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Hi Roger the most bassplayers …

Hi Roger,
the most bassplayers play without plectron. You are one of them, why? You and Jack Bruce are my favourite bassplayers, what ist your favourite bassplayer? Did you start to record the new DP-Album? I?m so courious about yo
ur artworks and I hope I can admire it soon!!! I wish you are well, all the best to you……
in greatest admiration



This is the question from …

This is the question from bass-player to bass-player.
How often you use slap while plaing in hard-rock style?

Thanks for answer!


Hello Roger As a long …

Hello Roger,
As a long time bassist, I must say your bass tone was huge on the last tour ( please come back to Big Flats, N.Y. ). I know gear questions are boring, but I must know what effect you use on your solos to get that mean ” growl “. Also, will ” Well Dressed Guitar ” be on the new album?


Hi Roger I’m an old …

Hi Roger,
I’m an old fan from Paris (I’ve seen Purple more than 10 times on stage and met my wife at the Paris Bercy show in 1985).
My question is : Rinus Gerritsen, bass player of the dutch band Golden Earring, the man Jimi Hendrix tried to recruit for his own band, sometimes plays with a double neck bass : one part is a Fender 62 precision bass and the other part is a Danelectro bass.


Hello Roger at first I …

Hello Roger,
at first I have to mention that I’ve never seen somebody playing the bass so fantastic like you.I’ve seen you last year in Brunswick and in Birmingham and your solos were really great.
By luck I received last year a bass guitar and started a little bit playing it and it makes really fun.Can you give me a tip what is most important to learn playing the bass straight from the beginning?