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Hi somebody or everybody if …

Hi somebody (or everybody if this gets published),

I hope this form does not limit the number of characters; but I fear I have to steal some of your reading time;-) The questions I have actually deal with a remark about Eddie Hardin:

The album “Hardin & York: Still a few Pages left” (1995, rpm) features detailed liner notes about the past of the two.


Hello Mr Glover first I …

Mr. Glover,

first I want to thank you for all the music you made with Deep Purple and on your own, listening to it is part of my life since 1972 and I appreciate it.

My question:

I like very much the Glover-produced album “Calling Card” from Rory Gallagher. Sadly Rory died some years ago.

How was it for you to work with him?


hi dear Rog I have …

hi dear Rog!

I have been a huge DP fan since the middle of 80?s. I prefer DP more and more than Beatles or Stones, because they rocked us like Rock n roll earthquake, what Beatles or Stones cannot afford it.

My question is: why did u only sing one track in your recent SNAP-SHOT album? I used to listen to your old songs in THE MASK album.


Hi Roger the most bassplayers …

Hi Roger,
the most bassplayers play without plectron. You are one of them, why? You and Jack Bruce are my favourite bassplayers, what ist your favourite bassplayer? Did you start to record the new DP-Album? I?m so courious about yo
ur artworks and I hope I can admire it soon!!! I wish you are well, all the best to you……
in greatest admiration



Hi Roger Yesterday I bought …

Hi Roger
Yesterday I bought the Machine Head DVD at Best Buy and i love it. Its great to see mark 2 back together (sort of) talking and having a good time reflecting. Its a shame that after all these years you 5 can’t work out your differences and work together. In no way is this disrespectful to Steve cause I think he is a great guitarist and has brought alot of enthusiasm back to the band.