Grashoppers Feast”, i am very interested in learning to play some of these songs as they truly are brilliant

    • RG wrote on 2013-04-08:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think such a book exists. You’ll just have to play by ear.

  22. Mats wrote on 2012-10-17:

    We need part 2 now Roger! :)

  23. giorgos wrote on 2012-10-12:

    The new album will rereashed at 23november2012? Its truth?

  24. Robert wrote on 2012-09-21:

    Roger, it’s taken me a while to get to it, but I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you and enjoy a few pints with you at the pub in Nashville in July. Your music has been so important in my life. And I want to tell everyone else who sees this comment that you’ll never meet a more humble, down to earth person than Mr. Glover, nor a better partner for conversation over a pint and an old wooden table. I hope this finds you well, and I hope it’s my good fortune to have the same pleasure again sometime. Cheers!

    • SOPHIE wrote on 2013-06-01:

      Haa Enjoy to read your nice comment ! It’ support what it seemed to me about Mr GLOVER even I cannot understand English language. This is what emerges from his person. Hoo what a nice English language I stop here !

  25. Brian J. DeGrechie wrote on 2012-08-21:

    Happy to be a part of Roger Glover’s official page one of the best bass players ever! Well wishes for Deep Purple’s new album!

  26. Stormbringer74 wrote on 2012-08-09:

    Hi Roger.. muchas gracias for your Studio report.. album is on his way.. :)))

  27. korhan wrote on 2012-06-27:

    I hope the new Deep Purple Album recording is going well.
    best wishes.

  28. Stormbringer74 wrote on 2012-04-23:

    Hi Roger..

    Nice text this “what’s new” update !! how you can find this 97,8% ?? ha ha !!! 😉

    all the best..

  29. Thomas wrote on 2012-04-06:

    Hi Roger,

    your latest album is incredible! Such beautiful and great songs and the production is rare, too! So clear and natural.
    Not like most of the over-produced crap today. Wish I could have a production like that :)
    You can be very proud of the whole thing!

    Hope you ever listened to my album Purple Eyes I gave you some time ago in Dortmund :)

    All the best!

  30. David Coseni wrote on 2012-04-05:

    Mr. Glover; Many good wishes to you in Italy. I should go to my homeland one day (I still wish you were playing in Canada with Don Ross).

    Cheers, David Coseni

  31. Klaus Krogsbaek wrote on 2012-04-04:

    Thank you for your great music during the years. Just heard your latest album – loved it!

  32. Angels Chopper Bicycle Club (AC/BC) wrote on 2012-02-27:

    Thank you roger for the time you spent with the kids from Angels chopper bicycle club,they really had a great time and are glad that you and the band like the deep purple chopper they made.this was great for them,thank so much.mike the bike of AC/BC.

  33. Peter Bjerkelund wrote on 2012-02-16:

    In this little corner of the world my musical heroes seldom tread. Your show Feb 6th in Moncton blew us all away. But more than that, all looked like you were having a grand time and not merely playing ‘another show’. You’ve been one of my bass heroes for some time and it was a real pleasure seeing/hearing you live (I use tce’s BH head). Please come thunderin’ through our corner again!

  34. STEPHANY LYN WILLIAMS wrote on 2012-02-11:

    Unstoppable, Roger, that is what you truly are; Completely and totally BLOWN AWAY at the Ottawa concert February 8th; This gal has waited 25 y to see you play again and she was not dissapointed. Look forward to Deep Purple’s return hopefully, in the near future

  35. Lianna Allick wrote on 2012-02-10:

    I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Deep Purple Feb. 8th Ottawa concert. Thanks for listening to me talk about how much Rapture Of The Deep means to me. Thanks so much for the great memories that I will treasure always and I hope our paths will cross again.

  36. Dan Moore wrote on 2012-02-03:

    Thanks For the show in St. John’s las tnight!!
    fantastic! Love the fact you guys look like you still have fun!!!
    I took my Rory Gallagher “calling card album ” with me just in case i could meet you to sign it … but wasn’t meant to be … maybe next time if you guys every wanna pass through these parts again !!! once again thanks you very much for the fantastic show and for playing “Perfect Strangers!!!

  37. Amit Gole wrote on 2011-12-31:

    I got my ear into ‘If life was Easy” by chance & I must say it feels like a lost 70’s record made in 2011.Simple but awesome.Roger , you must sing more & more please, a special request !

  38. Stormy wrote on 2012-01-02:

    Happy new year for you and your family Roger.. all the best for 2012 : love, health, music, fun…

  39. chtom wrote on 2011-12-11:

    years ago in the 70`s there was a obscure album named (bulletproof)by a band called hard stuff. i noticed that the producer`s name was roger glover, i was wondering if there is anything you could say about the band.great album!

  40. Werner wrote on 2011-12-09:

    Hallo Roger!

    I an an old Deep Purple fan from Austria!
    Please answer me one question,
    is playing Deep Purple a concert in Austria
    in 2012??

    Best Regards

  41. fiona wrote on 2011-12-08:

    hi Roger. just wanted to say thanks for the fab gig in Manchester. Was in the front row with my 13 year old. it was his first ever gig and he was blown away by the whole gig and particularly by your kindness in throwing him your pick. he plays drums and has just started learning bass so it’s really special for him. He has been very much inspired and we both loved the evening.

  42. Stormbringer74 wrote on 2011-12-05:

    amazing concert friday night on Arnhem.. I found the band in fire and your old friend Big Ian in great great shape !!
    And your new trouser style is cool 😉 More seriously : fantastic new sound with your new amplification.. really good ! I love it !! all the best for the end of the tour..

  43. jane wrote on 2011-12-01:

    Great show last night at the O2,good to see you looking so well and happy (you’ve hardly changed since Episode days)
    Thanks for all the good times x

  44. richard mellersh wrote on 2011-11-23:

    Hey Roger I hope you see this., Your mum and mine used to work together I came to see you live at Shepherds bush but never got together. have been inspired to play bass ever since……

  45. Stormbringer74 wrote on 2011-11-22:

    Hi Roger.. so happy to see that Deep Purple will come back in France next year (november and decembre 2012).. as usual the French Fans Team will follow the band on every city.. I’m the driver and I’m ready to drive and rock at the front row one more time !!!

  46. David Coseni wrote on 2011-11-21:

    Mr. Glover

    ‘If Life as Easy’ is very very good.

    Thank you.

  47. Romina wrote on 2011-11-02:

    Dear Roger,

    Excellent concerts on Friday 21 at Movistar Arena, Santiago de Chile & Saturday 22 at Quinta Vergara, Viña del Mar!!! Thank you very much for the music and joy!!!!And specially for the pick you gave me at the end of the Santiago concert. You always make me feel special. ?

    Love XXX


  48. Åke Nordh wrote on 2011-11-19:

    Hi Maestro!
    It feels like a very long time before Roger Glover and Deep Purple hits the stage here in Stockholm,i’ll be in the frontrow just infront of you,that’ll be greate,i’ll bring my Rickenbacker with me for you to sign… :-)

    Take care.

  49. Brent Dehn wrote on 2011-11-21:

    Hi Roger,
    My obsession (not wierd obsession!) with DP hit me in about 1974. Friends played “Burn” for me and I was blown away (no offence)…then I went backwards to hear what I’d missed out on. That’s when I discovered the pure joy of “Machine Head” & “In Rock”, and then the hidden joy in “Fireball”, and “Who do we think we are”. I say “hidden joy” because those albums took a few listens to really understand the subtlety of playing and what was going on in the band at the time, but discover I did. What a discovery! Then I realised that the song “Black night” that I’d been grooving along with was by Deep Purple too. I bought my first black Strat at the age of 13 because Ritchie was pictured with one on the cover of “Made in Japan”. “Made in Japan” is the first album I bought with my own money (I think it took me 3 weeks to pay off the lay-by). I’ve been playing guitar profesionally since I was about 15 years old, and always kept alive my love for DP, so much so that in 2007 I finally put together a tribute show in Sydney with like minded muso’s (a couple of which tell me they’ve met you). Please have a look, I’d love to know what you think. That’s “Highway star”. That’s “Strange kind of woman”. There’s plenty of others on show there. We attempt to keep it as authentic as we possibly can (the outcome varies). I was too young to see DP in Sydney in ’72 and it is a great regret in my life not to have seen Purple in what I consider to be it’s prime. Somebody mentioned that the bass coming into “Smoke on the water” was a turning point for them, I agree. The way the bass drives into “Smoke” on “Made in Japan” is thrilling! I’ve listened to the bootleg of your’s and IG’s last gig in Japan in ’73 and may I say the playing is fantastic! It’s totally different to “Made in Japan” from just a year earlier, so tight, so aggressive! Surely there must be a desk tape of the gig that could be farmed out as an historic release? I’m a member of the DPAS and as such buy all of the old recordings when they’re made available. I love them all! I’d like you to understand that, from a fan’s perspective these old gig recordings are like pure gold to us, and regardless of how you guys feel about them there is always something for the fan to enjoy and appreciate in them. I remember reading that IG didn’t like his vocal’s on “Made in Japan”! Well, I think history (and sales) can prove that no matter what he thought others felt very diferently! I’ve seen DP many times! The first time with Tommy Bolin in 1975, Rainbow in ’76, ( I know it’s not Purple but what could I do??), the reformation in ’84 (with George Harrison as special guest…..what an honour!!!!), then DP with Steve Morse on about 5 different tours!!! There is so much I’d like to say…but I won’t bore you any further, suffice to say that I greatly appreciate what you, and DP have done for me, and to me, in my life!
    yours sincerely,
    Brent Dehn

  50. Piet Bralten wrote on 2011-10-31:

    Hi Roger,

    I Just wanna say thank you for all the music and in a way learning to play Bass.
    The way the (Rickenbacker) Bass came in on Smoke on the Water on Made in Japan blew me out totally and inspired me to play bass and now, 30 years later, I still do. And I still enjoy playing along Deep Purple albums.
    Thank you.
    Piet Bralten

  51. hazimhaziq wrote on 2011-10-11:

    no great bass players like you

  52. Juan wrote on 2011-09-22:

    You Rock man! Thanks so much.

  53. Jose Luis Arabito wrote on 2011-09-22:

    If Life Was Easy it´s a recollection of passages of life and sounds fresh & vital; thanks Glover Roger !

  54. linda love wrote on 2011-09-14:

    hi thanks for the autographs you gave to Simon who works at hartington house in derby the guy you went to school with i loved getting your autograph id kill to meet you cause your a legend!


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