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Messages from Roger Glover

The Second Studio Update

All recording work finished. (for now)

16 songs in the mixing process. (a new recipe in the blender)

We’ve been using two studios, a walk from each other. One to finish the last bits of recording, one to mix in. (keeps us in shape for tennis)

The final tennis championship about to start. (I’ll post the results)

It’s taken longer than anticipated.


The Purpendiculat Studio Report

18 songs currently under construction. (we had to stop writing the stuff!)

Some all but finished and some needing work. (where’s that gaffa tape?)

All are band compositions. (should be *banned*?)

All songs were done at the same tempo so as not to confuse the musicians. (1,3,4, …um)

Most of what’s left to do is vocal work. (it’s also what’s right to do) ;-}

To that end, some members have flown away, but will probably be flowing back before it is finished.