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There are tons of purple …

There are tons of purple and related recordings on dvd,vhs and cd at the time, and they keep coming out. I love it, cos it gives me the chance as a big fan to see you guys at your peak, Live! I know some people in the press criticise bands for “sucking” everything out of the melon, but personally I think this is great, because most of the material is available on the net only, and by doing this you avoid the situation when yet another “best of” is in your store.


Hi Roger Well this is …

Hi Roger,
Well, this is not really a question. I just want to say that I really enjoy the way your site developes. Many interesting things coming up. Congratulations!
You mention plans about doing a Snapshot tour – that sounds great – but why only in the States? I am sure that we are quite a few people in Europe who will support you if you come around.


Hi Dear Roger I saw …

Hi Dear Roger,
I saw on a Rusian website a picture from you playing a TUNE Bass. I have in Germany a little webstore selling only TUNE Basses (beside regular job). So I’d like to know if i can use this picture on my website with a link to your website. If you look at it you will see there is als Greg Lake playing a TUNE Bass.


hello roger hope you are …

hello roger hope you are well myquestion is
if mr blackmore,lord,coverdaleand hughes got together and formed a band and wanted to call them selves deep purple how much right they got on the name (mostly rb &jl)
ps not trying to stir the shit


Hello Roger I would like …

Hello Roger,
I would like to extend a warm birthday wish to you !! My question is, are you going to tour with your band from your latest album? I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Moon dance jam in Walker Minnesota this summer. You were so kind. Thank you for giving me a lasting memory.

Respectfully, Theresa